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Teen Wolf: 8 Best Weapons To Have In A Battle, Ranked

With so many supernatural entities making their way to Teen Wolf's Beacon Hills, it's not surprising that most of the residents want to protect their homes. From Werewolves, Kanimas, to Ghost Riders, Teen Wolf fans have watched as all these scary creatures have destroyed and even taken some of the lives of some Beacon Hills tenants, so they have more than proven that they deserve the right to protect themselves from further harm.

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However, with the announcement of a Teen Wolf movie coming in 2022 and the promise that a new threat is arriving in Beacon Hills, it appears that everyone's lives will be on the line once again. But if the residents of the town want to make it out alive, they may want to upgrade their own personal arsenal so they have a better chance of survival. There are only so many weapons that will do some serious damage.

As one of the few members of the McCall Pack who had no supernatural abilities or combat skills, Stiles would often be seen using a baseball bat to defend himself. Initially starting with a wooden bat, he soon had to upgrade to an aluminum one after the first shattered after hitting an Alpha Werewolf.

However, while the aluminum baseball bat had withstood the testament of time and helped several of the characters fend off several supernatural creatures in close-range fights, the residents of Beacon Hills are better looking for something with more firepower. After all, the baseball bat would be pointless if the enemy ends up grabbing or countering the attack. A person would likely be defenseless within seconds.

Although they weren't used very often by everyone's favorite hunter, Allison's Chinese ring daggers proved to be very effective and lethal in the right hands. Not only was she able to incapacitate Isaac within a matter of seconds but Allison was also quite quick and fast with her attacks too, making it hard to dodge and deflect.

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Sadly, while these sharp blades are great for stunning werewolves and werecoyotes, they wouldn't do a lot of damage long-term. Since many of the creatures on Teen Wolf have proven to be extremely powerful, most of them have the ability to regenerate or heal. Within a matter of seconds, the supernatural enemy would be back on their feet unless someone has another weapon that would end them permanently.

Considered one of the best mercenaries in the world, it isn't surprising that Braeden has such a large arsenal to help protect herself from the supernatural. The shotgun, which is Braeden's weapon of choice, has proven to be her most effective weapon as she has managed to protect herself from the indestructible Berserkers and the Desert Wolf using solely this.

Braeden's shotgun is certainly one of the better weapons fans have seen from the show as it allows a person to take down the enemy from a long distance. Combined with silver and wolfsbane bullets, the firepower alone has dealt some deadly injuries to the enemy too. The only reason why some of the residents may overlook this weapon is because of how long it takes to reload. A person would have to be quick in this process as a werewolf, kanima or werecoyote can get a quick attack in during this break.

Maybe it's because of how well Kira wielded it but her katana sword is a weapon that many fans would gladly have if they came face to face with a creature like the Oni or the Nogitsune. As the bullets proved to be ineffective against the spiritual beings, Kira's katana was useful in defending her friends as she was able to parry their attacks and disarm many of the enemies too.

While Kira mainly uses it for defensive purposes, that doesn't mean it can't be used offensively. If there is a creature that has a tail (like the kanima or chimera), the katana would be able to block those attacks and is strong enough to cut it off. It's also likely that the person wielding the katana would incapacitate the creatures for a long time due to how sharp and long the blade is.

If there is anything that a person shouldn't be on the end of, it was Allison's arrows. With skills that could rival some of the best assassins in the John Wick movies, Allison was an expert markswoman who rarely missed her targets - even from a long distance. While she often preferred to used steel arrowheads, she also had a variety of other arrows that could stun two or more enemies at once (such as the flashbang and silver ones).

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As long as the person is standing far away when they explode, the flashbang arrows could come in use against the new enemies coming in the Teen Wolf movie. Not only does this also disorientate the enemy by taking away their sight and hearing, but it gives a person an opening to escape or get a surprise attack in. It's certainly a must-have when facing more than one creature.

Although it doesn't have many offensive capabilities, many of the characters have used Mountain Ash to protect themselves from harm. It would often be seen surrounding homes, included in the furniture, or scattered around the human characters to prevent any supernatural threats from attacking. Characters like Scott, Stiles, and the Argents also used Mountain Ash to trap creatures so that they would be unable to escape and cause chaos.

This might also be something the residents had learned by the time the 2022 movie is released. While there would be some people who wouldn't want to partake in the war between the supernatural and the hunters, there will also be a few that wouldn't want to be caught in the crossfire either and might have the substance somewhere in their houses. A person would be guaranteed safety this way.

A highly underrated weapon that not many of the characters utilized on the show, the Kanima Venom certainly had its perks when facing the villains of Beacon Hills. The viewers saw how powerful the venom could be when the Kanima used it to paralyze its victims before it killed them. No one was exempt from its effects either as some of Teen Wolf's powerful alphas, like Derek and Scott, were deeply affected by the toxin and were unable to use their abilities for a long time.

It was Allison who utilized it best when she was attacked by Erica, dousing her arrows in the venom, knowing that the teen werewolf would end up catching it on reflex if it was shot. This is a tactic that the Beacon Hills residents might want to use as well since many of the supernatural beings seen on the show have sharp reflexes. It would certainly make eliminating them quicker too since they would not be able to counter the attack.

As much as it is the biggest weakness of Scott's pack, it has also proven to be their greatest asset too. Not only does Wolfsbane have the ability to incapacitate all werewolves, werecoyotes, and werejaguars but it can be pretty toxic if ingested by a human too. Many of the hunters had also begun meshing the toxic herb with their bullets so they could fatally wound their enemies.

Fans would agree that Wolfsbane is the best weapon the residents of Beacon Hills should use for protection. Since the supernatural creatures cannot focus if the herb is in the area, this would exploit many of their weaknesses, which would give a person the advantage in the fight. With the supernatural creatures trying to get their bearings together, they would not even realize their death is upon them. Victory is certain with this weapon.

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