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MCU's Hawkeye: 8 Comic Book References In The Trailer

Hawkeye finally gets his due in the MCU. A Hawkeye solo film or series has been in the offing for a long time, and come November, viewers will finally get to see it. The series looks to be based on the acclaimed Matt Fraction and David Aja run from 2012-2015, which includes the beloved character, Kate Bishop.

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If viewers know anything about the comic run, all they really have to do is watch the trailer to see the influences. The sharp viewer with a knowledge of the comics will spot several clues and literal signs pulled right from the pages with little change.

Right off, viewers get a shot of Kate and Clint falling backward through a window, taken right from the first panel of the first issue of the comics. While Clint is often portrayed as a tragic figure, Fraction and Aja's Hawkeye run took Clint and made him a relatable hero. He became a guy with a sense of humor and not overly impressed about himself or his position as 'hero.' He is someone trying to do what's right and make his way in the world. He's not Cap or Hulk, and has no healing factors, but he does his best.

"When I say this looks bad? I can promise you it feels worse." is what Clint says after falling several floors onto the roof of a car in the street in the comics. Painful, but the reader can relate in some way at least.

Who doesn't love dogs? Villains, that's who. It looks like Lucky the pizza-loving will be part of the Hawkeye series. Poor lucky was originally a guard dog for the infamous Tracksuit Draculas' boss, Ivan, but then took a shine to Clint. After Clint saved his life by rushing him to the vet, he turned on the Draculas to help defend Clint. He's the ultimate good boy!

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Lucky is Clint's faithful companion and both have saved each other's lives more than once. He's an important part of Clint and Kate's adventures in the comics. That's why fans were so excited to catch a glimpse of him in the trailer.

In Hawkeye #19, Clint is deafened by the Tracksuit Draculas. He has had a history of hearing issues, and Fraction and Aja's comics use that as a plot device, hence the hearing aids. Though viewers see the aids when Clint is saying goodbye to his daughter Lila before any of the action has taken place, so the cause is likely different in the MCU.

This means the hearing loss was before the series starts, maybe a consequence of the events of Endgame. It's a mystery for now until the series is rolled out.

The viewer sees the two archers, Clint and Kate, in a tux and evening gown respectively. Is this the undercover operation from Hawkeye #2 when they investigate Cirque Du Nuit? In the comic book, the reader sees cameos by the Kingpin and Madame Masque at the party.

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Vincent D'Onofrio is rumored to be reprising his iconic Kingpin role from the Netflix Daredevil series, and this might be a way to introduce him here.

While Disney has so far been tight-lipped about who the main villain will be for sure, audiences do get to see one of the most persistent annoyances in Clint's life several times in the trailer. They are the Eastern European gangsters, the Tracksuit Draculas AKA the "Tracksuit Mafia" because of the distinctive, yet stylish red tracksuits they wear. That is except for their boss Ivan, who sports a blue one in the same style.

They are the most persistent nemesis, posing a threat and just always being there, causing Clint and Kate trouble throughout the comic series. They look like they're playing the same part in the TV series.

In issue 3 of the series, Clint lays out to Kate all his trick arrows and buys a 1970 Dodge Challenger. That's when the Tracksuit Draculas show up, beat the heck out of Clint, steal the car, and it turns into a chase through New York City using Clint's assorted arrows to get them out of it.

In the trailer, the viewer is treated to a shot of the Challenger, and Kate and Clint using the arrows, even the ones he says were "Too dangerous" to use. If done right, this could be one of the most exciting sequences of the series.

Bro. It's an expression used in pretty much every sentence by the Tracksuit Draculas, regardless of who they might be talking to. At one point in the trailer, Kate shoots one of Clint's exploding arrows at a truck, which is then raised off the ground and flipped by the explosion.

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The truck that gets hit is from the "Trust A Bro" Moving Company, bro. That makes it a nice Easter Egg for the fans who followed these comics closely.

Eleanor Bishop? Isn't she dead? Well, death in the comics comes and goes, and Kate's mom seems very much alive in the trailer. She would be an addition to the story, as she was a behind-the-scenes character in Fraction and Aja's run. As comics fans know, Kate's family is very wealthy, and Eleanor Bishop is the matriarch of the Bishop family and is very much a part of Kate's life story.

Bringing Elenor to the forefront makes a lot of sense (played by Vera Farmiga), especially if she turns out to be either behind Madame Masque or maybe Masque herself. The viewer will only have to wait until November 24th to find out.

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