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Ron's Gone Wrong: 9 Best Non-Disney Animated Robots, Ranked

Ron's Gone Wrong is an animated sci-fi comedy movie from the minds at Disney and 21st Century Fox. Set some time in the future where children have robot friends, the story focuses on a socially awkward boy named Barney and his own robot friend, the eponymous Ron, who doesn't seem to function quite right.

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Outside of the House of Mouse, there have been a number of successful animated robots to grace both the big and small screens. From superheroic androids to sarcastic machines with questionable morals, some of the best non-Disney animated robots have entertained audiences across the years and still continue to do so.

9 Karen (Spongebob Squarepants)

Spongebob Squarepants is a surreal cartoon that has delighted and entertained audiences for over two decades. One of the biggest driving forces behind that is the memorable and wacky cast of characters, which includes a robot in its main cast. The robot in question is Karen, the long-suffering robot wife/sidekick of antagonist Plankton.

Although essentially just a monitor on wheels, Karen easily displays a lot of personality and a hilariously dry wit whenever she is on screen. She is always on hand to help Plankton steal the Krabby Patty formula (which is one of the best running gags in SpongeBob Squarepants) and is easily much smarter than her evil, egomaniacal husband. Plankton is rather useless without his loving robot wife, as demonstrated in the episode "Komputer Overload" when he fails to replace her after she walks out on him.

8 Goddard (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius)

Children growing up in the 1990s would perhaps remember Nickelodeon's movie and TV series Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. Both focused on the adventures of the title character Jimmy, an intelligent kid with a love of science and inventing, and his best friends.

One such pal was his robot dog, Goddard. Loyal and loving like a real dog but equipped with cool robotics and gadgets, Goddard was the ultimate sidekick in both the movie and the television show. Furthermore, he proves to be a clever dog on his own, as demonstrated in the movie when he escapes the clutches of the villainous aliens by pretending to self-destruct.

7 Butter Robot (Rick & Morty)

Adult sci-fi animated comedy Rick & Morty has become a recent cult classic, following the madcap misadventures of scientist Rick and his grandson Morty as they travel through time, dimensions, and space. Across the series, there have been a number of lovable supporting characters, including the Butter Robot.

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As its name suggested, the Butter Robot's sole purpose is to pass Rick the butter, even when in reach of him. It often asks Rick "What is my purpose?". Although a small character with a limited number of appearances, it proved itself to be a memorable character.  The moment when the robot realizes its only use is passing butter is both heartwrenching and hilarious.

6 The Entire Cast Of Robots

Robots is an underrated animated movie from 2005, produced by Blue Sky Studios. Set in an entirely robotic universe, it is about a young aspiring inventor robot called Rodney as he journeys to Robot City to show his latest creations to his hero, Bigweld.

With a stellar cast, unique and intricate character designs, a number of highly entertaining visual gags, and overall quirkiness, Robots is a really fun movie to watch. Particular standout characters include the villainous Madame Gasket (brilliantly voiced by Jim Broadbent) and the rusty falling apart Fender, voiced by Robin Williams in one of his funniest roles.

5 Astro Boy

Astro Boy started out as a manga character, making his debut in 1952. The eponymous hero is an android created by the head of the Ministry of Science to replace the loss of his real son. When Astro Boy soon fails to fill this void by being unable to grow up, he ends up fighting crime instead, using the array of gadgets and abilities he has as a robot.

Over time, Astro Boy has become one of the world's most successful manga and anime franchises. Since the manga was released, three anime series have been made and released, along with a number of toys, collectibles, and a major motion picture in 2009.

4 Robot (Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out)

The claymation duo Wallace and Gromit have entertained audiences for over thirty years. They made their debut in 1989 with the animated short A Grand Day Out, which sees the scatterbrained inventor and his smarter canine companion build a rocket and fly to the Moon in order to stock up on Wallace's beloved cheese.

Upon arriving on the Moon, they encounter a coin-operated robot. Although nameless and not uttering a single word, the robot proves to be just as lovable as Wallace and Gromit, expressing so much with just his robotic arms. Its charming personality makes it all the more endearing when the robot manages to achieve its desire to ski on the Moon at the end of the short.

3 Cyborg (Teen Titans)

The animated series Teen Titans focused on the adventures of a team of five young superheroes, which included the brawny Cyborg. Although not strictly a full robot, there is no denying the impact of Cyborg in the series. Not only is he the physically strongest member of the Titans but he is the team's second-in-command and boasts an array of powerful and useful gadgets and weapons, as well as being knowledgeable in computers and technology.

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Furthermore, he is one of the key sources of comic relief in the team, especially when paired up with Beast Boy. But what really makes his character interesting is shown in the episode 'Only Human' when Cyborg faces the physical challenge of what the robot side of his body limits him to, as it reveals a vulnerable and human dimension to a character that is at least half machine.

2 Bender (Futurama)

Whilst it never reached the heights of its predecessor The SimpsonsMatt Groening's sci-fi comedy Futurama remains something of a cult classic and a really fun series to watch. It follows the intergalactic delivery service Planet Express and the misadventures of its crew, including Bender the foul-mouthed robot.

Bender is easily the most iconic character of Futurama. Because of his lack of morals, obnoxious attitude, and scheming nature, Bender is also one of the funniest characters in the show. But there are times he is shown with a softer, more vulnerable side. One such example is in one of Bender's best episodes 'A Flight To Remember' when Bender falls for an aristocratic robot, only for it to end in tragedy.

1 The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is a critically acclaimed animated movie from Warner Bros, telling the story of a young boy named Hogarth who finds and befriends a giant robot. Full of warmth and heart, the movie has made millions of viewers laugh and cry, and a huge reason is the Iron Giant himself.

Voiced unexpectedly lovingly by Vin Diesel, the Giant is docile, inquisitive, and rather caring and protective, particularly where Hogarth is concerned. He has a particular fondness for Superman, and it is the Man of Steel that helps inspire his heroic yet extremely tear-jerking sacrifice. It's little wonder this movie has left millions of viewers in floods of tears.

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