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No One Gets Out Alive Makes Annoying Jump Scares Part Of The Plot

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for No One Gets Out Alive.

Netflix's No One Gets Out Alive produces a few irritating jump scares but actually makes them part of the overall story. 2021 has been a busy year for horror on Netflix, with the most high-profile being Zack Snyder's return to the zombie genre for Army Of The Dead. Elsewhere, there was the ambitious Fear Street trilogy and the gory vampire action movie Blood Red Sky.

No One Gets Out Alive is the latest to join those ranks in time for Halloween 2021. The movie is an adaptation of the 2014 horror novel by Adam Nevill and it moves the story from England to the U.S., following an undocumented immigrant named Ambar (Cristina Rodlo) who is trying to make a new life. She ends up in a cheap boarding house, but she's soon haunted by the sounds of crying at night and starts to believe there might be ghosts in the building. No One Gets Out Alive could almost function as an effective drama following Ambar's struggles to survive without adding the supernatural elements.

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Director Santiago Menghini builds a nice gothic atmosphere with the movie but also falls back on jump scares. Jump scares aren't always a bad thing, with filmmakers like director James Wan using them to great effect in the likes of The Conjuring, but they can be a cheap way to startle viewers. More than once in No One Gets Out Alive, Ambar is startled awake after a nightmare involving ghosts or a mysterious stone box, which becomes a little irritating. The third act makes clear, however, these scenes have served a narrative purpose.

No One Gets Out Alive reveals in the finale that Ambar's creepy landlord Red and his hulking brother Becker have been kidnapping and sacrificing tenants to a creature in the basement. This being was unearthed by their father during a dig decades prior, though what it is exactly is never fully explained. What the Netflix horror movie does reveal is this giant spider monster thing with a mouth for a stomach can induce a dream state in its potential victims, and as it prepares to eat Ambar, it traps her in a dream where she's sitting with her late mother in a hospital.

Ambar dreamed of this moment several times in the story, but in the finale, she slowly comes to realize something isn't right. She ends up fighting against a demonic doppelganger of her mother in this nightmare, before walking herself up before the monster can complete the sacrifice. In hindsight, this reveals No One Gets Out Alive's creature has been manipulating her mental state since she moved into the building too and induced the previous dreams and sudden jump scares to make her numb when the moment of sacrifice actually came.

No One Gets Out Alive also reveals the spirits of those who died in the boarding house are still trapped there, and the ghost "attacks" were likely warnings to push Ambar to leave. While this doesn't quite excuse having cheap jump scares, the movie at least provides a logic for them to be there.

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