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The Circle: The 10 Best Catfishes | ScreenRant

The Circle is described as a mix between Catfish and Big Brother, and for good reason. Part of the show is figuring out if the people playing are indeed who they claim to be, like in Catfish. But it's also about having a great social game, like in Big Brother.

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Indeed, these two elements go hand in hand on The Circle. Having a good social game, is what makes a player a good catfish in the first place. Being able to convincingly pull off a persona that is fictional (even if it's based in some reality) takes a lot of hard work and strategic thinking. Not every catfish on The Circle has been able to pull off the ruse flawlessly, but others were very, very convincing.

10 Nick (Vince) – Season 3

Nick played a unique game on The Circle, managing two profiles at once, one as himself and one as the fictional Vince. Although playing as Vince didn't accomplish much in terms of using the twist to his advantage in the game, Nick nonetheless did a good job of convincing the others that Vince was a real person.

Nick fully committed to the catfish, running back and forth from one room to another to chat first as himself, then as Vince. He even donned a black cape whenever he was texting as Vince to ensure he was fully in character. When Nick told a ghost story as Vince, who was supposed to be a professional ghost hunter, he used very specific technical terminology and told a compelling and haunting tale. It had everyone convinced that Vince was not only real, but also indeed a ghost hunter.

9 Seaburn Williams (Rebecca) – Season 1

Playing as Rebecca, Seaburn spent a lot of his time chatting with Adam since, based on their profiles, they were the perfect two to flirt with each other. Seaburn was not the best at catfishing, once even getting caught in a "girls chat" where the conversation went to female-centric topics that he didn't really know how to answer. Indeed, some of his comments had the ladies scratching their heads about him.

However, Seaburn still managed to stay in the game and convince so many others that he really was a young woman named Rebecca (who was his girlfriend in real life). No one believed the ruse more than Shubham, who was genuinely disappointed when he discovered that the close relationship he developed with "Rebecca" was actually with someone completely different. It's for this reason that Seaburn also had some of the worst friendships on The Circle.

8 Alex Lake (Adam) – Season 1

Fans loved how fun and bubbly Alex was playing as a conventionally handsome, model-esque 27-year-old when he was really an overall-wearing and bespectacled 32-year-old. Sure, some people were suspicious about his true identity, but Alex was one of the best catfishes from the show because he was so committed to playing his character.

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Adam had a lot of fun with the show and pretending to be someone he wasn't. Most of his time was spent chatting with Seaburn, aka Rebecca, with the two slyly trying to convince each other that the other wasn't a catfish.

7 John (Jack And Lisa) – Season 2

After being blocked, Jack and Lisa both a second chance to play The Circle by teaming up to catfish as as John, an older man. They worked well together playing as the mystery man, using Jack's grandfather as a model for the fake character and using details from both of their lives to create a believable backstory.

They added some twists to John so he could relate to other players, including making him from West Virginia, gay, and a part-time Santa (although the show listed psychic as John's primary profession). It was near impossible for the other players to dislike John after reading his profile and seeing his happy, smiling profile photo.

6 Deleesa (Trevor) – Season 2

Deleesa had the best strategy on The Circle season 2, playing as her young and attractive real-life husband (pretending he was single) so she could not only flirt with the women but also buddy up to the men. She even had the real Trevor writer her a binder full of information on topics like sports so she could refer to it if she was ever in a bind.

Deleesa forged amazing friendships and was never seriously on anyone's radar as a catfish. Most players were totally convinced that Trevor indeed was who he said he was, including Chloe, who ended up falling hard for him.

5 Matthew (Ashley) – Season 3

Matthew was not only able to fool everyone in the game into thinking that he was a gay woman when he was really a gay man, but he also forged close friendships with the whole Circle, so much so that he almost won the game, finishing as the runner-up.

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Even eventual winner James, who was instantly pegging every catfish in the game and batting 1,000, had relented to the idea that maybe Ashley really was who she said she was. The fact that Matthew acted as his authentic self even though he was using the name and photos of someone else is what made him one of the best catfishes ever to play the game.

4 Ava And Chanel (Michelle) – Season 3

Sister Ava and Chanel weren't particularly good at the game seeing as they were voted out first and their initial catfish concept of playing as one person fell short. But they did a good job with the clone profile when they got a second chance to re-enter the game in one of the best twists on The Circle season 3, by pretending to be fellow player Michelle.

Not only did Ava and Chanel convince the rest of the Circle that they were Michelle while disregarding the real Michelle as an imposter, but they ended up getting Michelle blocked because of it, continuing to play as her even after she left the game.

3 Sophia (Isabella) – Season 3

Sophia played as her real-life sister Isabella, and was a ball of energy through her time on season 3. Watching Sophia, a lesbian woman in a committed relationship, cringe every time she flirted with Nick in her role as Isabella, was especially funny. She had no idea how to talk to boys, and she dictated everything she said like a question, so she was surprised by how well she was able to convince Nick that she was her blonde bombshell sister.

Even though some people in the Circle suspected Sophia was a catfish, everyone was still surprised in the end. Sophia had gotten so close to Nick, in fact, that she was worried revealing herself to him would break his heart.

2 Lee Swift (River) – Season 2

The friendships River had with many players were among the best friendships on The Circle season 2, including relationships with Courtney, Chloe, and even Lance Bass (aka Lisa). But what made it even better was that no one had a clue that the young, curly-haired River was actually a much older, gray-haired author named Lee.

River is one of the few older The Circle players who managed to last to the end of the game and never really make anyone suspicious about who he was. He connected with people on a real level and was always authentically himself in his words and actions, even if he was pretending to live in a body half his age.

1 Rachel (Jackson) – Season 3

Rachel had Nick's jaw dropping to the floor when he met his buddy "Jackson," only to realize that the hunky dude was really a young, attractive woman named Rachel.

Rachel stumbled a few times trying to catfish as one of the guys. In the end, she raised a lot of suspicion about whether she was who she said she was. Yet everyone who saw her when she revealed her true identity couldn't believe it, suggesting that they must have believed her on some level. For that part of the game at least, Jackson was real.

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