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Netflix’s Manifest: Ranking All The Main Characters By Bravery

The passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 and those caught up around them have had to deal with terrifying situations since the airplane’s unexpected arrival. Netflix’s Manifest highlights some of these characters’ heroic acts amidst the chaos but also shows some of their more cowardly deeds.

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The bravest characters on the series are not afraid to solve and respond to the Callings, often sacrificing aspects of their own lives to follow them. Similarly, the friends, partners, and family members who find themselves dealing with the passengers’ Callings have also shown that they can be just as fearless if it means saving their loved ones.

10 Eagan Tehrani

Most fans likely weren’t too surprised to watch Eagan’s transformation into one of the main villains in season 3 of Manifest. He’s introduced as a suspicious character from the start, often only doing things for his own gain.

The bravest thing he’s done on the show is to follow a Calling that helped Ben rescue a teenager from a building, but even then Eagan acted cowardly. He ran away when the earthquake got worse, leaving Ben alone with the teen. Eagan does the bare minimum to get by, which doesn’t require a lot of courage.

9 Grace Stone

Grace isn’t initially a likable character on Manifest, in large part due to her deceiving Ben about her relationship with Danny. Audiences likely can’t help but sympathize with her eventually, though, as the show explains how she struggled during the years that Ben and Cal weren’t around.

Grace can often be easily shaken by stressful events, like when the insurance company started asking for their money back after Ben’s return. She’s also unwilling to reveal her pregnancy to others at first, even suggesting that they tell the world it’s Danny’s so she doesn’t get labeled an “828 baby.” While Grace has her fearless moments, like when she protects Cal from Jace or tries to save Eden from Angelina, they’re often overshadowed by her more cowardly actions.

8 Olive Stone

It definitely wasn’t easy for Olive to adjust to her father and twin brother’s return. The way she copes with feeling left out of the family is questionable and somewhat dangerous, as the cult she joins turns out to be deadlier than she imagined.

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Olive has her moments of bravery, like when she helps her dad rescue TJ from beneath the meditation center. She also eventually admits to being part of Adrian’s cult to help with the investigation, but only after a few wasted hours of hesitation. Her most daring acts happen mostly on the sidelines when she researches ancient mythologies and artifacts to help solve Callings. These contributions pale in comparison to what other characters on the show have done for the sake of the passengers.

7 Robert Vance

Viewers can’t be blamed for thinking Vance would become one of the worst characters on Manifest; he started out on the wrong side after all. Thankfully, he eventually helps the passengers when he realizes the government is covering up events.

Whether he admits it or not, he has become close friends with Ben and Saanvi. He goes as far as saving Ben in Cuba by sacrificing his freedom and even risks his career to cover up the Major’s murder for Saanvi. There are limits to what Vance is willing to do, though, as he himself has mentioned that he’s an “intelligence officer first and foremost.” His hands are tied because of his job and he’s unable or unwilling to help during critical moments like Ben’s arrest.

6 Saanvi Bahl

Saanvi starts out as a shy and reserved person mostly focused on doing her work, but she eventually transforms into a confident individual who does what she believes is right. She has done a ton of courageous things to help the passengers, from experimenting on herself to trying to save Zeke to stealing a piece of Noah’s ark to follow the Callings.

If there’s anything Saanvi is hesitant to overcome, it’s from her own personal life. She has a hard time confronting her past with Alex and struggles to accept that she needs help with her PTSD symptoms. She also struggles to own what she did to the Major and her actions haunt her for a long time. That said, Saanvi is still one of the best Flight 828 passengers in the show, as she’s willing to take extreme measures to help others.

5 Zeke Landon

Most of Zeke’s boldest moments in the show revolve around his personal life. He’s hesitant to reintegrate back into society after his return, but with Mick’s help, he’s able to face his past.

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Every single day is a struggle for Zeke, who has to battle his addiction, but he never gives up. He’s brave enough to make amends with his estranged parents and ex-wife and even faces his impending death without fear. His biggest contribution to the passengers is his fearless rescue of Cal in the frozen lake, which could have killed him, but ended up redeeming him in the eyes of the Callings. Zeke's courage and new empathic ability will hopefully come in handy for others instead of just himself in the upcoming season of the series.

4 Cal Stone

Despite how young Cal is, he’s become essential to solving and following the Callings. He’s the most sensitive one to them for a reason, as his decisions aren’t complicated by adult obligations or rules.

His bravest actions include traveling on his own to rescue Zeke and leading Ben through the subway tunnels to reach Thomas. Cal also touches the tailfin, even though he likely knows it would cause his disappearance. It’s understandable that he hesitates to let others know about his scarier visions, like when he gets a Calling about the Death Dates and he keeps it to himself for a while. When Cal does hold back and refuse to share something important, it’s rarely detrimental and is mostly a minor inconvenience for those around him.

3 Ben Stone

Ben’s need for answers has put him in some terrifying situations, but he endures each one to get closer to the truth. From committing corporate espionage to taking on the Xers, Ben has shown again and again that he’ll do anything to protect the Lifeboat and his family.

Out of all the passengers, it’s Ben who cares the most about keeping the Lifeboat afloat so that everyone can survive the Death Date. His greatest strength also happens to be his only weakness — his family. He falters when he has to choose the baby over Grace and disregards her wishes by telling the doctor to save his wife instead, but even that would be considered a brave choice for some.

2 Jared Vasquez

Jared has sacrificed a lot since Mick’s return. It would’ve been easy for him to blame her for breaking up her marriage and then choosing Zeke over him, but he doesn’t. His love for her has resulted in some daring actions, which include risking his career by never selling her out to the NSA.

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He also puts his career on the line when he takes the fall for Mick’s wrong call about an undercover operation. Jared’s bravest act is of course his infiltration of an anti-828 hate group that he brought down to protect Mick and the other passengers. Although his boldness can sometimes be misguided — like when he picks a fight with Zeke because he thinks he’s protecting Mick — Jared always has good intentions.

1 Michaela Stone

Unlike Saanvi and Ben, Mick learns to trust and follow the Callings early on, emphasizing the importance of faith over science in their puzzling case. She has used her authority in law enforcement to help other passengers like Bethany, Thomas, and Carlos, risking her own job in the process.

She’s willing to do everything she can to follow the Callings, as she knows the consequences of ignoring them. She’ll also do anything to save Zeke, the love of her life, even risking her reputation and career to get him out of jail. When things start to go terribly wrong for passengers in season 3, Mick sacrifices her career to protect them and Saanvi. Wherever and whenever her family and the passengers need her, she’s there. Mick is always brave enough to do what’s necessary, no matter the cost.

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