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The Many Saints Of Newark: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

A number of questions remained unanswered when The Sopranos ended, and most of them had to do with what happened before the show started. Who really killed Christopher's father Dickie Moltisanti? How did Tony get into the mob? All these have been answered in the prequel movie, The Many Saints of Newark.

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As is the case in the critically-acclaimed HBO series, there is no shortage of well-written characters in the movie. Even though most of them lead fast-lane lives that few have had a taste of, it's possible for anyone to spot parallels with the characters, especially when traits are analyzed using zodiac signs.

12 Aries - Dickie Moltisanti

An Aries is full of confidence, courage, optimism, and passion. However, they can be short-tempered, overly aggressive, impulsive, and vengeful. No one exemplifies these traits better than Dickie Moltisanti.

As one of the bravest characters in The Many Saints of Newark, Dickie has enough guts to partake in trysts with his father's lover, Giuseppina. And when his father dies, he officially declares her his goomah, without caring how that will be perceived by fellow DiMeo mobsters. Dickie is also very passionate about the Cosa Nostra and everything it embodies and he makes this clear through his actions as well as mentorship sessions with Tony. Regrettably, Dickie's temper makes him murder both his father and mistress. And the frequent shady burns he dishes out at Junior's expense get him killed.

11 Taurus - Junior Soprano

Tauruses are patient, practical, and devoted. Their flaws are few, but they are deadly and some can be noticed in Junior Soprano. These include possessiveness and the inability to compromise.

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Junior is ever ready to step up and be responsible for the welfare of friends and associates. When Hollywood Dick dies, Junior hits Dickie with the cliched yet assuring "If you ever need anything, come to me" line. When Junior falls out with Dickie, he vows to whack him and nothing changes his mind about it. Junoir is very patient while planning the hit, making sure to wait for the opportune moment. He eventually does it at the height of the feud between Dickie and Harold, thus framing the Black gang leader as the culprit.

10 Gemini - Giuseppina Moltisanti

Geminis stick out from the crowd because of their ability to master new concepts quickly and settle in without difficulty, but they aren't without their frailties. Inconsistency and indecisiveness are common in Geminis and that's how former Miss Provolone, Giuseppina Moltisanti, is.

An Italian native, Giuseppina stands out more among the best characters in The Many Saints of Newark. She comes to America with Hollywood Dick and settles quickly as his goomah. She also masters English and the American culture quickly. However, she can't quite decide which outlaw she wants to be with as she juggles between Hollywood Dick, Dickie, and Harold. Among these men, Dickie gets hurt the most and as a gruesome result, he murders her.

9 Cancer - Harold McBrayer

Cancers are sentimental, tenacious, and persuasive. As for unappealing characteristics, they are Machiavelian, distrustful, and insecure. In the movie, Harold McBrayer is the quintessential Cancer.

McBrayer gets close enough to Dickie to make him think he is a friend, only for him to come back and sting. At his lowest point, the gang leader convinces Dickie to lend him $500 with no repayment conditions. At his highest point, he sleeps with Dickie's lover and attacks his numbers racket, hence destabilizing his cash flow. The man who was once a friend soon grows to be the DiMeo crime family's biggest foe.

8 Leo - Silvio Dante

Leos are good-hearted and jovial. They also possess either healthy or unhealthy amounts of self-love. Silvio Dante has most of these traits in the movie.

The rising DiMeo crime family member rarely has a problem with anyone. Everyone trusts him and that's why he's given important tasks such as counting the family's money. He was one of the best-dressed characters in The Sopranos and it's the same case here. From the fancy suits to the stylish wig, there is enough proof that Silvio knows how to take good care of himself.

7 Virgo - Mrs. Jarecki

Virgos stand out among other zodiac signs because they are analytical, hardworking, and practical. On the negative side, they not only overwork without having fun but they also worry too much. These attributes are very visible in Mrs. Jareck.

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Mrs. Jarecki is portrayed as a hardworking guidance counselor who spends her days talking to parents and students. After conducting a thorough analysis, Mrs. Jarecki is able to establish that Tony is a genius. She also worries that he might end up being a loser in life if he doesn't apply himself. Interestingly, neither Tony nor Livia is too concerned about such a possibility.

6 Libra - Giovanni "Johnny Boy" Soprano

Libras are diplomatic and social. Conversely, they take too long to make decisions or make none at all. Tony's father, Johnny Boy Soprano, has such characteristics.

Johnny Boy's diplomatic nature is the reason he isn't involved in meaningless wars like his fellow mobsters. Because he isn't sure whether he wants Tony to grow up as a law-abiding citizen or a gangster, the youngster is forced to look elsewhere for mentorship and he finds it in Dickie Moltisanti.

5 Scorpio - Livia Soprano

Scorpios are passionate and resourceful. They are also controlling and unreasonable sometimes, and Tony's mother Livia Soprano certainly matches this description.

Livia manages to take care of her children just fine when her husband Johnny Boy gets locked up. She is very proud to be a mob wife too. As a mother, Livia prefers to be a tyrannical parent, often antagonizing her children even when they are trying to be nice to her.

4 Sagittarius - "Hollywood Dick" Moltisanti

Sagittarians are generous and funny. Their undesirable traits are glaring too, with the most common ones being the inability to filter words and a lack of compassion. Dickie's father, Hollywood Dick Moltisanti, possesses these attributes.

The notorious mobster doesn't check prize tags when showering his goomah Giuseppina with necklaces and rings. During mob hangouts, he throws out one funny line after another from his cenote of jokes. Unfortunately, he is abusive to Giuseppina and doesn't lend an ear when she airs her grievances.

3 Capricorn - Tony Soprano

Capricorns make great managers. Their sense of self-control is greater too, but beneath the confidence and vision, they can be very pessimistic. They always feel they know best, and that's Tony Soprano in the movie.

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Tony is able to run a successful gambling operation in school at a fairly young age. His guidance counselor also predicts that he will make a great leader one day and this becomes a reality in The Sopranos. And even though the temptation around him is strong, Tony resists being a full-time gangster and tries playing football in order to have a decent career.

2 Aquarius - Artie

The most notable Aquarian strengths are progressiveness, open-mindedness, and discipline. As for weaknesses, they have Artie's aloofness.

From an early age, Artie raves about his plans to turn his father's restaurant into the best in the city. And he sure does manage to do that when he grows up. It's impressive how Artie hangs out with children of mobsters but isn't influenced to enter the world of crime. He doesn't criticize that kind of life either, meaning he is okay with people doing what they want.

1 Pisces - Salvatore "Sally" Moltisanti

Pisces are compassionate, intuitive, and generally wise. They have strong beliefs too, which often turn them into victims of their own actions, just like Sally Moltisanti. They also enjoy finding ways to escape reality.

During Dickie and Sally's prison conversations, Sally sympathizes with the mobster, wondering why there is so much tragedy in his life. A good number of the best quotes in The Many Saints of Newark come from him and they are mostly words of wisdom. Sally prefers to read books to escape the penitentiary reality, and it's his intuition that tells him Dickie is bad for Tony, hence he asks him to stay away.

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