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Monster Hunter Rise PC Early Access Demo Preview | Screen Rant

Monster Hunter Rise will be arriving on PC in 2022, and Screen Rant had a chance to try out an early demo for the game. Monster Hunter Rise is currently available on Nintendo Switch, and it has been receiving post-launch content since its release, which has mostly involved crossovers with Capcom games.

Monster Hunter Rise is an action RPG, where the goal of the game is to hunt giant monsters with groups of other players, in order to use their hide as materials for making gear and weapons. The story of the game involves the player acting as the protector of Kamura Village, which is beset by a calamity called the Rampage, which causes monsters to enter a berserker rage and crush everything in their path. It's up to the hunters to discover the source of the Rampage and put an end to it before Kamura Village is crushed into dust.

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The PC demo for Monster Hunter Rise is the same as the original one that was available on the Nintendo Switch, at least in terms of its in-game content. The player can access the tutorials for the different weapons in the game, in order to try them out before attempting an actual hunt. The player can also try out the Silkbind attacks and monster riding mechanics, where the hunter uses a device that is similar to Spider-Man's web-shooters to perform special moves, swing through the air, and temporarily control the actions of monsters. There are three hunts of varying degrees of difficulty, against Great Izuchi, Mizutsune, or Magnamalo. These hunts all take place in the same wilderness stage, and it's possible to encounter other creatures that aren't part of the objective, including Rathain.

The main difference with the PC demo for Monster Hunter Rise involves the performance. There are a number of graphical and performance options available to players. The default mode is similar to the quality of the Switch version, with the game looking fine at a consistent 30fps, with an option to even tone the visuals down for a smoother experience. Where the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise shines is in its high-end options, however. It's possible for the game to run at 1920 x 1080 with an unlimited frame rate, or a cap set up to 240fps. There is also an option to turn on high-resolution textures for the monsters, the hunters, and the hunter's companions.

Playing Monster Hunter Rise at its maximum settings feels like an entirely different game. The character models and lighting look fantastic, but the frame rate is where it really shines. The Switch version would sometimes dip during the more intense moments, such as when there were lots of monsters and hunters on the screen at once. The smoothness of the PC version never stuttered in the demo. While the character models do look incredible, they're still working from the base Switch models, so they don't look quite as impressive as the ones from Monster Hunter World, but they're still a marked improvement over the originals.

One other addition to the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise is keyboard and mouse control support. The game was designed with a controller in mind, but the extra buttons available in the keyboard and mouse setup are useful for certain weapons. Some of the weapons in Monster Hunter Rise aren't for beginners, such as the Bow, as they have lots of command inputs that can be hard to keep track of on a controller. The keyboard and mouse will make it easier to use some weapons, though the more basic ones (like Great Sword and Hammer) won't benefit as much from the extra buttons.

The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise is all about technical improvements. The full version of the game will contain all of the content from the Switch version, including the post-launch event outfits, such as the Amaterasu from Okami Palamute gear, but there won't be anything exclusive to the PC version. What the PC version offers are cleaner visuals and a much smoother frame rate, as Monster Hunter Rise looks better than ever before, now that it's not restricted by the hardware of the Switch.

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Monster Hunter Rise will launch on PC on January 12, 2022. A digital code for the demo of the game was provided to Screen Rant for the purposes of this preview.

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