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RHONY: Why Eboni Is Being Blamed For Low Ratings | Screen Rant

Insiders claim that The Real Housewives of New York City cast is blaming Eboni K. Williams for the reunion cancelation, as well as the poor season 13 ratings. The show's thirteenth season was Eboni's first season, and she made history as the franchise's first Black housewife. However, that important milestone wasn't enough to increase viewership. A lot was up against Eboni, as she was the only woman of color in the predominantly white cast. She understandably found it hard to hold back from schooling the ladies on their white fragility and microaggressions. As a result, she's seemingly been snubbed by her co-stars and former friends.

Eboni's background as an attorney, moderator, and news analyst prepared her for all the verbal spats she engaged in on The Real Housewives of New York City. She had heated debates with the show's original cast members, Luann de Lesseps and the frequently offensive Ramona Singer, while Sonja Morgan and Leah McSweeney presented themselves as allies of the Black Lives Matter movement. All of the teachable moments Eboni had on the show were met with mixed reviews from viewers. Some appreciated her insights, while others agreed with Ramona, as they felt like Eboni was being too "preachy." In the end, season 13 got the worst ratings in RHONY history. Now, the cast is pointing fingers.

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Over the week, three cast members subliminally made their voices heard with regard to their thoughts about why season 13 tanked. Luann, Ramona, and Leah attended an industry event and were rumored to have left just because Eboni arrived. “Luann, Leah and Ramona had a pact [that] as soon as Eboni showed up, they would leave," a source told Page Six. "They fled as soon as she walked in.” It's said that the show veterans are actually blaming Eboni for the poor season 13 viewership. Apparently, being the first Black housewife and providing insight on Black culture and social justice issues was too much for the NYC cast.

While Leah presented herself as an ally of Eboni's on the show, it looks like things quickly changed once the reunion was canceled. While it's likely that Eboni's educational jargon didn't entertain the majority of RHONY fans, it can't be blamed for why viewers checked out. When it came to season 13 storylines, not much was going on outside of the proud activist Eboni's exchanges with the cast. It was the first season filmed during the pandemic, and with everything on lockdown, it was hard to plan events for the cast. They couldn't get together as easily as they did during past seasons. Over the summer, Eboni shut down criticism that claimed she was the reason for the low ratings. She reminded viewers that the producers are the ones who decide what airs on the show.

Luann and Ramona already had their own personal issues with Eboni, so their snubs were expected. However, Leah reportedly joined them after being friends with Eboni the whole season. With the new cast feuds, tension is building up and may surface in possible season 14 storylines, unless producers decide to clean house. Having Eboni appear in only one season might produce more controversy than The Real Housewives of New York City producers can handle. If Eboni does return next season, she will need a new friend, since Leah has seemingly jumped ship.

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Source: Page Six

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