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Squid Game Characters, Ranked Least To Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games

The contestants in Squid Game are all very different people that come from different backgrounds, but they all share one thing in common: they’re in desperate need of cash and will do anything to get it. This despair forces the players to do immoral things and betray the people closest to them until there’s only one left standing.

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For this reason, many have likened the hit Korean series to The Hunger Games film franchise. Instead of children's games, if the contestants of Squid Game were forced to play the Hunger Games it’s very likely that things would have shaken out in a different—but just as brutal—manner.

10 Oh Il-Nam

Outside of the confines of his own game he constructed, Oh Il-Nam would be at a significant disadvantage competing in the Hunger Games. Despite being one of the smartest characters in the show, Il-Nam only progressed as far as he did because he likely knew the games in advance and the best strategies associated with each. 

As seen during the partnering phase before the marbles game, most other contestants would not take pity on Il-Nam and would quickly look to eliminate the weak link. Seen during the blackout brawl, Il-Nam is quite good at avoiding dangerous conflict, but he doesn’t have what it takes to be the last man standing.

9 Han Mi-Nyeo

As Han Mi-nyeo infamously said, she’s “Good at everything, except the things [she] can’t do.” Unfortunately, in the world of The Hunger Games, there’s quite a lot she can’t do. She lacks the physicality needed to take out other tributes and hasn’t displayed enough cunning to avoid the Gamemakers’ traps.

Worst of all, her grating personality is likely to cause internal conflict in any alliance she winds up in. While she could be a dangerous threat in a one-on-one scenario, it’s very unlikely she has the patience to outlast the others.

8 Ji-Yeong

Based on what Ji-yeong tells of her backstory, there should be little doubt that she is more dangerous than she lets on. Admitting to murdering her own father as revenge for her mother, it’s clear to see that she’s capable of getting her hands dirty when necessary.

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This could be a valuable asset for Ji-yeong in the arena, as other contestants are likely to underestimate her due to her small stature. However, as seen in Squid Game, Ji-yeong is the type of person who would sacrifice herself for her friends. While that is an endearing trait, it does not bode well for her odds of surviving the Games.

7 Seong Gi-Hun

Seen by his performance in Squid Game, Seong Gi-Hun is no slouch. He has no glaring physical or mental weaknesses to be exploited, and his big-hearted and charismatic personality would serve well in forming an alliance capable of making it far in the Games.

Unfortunately, his good nature would get the best of him sooner or later. In multiple games, he’s seen hesitating to do immoral things that would better his odds of winning the cash prize. Since the other contestants were usually not wielding deadly weapons in Squid Game, he got let off easy; however, he would not be nearly as lucky in the Hunger Games.

6 Abdul Ali

Abdul Ali is quite possibly the most imposing physical threat on this list, despite having a major hand injury. He was strong enough to support Gi-Hun’s entire weight with just his one injured arm in the game Red Light, Green Light.

His strength would make him a valuable asset, and Ali would likely receive multiple alliance offers in the early stages of the game. This would help him progress far in the Games, but as Sang-woo understood, it’s only a matter of time until alliances turn on themselves. Ali’s trusting nature would likely once again be his downfall when his teammates eventually turn on him.

5 Jang Deok-Su

Of all the characters in the record-breaking Squid Game, Jang Dyeok-Su understood the kill or be killed nature of the game better than most. He was willing to make alliances with anyone as long as it suited him, and would toss them away at his earliest inconveniences. Even knowing this, he still attracted many followers simply due to his imposing stature.

The more bloodthirsty tributes would happily follow and kill for him. However, the doctor and his henchman were only begrudgingly following him to get further in the games. Dyeok-su did not command the loyalty of his alliance, and would likely fall victim to his own team once they ran out of targets.

4 Hwang Jun-Ho

As a detective serving in a police department, Hwang Jun-Ho should be one of the most highly trained individuals in this group on paper. He proceeds to demonstrate that skill throughout Squid Game, repeatedly evading detection and defeating the game’s workers in hand-to-hand combat.

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While working solo may be the best move for his professional life, it would serve Jun-Ho poorly in the Games. That, combined with his inquisitive nature, makes him a ripe target for the Gamemasters to snare in one of their famous traps.

3 Kang Sae-Byeok

Laying low and building up a stockpile of supplies is a proven recipe for success in the Games, and would allow a player like Kang Sae-byeok to go far. Similar to Foxface in The Hunger Games, Sae-byeok could use her skills as a thief to steal from the cornucopia and undermine any powerful alliances.

Sae-byeok is faster and more fearsome than Foxface, but would also encounter many of the same issues. Alone and without any established survival skills, the terrain of the arena would prove just as challenging to overcome as would enemy players. Just like in Squid Game, she may not win, but this fan-favorite will surely make it very far.

2 Cho Sang-Woo

Love him or hate him, Cho Sang-Woo has all of the attributes necessary to be a champion in the Hunger Games arena. He’s physically fit and is a very intelligent and cunning player. Most importantly, Sang-woo does not let his emotions cloud his judgment and can make difficult decisions logically.

While some may see him as too cold and calculative, he’s capable of faking his emotions for the sake of building alliances when necessary. Sang-woo is the type of player who thinks ahead to avoid potential death, and even when cornered is able to talk himself to freedom. He would be by far one of the most difficult players to take out in the Games and would have a good shot to win it all.

1 In-Ho (The Front Man)

As one of the only two actual winners seen, In-ho already has an established pedigree that the others lack. The other winner, Gi-hun, was saved from death by a teammate in four of the six games and presumably isn’t nearly the threat In-ho is. He proves he has a ruthless side by murdering his own brother without hesitation, which would serve him well in the Games.

While viewers never see his route to winning the games, it’s reasonable to assume In-ho was a very calculative and efficient player due to his ascension to becoming the Front Man. Several players had won in the past, but only he was worthy of being the Front Man. Unlike Dyeok-su, his leadership is never questioned and he could very likely control the outcome of the Games from start to finish.

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