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Switch OLED's Screen Protector Should Not Be Removed, Says Nintendo

Nintendo has announced that the screen protector on the new Switch OLED should not be removed. The suggestion of a new Nintendo console first appeared after whispers of a possible Switch Pro. Nintendo instead revealed a trailer advertising the Switch OLED this past July. Earlier this week, on October 8th, the Switch OLED finally hit the shelves, promising a higher quality screen than Nintendo's previous iteration of the console, but without the major upgrades fans were hoping for from a possible Switch Pro.

The release of the Nintendo Switch OLED has not gone entirely smoothly, though. Fans were hoping for a new console that would fix the Switch's notorious Joy-con drift, or at least a new console that would support 4K resolution. Unfortunately, these improvements were not included in the final development of the Switch OLED. There are also reports of difficulties in the roll out of the consoles. Several buyers have said that despite purchasing their consoles well in advance, their Nintendo Switch OLED preorders have been delayed.

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As reported by Nintendo Life, Nintendo has said that the screen protector that comes on the Switch OLED must not be removed. The warning is stated in the manual of the OLED Switch. In contrast to the plastic screen of the original Switch and the Switch Lite, the new Switch OLED has a glass display. Most owners of the new console might be surprised to learn this, because the film on the screen makes the glass almost unnoticeable. The film protecting the Switch OLED's glass screen is called an anti-scattering adhesive film. It protects the glass screen from scratches and also prevents it from shattering into dangerous sharp pieces if smashed. Additionally, Nintendo has mentioned that 3rd party screen protectors can easily be applied on top of the Switch OLED's screen, even though it contains the anti-scattering adhesive film.

Protective films are commonly placed on devices and displays, including smartphones and tablets. However, these pre-applied protective films are usually placed on the devices to save the screen from fingerprint smudges. Furthermore, most pre-applied protective films are expected to eventually be peeled away by the new owner. Buyers of the new Switch OLED may be tempted to peel the film off as they would for other devices. Nintendo probably had this in mind when it inserted the warning in the console's manual.

There has been some excitement over the new Switch OLED, and it's been said that several key differences make it the superior Switch model. One of these key differences is the Switch OLED's screen, specifically its slightly bigger size and vibrant colors. Considering these improvements and the glass screen, it's not surprising that Nintendo added a special film to the new console. Here's to hoping that owners will resist the urge to peel the protective film off of the device.

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The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is out now.

Source: Nintendo Life

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