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The Best Movies Rated Under 6.0 On IMDb, According To Reddit

While it's great to find out the general consensus when it comes to a movie's rating, IMDb's average ratings of films isn't the be-all and end-all of movie criticism. There are always going to be movies that have low ratings that bewilder their fans and one man's Battlefield Earth is another man's Shawshank Redemption.

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When it comes to movies unfairly rated below 6.0, Reddit is full of hot takes. Whether it's a movie so bad it forced Sean Connery to retire or a schlocky Nicolas Cage B-movie, there are people who believe these movies are cinematic masterpieces.

It took a while for comic book movies to find their place in the cinematic landscape. There's a whole wave of early 2000s movies that misunderstood the source material, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is one of them. However, Redditor Cosgnosis believes its 5.8 score on IMDb is unfair, and that it's "like an old English X-Men."

There's so much evidence that points towards the opposite. Not only was the movie critically derided, and hated by both general audiences and fans of the comic book, but according to Box Office Prophets, the film is to blame for Sean Connery retiring too. Who knows what movies he could have starred in if not for Extraordinary Gentleman. The creator of the comic book, Alan Moore, once said that all of his material is unfilmable, and 20th Century Fox probably should have listened to him.

Nacho Libre director Jared Hess clearly has a unique style, as he followed up his directorial debut cult classic Napoleon Dynamite with a similarly colorful and quirky movie. Most people wouldn't have thought it was possible, but Nacho Libre was even more random than his debut, as it follows a friar who also happens to be an avid Mexican wrestling fanatic.

Not everybody found the randomness whimsical, and most thought it was a touch too much, but MSSurface_102 argues it deserves a score higher than 5.8. They argue that the movie has "excellent directing in beautiful locations," and to the user's credit, it does look great, and Nacho Libre is full of great quotes too.

Redditor cancerBronzeV defends The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and denounces its 5.9 rating on the movie database. And they aren't alone. Though there might be some questionable acting performances in the movie, Tokyo Drift has earned its own following in the years. It's clear how strong of a following it has, as the TD characters had a major presence in F9, and Tokyo Drift 2 is in development too.

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The Redditor posits that the film is "a genuine racing movie at heart," and that's one of the reasons why the movie is so unique. It's true. It's the only Fast movie that is primarily about street racing. The first two entries in the series are crime movies where street racing is the backdrop, but the Japanese imports and the unique racing style is the core of Tokyo Drift.

Dude, Where's My Car is one of the more outrageous teen comedies that came out of the late-90s and early-2000s. It's unique in that it combines general stoner-comedy antics with sci-fi, but that's a thin veil for a movie that many feel is just full of dumb jokes.

But eec-gray simply calls the movie a "comedic masterpiece," which doesn't exactly correlate with its 5.5 rating on IMDb. There are ways that Dude Where's My Car is actually underrated, and it even pulls off the Hangover narrative better than The Hangover, but not many would agree that it's a comedic masterpiece.

When Ghost Ship was first released in 2002, it wasn't just hated by audiences, but it was critically scathed too, as it has an abysmal 16% on Rotten Tomatoes along with its 5.5 IMDb score. But Razzamanazz doesn't think the score is fair, and they refer to an early scene in the movie as an example of its quality, claiming that, "the beginning massacre is cinema history."

While that scene the user is referring to is shocking, Ghost Ship is a fun and flawed early-2000s horror movie, nothing more and nothing less. But the film is also partially to thank for introducing the world to Karl Urban, as Ghost Ship features his first role in a major movie.

Scary Movie 3 is the strangest movie in the series, as it started parodying movies outside of the horror genre. And the main parody of the movie isn't Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer, but the Eminem-starring drama, 8 Mile.

However, regardless of not following its own rules, the movie still has its fans, as UnjustNation claims they were "dying from laughter" from watching the movie. To the user's credit, there are clearly enough people who love not just Scary Movie 3, but the whole series, as it's one of the highest-grossing horror franchises there is. And despite its low score of 5.5, it's still the second-highest-rated movie in the series.

Though Cruel Intentions is something of a cult classic, few people probably even know that Cruel Intentions 2 even exists. What's funny is that even the first movie in the series isn't universally loved, as it holds a 6.8 on the website, but Redditor WildSeven0077 is most passionate about the sequel, which holds an embarrassing 4.4.

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The Redditor calls the sequel one of the funniest movies they've ever seen and says it has "non-stop dark and dry humor." It could very well be that the film is misunderstood, but the user is very much in the minority. However, it is worth watching because it stars Amy Adams, and it's fascinating seeing her in one of her earlier more amateurish movies.

1998's Godzilla, the first Hollywood adaptation of the iconic Japanese monster, holds just a 5.4 on IMDb. It was so hated by audiences, especially Japanese audiences, as they refer to the movie as simply Zilla, because the "God" was taken out of the character.

AlmostColossus makes a great point by saying that it isn't a bad movie, it's "just a bad Godzilla movie." And there are several ways in which it's better than 2014's Godzilla, such as the practical effects and all of the fun character actors. But as bad as it was 23 years ago, age hasn't been kind to the film either.

Drive Angry is another movie sitting at just 5.4, as it's essentially another schlocky vessel for Nicolas Cage to act in his typically edgy and unnerving way. But Prdrd_id disagrees with the general consensus, and they argue that the film has "constant forward momentum."

While there are fun moments in the movie and it is extremely fast-paced, it's much less compelling than the grindhouse movies it's influenced by. And if it is uncaged Nicolas Cage that fans are looking for, there are a ton of other better movies to choose from, whether it's Con Air, The Rock, or Face/Off.

The Room is the least surprising movie to be brought up given the topic, as the film is intrinsic to the underrated movie conversation. The 2003 drama is best-known for being terrible, but it's also the ultimate so-bad-it's-good movie, leading it to become many people's favorite, albeit ironically.

LeRocket is just one of the fans of the 3.7-rated movie, and they call it "mysterious and incredible." Though the movie does have a cult following, only one of these adjectives is true.

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