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Real Housewives Stars Who Have Died | Screen Rant

Content Warning: The following article contains discussions of abuse and suicide.

When Bravo fans think of The Real Housewives, they think of epic storylines, juicy bickering, and hilarious moments between friends. And while The Real Housewives has "housewives" in the title, not every woman in the series is a wife or stay-at-home mother. Many housewives have empires of their own.

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What fans don't think of in terms of The Real Housewives, however, are those whom the shows have lost. While a series has never had a cast member pass away, they have lost partners, parents, pets, and loved ones on and off-camera.

NeNe Leakes is known for her iconic quotes, deep-belly laughs, and one-liners. She's one of the longest-running housewives and is missed from the series now that she's not on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Aside from the friendships NeNe had with the housewives, her relationship with her husband, Gregg, was prominently shown in the series. The two had been through a lot on the show as husband and wife, friends, and parents. Sadly, Gregg Leakes had his fair share of health issues and passed away at the age of 66 from colon cancer, according to LA Times.

Jill Zarin is one past housewife whom fans wish would come back to The Real Housewives of New York. She had such a deep connection to the other Housewives, which made her time on the show even more special.

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Jill's marriage to Bobby Zarin was shown in depth during her time on the show and they had one of the franchise's more loving relationships. In 2018, their time together ended when Bobby passed away from thyroid cancer, according to People. Jill and Bobby found out about his cancer a decade before and had fought it for years. Today, Jill still mourns the loss of her late husband and shares their memories together on social media.

While every city in the Real Housewives universe focuses on family and relationships, the storylines on The Real Housewives of New Jersey put a major focus on family. An OG housewife, Teresa Giudice's family has been a part of her journey for 12 seasons. This includes her mother (Nonna) and father (Nonno).

As many fights as Teresa Giudice has had on RHONJ, she has a soft spot for her parents. Nonno and Nonna were Teresa's voices of reason and best friends to her four daughters. But shortly after Teresa got out of prison, her mother passed at the age of 66 due to pneumonia, according to People. Three years later, The Sun reported that Teresa's father died from a heart condition at 76. As seen on the show, the Giudices and Gorgas were devastated after Nonno and Nonna's passings.

The Real Housewives of Miami only aired for four seasons, but it introduced a cast of unique characters. One of them was Elsa Paton (aka Mama Elsa). Mama Elsa was the mother of housewife Marysol Patton.

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Marysol and Elsa were mother and daughter but acted like best friends. Elsa was as much of a housewife as Marysol was because of her lavish lifestyle and lust for life. And while the show wrapped up in 2011, Mama Elsa died in 2019, according to Bravo. At the age of 84, Elsa passed away from a long illness but was surrounded by family when it happened.

Russell Armstrong was a controversial househusband in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While his marriage to Taylor seemed loving at the surface, she admitted that her life with Russell was anything but perfect.

Taylor told former housewife Camille Meyer (née Grammer) that she was in an abusive relationship and that she feared for her and her daughter's life at times. Russell denied the claims, of course, but Taylor later filed for divorce. Shortly after, Rusell took his own life, as noted by Bravo.

In the early seasons of RHONY when Luann de Lesseps was still married to the Count and was raising her young kids, she had a housekeeper named Rosie. Rosie was shown in a few episodes of the series, mainly looking after Luann's kids and ensuring the household ran smoothly. In many ways, Rosie was a special member of the de Lesseps family. Fans supported Luann's relationship with Rosie since she treated her with such respect.

Unfortunately, Rosie's son took to Reddit to tell RHONY fans that Rosie died of a sudden heart attack in 2019. Fans rallied together in a wave of support for Rosie's family since she was such a special part of the show.

Tammy Knickerbacker is one of the more forgotten housewives from The Real Housewives of Orange County. She was a cast member from season 2 to 3 before joining as a guest instead of full-time.

In season 2, Tammy introduced her husband, Louie, and her kids. However, by season 3, she told the cameras that her husband died after having a heart attack. Tammy and her kids then had to build their empire back from nothing since Louie didn't have a will. While Tammy isn't a well-known housewife, her husband's death was tragic.

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