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Tiger King Season 2: 15 New Details Netflix Just Revealed

Netflix's trailer for Tiger King 2 makes a series of new reveals about the exploits of Joe Exotic, as well as his friends and fellow felons of the big cat business. When COVID-19 forced much of the world into lockdown during the Spring of 2020, a spike in Netflix viewership was inevitable. Landing on the streaming service at precisely the right time was Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem & Madness, a drama-heavy docuseries based around the United States big cat industry, and centering upon the eccentric figure of Joe Exotic.

The sheer disbelief and intrigue Tiger King inspired from Netflix audiences turned the series into a true global sensation, sparking widespread discussion over Joe Exotic's jail sentence, Carole Baskin's ex-husband, and which of the colorful feature characters weren't completely irredeemable. For any other Netflix show, such immense popularity would demand a sequel, but with Tiger King ending on Joe Exotic's incarceration - a term he's still serving at the time of writing - there was no clear path for a continuation to take. Tiger King 2 has found one anyway, and premieres November 17 on Netflix.

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Netflix has also released the first full trailer for Tiger King 2 following a brief teaser drop several months ago. The footage reveals how each character's life has changed since Tiger King aired, and provides fresh updates from the original cast. Here's every detail from Netflix's Tiger King 2 trailer.

Netflix's Tiger King 2 trailer begins with a pre-paid call from Joe Exotic, who continues to plead his innocence after being convicted for plotting the attempted murder of Carole Baskin. As revealed by Louis Theroux in Shooting Joe Exotic, the star of Tiger King has been legally prevented from speaking to other documentary makers over the past 18 months, limiting Exotic updates to infrequent outbursts and statements from his legal team. Tiger King 2 marks the first real opportunity to see how worldwide renown has colored how Joe Exotic views his crimes and subsequent sentencing. As revealed by footage later in the trailer, Tiger King 2 will also chronicle the botched campaign to have President Trump pardon Joe Exotic.

With Joe Exotic still behind bars and Carole Baskin understandably reluctant to return after receiving a deluge of death threats in 2020, it seems Jeff Lowe will be the central figure of Tiger King 2. Lowe was awarded Joe's zoo before Exotic's sentencing, but since Tiger King ended, Carole Baskin legally won ownership of the G.W. park. That setback apparently hasn't deterred Jeff from enjoying the perks of his newfound fame, which Tiger King 2 will readily explore.

As many have noted since Tiger King aired, there's a deep, twisted irony in how Joe Exotic finally got the fame he craved... while he's locked up in jail and unable to capitalize on it. Netflix's Tiger King 2 reveals Joe's intense jealousy of the other cast members, as he bemoans in the trailer, "Everybody from the zoo is out there making money, and I'm paying the price for every one of them." Obviously, communication with Joe Exotic will be limited in Tiger King 2, but when the sequel does catch up with its jailed star, expect an envious slant on the situation.

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Not a great deal has been heard from James Garretson since Tiger King wrapped, maybe because Joe's financier/informant only played a supporting role in the events of the first docuseries. Tiger King 2's trailer shows that even he has benefited from the fame and fortune that comes with Netflix stardom.

Jeff Lowe is not known for his humble and charitable nature, and one of the standout lines from Netflix's Tiger King 2 trailer comes when Joe Exotic's nemesis claims, "We have more money than God right now." These scenes confirm Tiger King 2 will focus more on the aftermath of the show itself than the current state of the big cat industry, and Jeff is even shown shopping for a jewel-encrusted Tiger King medallion. One of the key questions Tiger King 2 asks is what happens when morally questionable folk suddenly come into huge sums of cash. Netflix subscribers are about to find out.

This is the direction we're taking, is it? In the original Tiger King, Joe Exotic would often make comments about Jeff Lowe and Lauren's bedroom preferences, but only as part of his verbal tirade, leaving the Lowes' nanny incident merely a sideshow to bigger stories. Although Tiger King's audience walked away from the first season hoping to learn more about many topics and characters covered, Jeff and Lauren's sex life was not one of them. In a nauseating sign of things to come, Netflix's Tiger King 2 trailer provides shots of Jeff crawling over to Lauren and another woman waiting in bed. There's no pretense of this scene being part of the docuseries format, and simply plays on Tiger King season 1's nanny controversy. Those who thought Tiger King was trashy in 2020 should expect a rude awakening.

Though not technically a true crime piece, one of the biggest talking points from Tiger King became the fate of Carole Baskin's ex-husband, Don Lewis. Joe and others accused Carole of killing her own husband, and though such claims lacked any substantial evidence, audiences nevertheless found themselves intrigued by the Don Lewis mystery. Seizing upon that interest, Tiger King 2 reopens the case and heads to Costa Rica, attempting to uncover the shady circumstances surrounding Don's disappearance. It would seem that Tiger King 2 is intentionally moving away from framing Carole as a potential suspect.

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A key character in Netflix's initial insight into the life and crimes of Joe Exotic, Tim Stark returns as a feature attraction of Tiger King 2. Much like his associate, Jeff Lowe, Stark found himself in legal bother after Tiger King aired, his animals seized by authorities and a warrant issued for his arrest. Netflix's trailer proves Tiger King 2 will chart the 2020-2021 downfall of Tim Stark, revealing how the exotic animal owner became so paranoid, he installed security cameras and "booby traps" on his property. Tiger King 2  will give the behind-the-scenes on Facebook Live rants and court orders that plagued Tim Stark over the past 18 months.

Netflix's Tiger King season 1 revealed how Joe Exotic would often take out his frustrations using live ammunition. On occasion, he'd even use targets dressed up as his enemies, and these unsavory acts were used in evidence at his trial for the planned murder of Carole Baskin. Roles have been reversed in Tiger King 2, with a figure that appears to be Jeff Lowe taking aim at a crudely-drawn portrait of Joe Exotic and firing a high-velocity round. After Carole Baskin took over G.W. Zoo, she noted how evidence of such activities was prevalent throughout the ransacked property.

Erik Cowie was one of precious few Tiger King characters to emerge from the Netflix series with his dignity intact, and also one of the few who genuinely cared about the animals involved. Sadly, Cowie passed away in September 2021. Tiger King 2's trailer features a brief shot of Cowie dressing up alongside Jeff Lowe, confirming the late zookeeper's presence in Netflix's sequel series.

If Tiger King fans are still in any doubt that Tiger King 2 will be a glorified celebration of the original's success more than a genuine continuation of the original story, here's James Garretson recreating his jet ski meme.

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One of the most curious shots from Netflix's Tiger King 2 trailer shows divers emerging from some kind of lake or river, evidently searching for something at the bottom. Though no context is offered to these images, it's possible Tiger King 2 launches some kind of investigation - attempting to locate and recover the remains of Don Lewis, or maybe even the carcasses of healthy animals Joe and others stand accused of killing to save money.

Though many of Tiger King 2's faces are all too familiar, one featured newcomer stands out. Identified (by herself) only as "an Eastern European bitch," it's not clear whether this woman is simply a fan of Joe Exotic's or a big cat owner herself, but one disturbing trailer shot shows her fawning over a caged big cat locked up with what appears to be a regular household dog. Tiger King 2 would certainly do well to expand its exploration of the controversial U.S. big cat industry.

With Joe Exotic behind bars and Jeff Lowe legally ordered to vacate G.W. Zoo, Tim Stark stepped up to provide the dramatic flashpoint of Tiger King 2. These images show Stark's "Wildlife In Need" park beset by armed police as part of the ongoing criminal investigations into welfare offences. Though these events were reported at the time, Tiger King 2 reveals the scale of the operation to rescue Stark's animals.

Though Joe Exotic was the only one in jail, many Tiger King viewers came away believing other figures perhaps should've been investigated. Some have since then, and Tiger King 2's trailer sees Joe express his belief, "We've gotta put our differences aside, or we're all gonna die in here." Joe's comment might simply be referring to the COVID-19 pandemic and its amplified spread within prisons, but the trailer's visual context suggests he's alluding to those involved in the Tiger King phenomenon, who Joe perhaps believes must band together, or else end up sharing his fate.

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