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Stranger Things Hints At The Upside Down Taking Over Hawkins In Season 4

In the show's latest teaser, a cryptic clue implies that the Upside Down will soon consume more of Hawkins in Stranger Things season 4. Ever since Stranger Things debuted in 2016, one of the show’s central locations has remained a mystery to fans and characters alike. Despite the pilot episode providing viewers with their first glimpse of the Upside Down, it is still unclear three seasons later just what the Eldritch location is, how it functions—and what’s keeping it from spilling out into the normal world.

The Upside Down was seemingly uncovered by Hawkins Lab operatives during their season 1 experiments, thus freeing the Demogorgon and setting the show’s events in motion. However, the exact nature of the Upside Down is relegated to fan theories and educated guesses, as the show’s characters remain largely mystified by how the alternate dimension functions. Essentially a grimy mirror world, the Upside Down features almost all of the locations, items, and plant life found in its real-world equivalent, but is home to dozens of Demogorgons rather than any humans.

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Fortunately for the characters of Stranger Things, debating the exact nature of the Upside Down has not been a major concern since Eleven managed to close the gate to the dimension back in season 2’s climax. On the other hand, season 4’s latest trailer implies that the Upside Down may be coming for Dustin, Max, Steve, Lucas, and company. The clock in the “Creel House” teaser can also be spotted prominently in an earlier Stranger Things season 4 trailer and, judging by its vine-strewn appearance, the antique clearly has something to do with the Upside Down. The clock may be providing a link to the dimension and the fact that its face breaks in the “Creel House” trailer could warn a break between Hawkins and the Upside Down, with the latter taking over more of the former.

In season one, the Demogorgon escaped through the Upside Down and it was up to Eleven to eventually destroy the monster by closing the portal between dimensions. However, despite this feat almost killing the young heroine, it was also only a temporary fix. By season 2, the break between real-life Hawkins and Upside Down Hawkins was big enough for numerous Demogorgons to make it through, and the gate that Eleven eventually closed was far larger this time around. Stranger Things season 3 had no time for exploring the Upside Down thanks to its many subplots, but the most recent trailer for season 4 makes it clear that the alternate dimension will once again play a major role on the show.

The Upside Down may be what provides Hopper with a route back to Hawkins that doesn’t take months of travel, as he is currently exiled in Russia. The alternate dimension also could be the source of the season’s new antagonists, with the Mind Flayer, the Demogorgon, and season 3’s Spider Monster all finding their origin in the Upside Down. Whatever the case, Stranger Things season 4 set photos did hint at the Upside Down taking over more of Hawkins. With the show's most recent trailer reaffirming this, it looks more and more likely that Stranger Things season 4 will see the small town consumed by tendrils sometime soon.

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