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RHOSLC: 7 Unpopular Opinions, According To Reddit | ScreenRant

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City just started its second season on Bravo. The entire group from season 1 is back, with Jennie Nguyen as the newest addition. The show picked up right where it left off; from Jen Shah's arrest to Meredith and Lisa's friendship woes, season 2 isn't skipping over anything.

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As likable as the housewives of Salt Lake City are, there are fans on Reddit who have unpopular opinions on the cast, their families, and the authenticity of their storylines. Although RHOSLC is the latest city to join the franchise, that doesn't mean it's the most beloved.

7 Whitney Isn't Everyone's Favorite

Whitney Rose got a bad rep in season 1 after exposing the truth behind her and her husband's affair before they were married. But she slowly gained viewers' adoration. Towards the end of season 1, Whitney became the star of the show as she was often the voice of reason. She stood up against Jen, she supported Heather during arguments and co-parenting woes, and she tried hard to be a better friend to Lisa and Meredith.

In season 2, Whitney's likability has only grown. However, Vanela02 told Reddit that they "[don't] get the hype about Whitney." They also thought her cake-dropping flub in the first episode was orchestrated for the show. This opinion is unpopular because Whitney has more fans than haters. And her dropping her husband's birthday cake multiple times in season 2 was seen as hilariously relatable.

6 Meredith's Son Isn't The Star He Thinks He Is

Meredith's family was introduced in season 1. Her son Brooks became a breakout star based on his quirky one-liners, sense of style, and fun relationship with his mom. His reputation became murky at the end of the season when he engaged in arguments with housewife Jen Shah, but he was still well-liked.

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Brooks' name is still a topic of conversation, but it looks like LolalolitaNakita isn't much of a fan. "I can’t stand Meredith Marks’s son Brooks," they started. They continued saying, "His attitude and ways are reflecting his mother’s manipulative attitudes." Some fans agreed with the original poster while others still have a soft spot for Brooks. Nevertheless, he's a part of some of the franchise's best memes.

5 Heather Tries Too Hard To Be Relatable

Heather Gay's main storyline is being a former member of the Mormon church. She grew up a Mormon, married at a young age, and had three daughters. She told viewers multiple times that her entire life revolved around the church until her divorce. Once she divorced her husband, she learned to get through life after being ex-communicated from the church.

Her decision to raising her daughters as a single mom was inspiring, as was her dedication to creating a successful business. Due to Heather's background and where she is now, she's one of the more intelligent housewives in the cast. However, MetalGopher thinks that Heather "is trying harder to be relatable than is necessary." They even compared her to being desperate like Brooks Marks. This is unpopular because Heather's likability stems from how relatable she is as a single mother trying her best.

4 "Jen Is A Good Person"

Jen Shah makes great reality television because of how theatrical and problematic she can be. She started off as a relatively calm presence in season 1 but slowly became more aggressive. Jen's meltdown was shown prominently in RHOSLC. At the end of season 1, CNN noted that Jen was arrested for federal fraud charges. The story of her arrest is supposed to be covered in season 2, but it appears that Jen isn't the kind, patient businesswoman she portrayed herself to be.

In contrast, The_Yolo_Life thinks that "Jen is a good person." They do think that Jen needs to tone it down a bit, but many fans think calling someone a "good person" when she's facing fraudulent charges and has taken advantage of people is a far stretch.

3 Is Coach Shah Really That Likable?

Now that RHOSLC has its second season, fans get a closer look at the relationships shown. Jen Shah's husband, Sharrieff (aka Coach Shah), was an instant crowd-pleaser in season 1. He and Jen were complete opposites, but he knew how to calm her down and had phenomenal life advice.

PiperAndMe, however, isn't as convinced that Coach is as great as he's been depicted. Likewise, 58527Lukas believes Coach to be an "enabler." They continued saying, "What kind of person is okay with being with someone with a temperament like [Jen's]?" Not seeing Coach Shah in a positive light is an unpopular opinion thus far in the series.

2 Seth Is Toxic

In season 1, Seth and Meredith were going through marital issues and considered themselves separated. They even tried dating other people while Seth lived elsewhere for work. If anything, it seemed like Seth wanted their marriage to work more than Meredith. By the end of the season, the couple was back on track and stayed married.

Sacchilax found Seth to be "toxic." They believed Seth "taunted" and "put down" Meredith and they felt bad for her. This is seen as unpopular because it was Meredith who was inherently cold towards Seth as he cried for the betterment of their marriage.

1 RHOSLC Is The Worst City In The Franchise

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is the newest city in the franchise. The addition was a long time coming as Bravo's Andy Cohen teased about a new city coming to the franchise for years. Most fans agree that the addition of Salt Lake Ciy was a great success after season 1 — especially with Jen's arrest and Mary's drama surrounding her church.

Looney_Loveless, however, disagrees and believes it's "the worst of the franchise." They continued saying, "As an avid watcher of all the [Real Housewives], I’ve never had to physically force myself to watch as much as I did with this series." Supporters were quick to comment in the comment section, especially now that season 2 is such a success.

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