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Squid Game: Every Game, Ranked By Difficulty | ScreenRant

Korean Netflix series Squid Game has taken the world by storm due to its intense, violent premise in which low-income citizens participate in a series of bloody death matches for a chance to win a much-needed lump sum of money. Each game in the series was full of high-stakes scenarios and saw the deaths of countless participants, but some games were far more complicated and convoluted than others.

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The games that occurred during Squid Game were inspired by childhood playground games given new, terrifyingly violent, and deadly rules. With these dangerous requirements considered, the challenges within Squid Game can be placed in order from easiest to survive to most difficult.

7 Sugar Honeycombs

Sugar Honeycombs was the second game that the players in Squid Game were forced to participate in. The task required carving designated shapes out of hardened honeycomb, but if their shape was broken even a little bit, they would meet their immediate death. Compared to the other games, Sugar Honeycombs was by far the easiest as the chances of survival were completely up to the individual.

Unfortunately, players had to pick the shapes they'd be carving out before they even knew what they'd be doing, and some shapes were by far easier to break apart than others, making the game vary in difficulty. Regardless, Sugar Honeycombs was not too difficult if players had enough patience and the right strategy, such as Gi-Hun's idea to efficiently lick the shape out of the honeycomb rather than carve it.

6 Marbles

Though it was the game that caused some of the most heartbreaking deaths in Squid Game, Marbles was technically not quite as difficult as some of the other games. This is mainly due to the fact that the players were able to choose most of their own rules. The only set rule of Marbles was that one player of each duo must be declared the winner by obtaining 20 marbles. How that obtaining occurred was completely up to player discretion.

Some players chose to take an easy route, such as Sae-Byeok and Ji-Yeong who waited until the last minute to play their marble game, only for Ji-Yeong to let Sae-Byeok win anyway. Others overly complicated their game, such as when Deok-Su chose to change the rules once he started to lose the first game that he and his teammate decided upon. Still, the survival rate of Marbles is only 50%, so the chances of making it through the game were already pretty slim, regardless of how easy or difficult the chosen rules were.

5 Tug-Of-War

At first, Tug-Of-War seemed to only require brute strength, but as the smartest Squid Game character Il-Nam points out, there was plenty of strategy involved. Il-Nam explained that Tug-Of-War is about balance, and he led the team through rhythmic leaning and pulling that got them ahead. When they started to falter, Sang-Woo came up with the risky yet effective strategy to step forward for a moment to throw the other team off balance.

Still, players needed to be on a generally strong team as physical strength was a major factor toward winning Tug-Of-War. Plus, without the genius, last-minute strategizing that Il-Han and Sang-Woo shared with their teammates, they all would have surely died during the game instead, proving that Tug-Of-War was one of the highest stakes games and quite a difficult feat to win.

4 Glass Stepping Stones

Glass Stepping Stones was a game that varied in difficulty for players depending on their order of participation. The players were tasked with crossing a bridge made of glass, with some of the glass being able to withstand weight, while others would break instantly. Each contestant was forced to pick a number prior to participating that determined the order in which they would cross the bridge.

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Figuring out which glass panes were safe to walk on was mostly up to chance, but those with the higher numbers were lucky enough to watch the others attempt to cross first, affording them the knowledge of where to step. Unfortunately for those with earlier numbers, their chances of dying were far higher than the others, making the game much more difficult for them. And although it didn't happen on screen, the VIPs suggested that even the higher numbers had a chance of dying too, given that they could run out of time to cross. Plus, even though Sae-Byeok survived Glass Stepping Stones initially, the shard of glass from the bridge that got wedged into her abdomen nearly caused her eventual death.

3 Red Light Green Light

Red Light Green Light, the first game played in the very first episode of Squid Game, definitely set the tone for just how difficult the deadly competition could get. The main objective was to cross the finish line before running out of time, but at random intervals in-between, players had to freeze in their place. Perhaps the most familiar childhood game played in the series, this version of Red Light Green Light was far more intense than ever seen before.

Even the slightest of accidental movement during the "frozen" periods would result in a player's death. In fact, the only reason Gi-Hun survived this game was thanks to Ali, the most likable Squid Game character, who held the main protagonist up upon tripping. What's more, if players did not reach the finish line after time had run out, they would too be killed, even if their freezing skills were up to par. Overall, Red Light Green Light required intense stamina, fast movement, and quick reactions, making it extremely difficult to survive. And yet, perhaps Red Light Green Light was the first game played because the general chances of surviving were a bit higher than other games.

2 Squid Game

The final, titular game, Squid Game, was one of the most dangerous. Although there were established rules regarding offense versus defense and stepping into the triangle for the win, what Squid Game really boiled down to was a one-on-one physical fight to the death. The first player to kill the other, or wound them enough to make it to the winning triangle, became the official winner of the entire game.

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Any form of violence was allowed during this final game between Gi-Hun and Sang-Woo, and the two definitely did not hold back during most of their battle. The lack of rules resulted in one of the series' most intense, bloody, and gruesome fights, clearly based solely on physical strength, perhaps mixed in with some adrenaline. But since the game was only a one on one battle, the players did not have to worry about any outside forces interfering with their fight.

1 Special Game (The Riot)

One of the most horrific situations in Squid Game started because of the antagonistic character Deok-Su: a deadly night-time riot. The game officials allowed this to happen, labeling it as a "Special Game." Because the game was impromptu, there were no set rules whosoever, so players had no control over what occurred. This resulted in the gory deaths of many participants.

In order to survive this "Special Game," players had to be quick to react, overtly alert of their surroundings, near-experts at fighting back, or just simply really lucky. The main characters were smart enough to stick together as a team, allowing for safety in numbers. Still, the riot was a complete bloodbath. Survival relied on intense strength and sharp wit, making it the most brutal game of them all.

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