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Welcome To Plathville: Why Ethan Should Stay In Cairo & Forgive Parents

Ethan Plath from Welcome to Plathville may benefit from staying in Cairo and healing his rift with his parents, Kim and Barry Plath. Right now, he's interested in trying to fix his marriage with Olivia Plath. Few would argue that Ethan has lived a sheltered life in the small Georgia town. He is now at a crossroads in his marriage, and he needs to make a decision about where to live.

The TLC series, which is currently in its third season, has been showing Olivia and Ethan's tense relationship as it unravels in front of viewers' eyes. The two married young after a short courtship. Their relationship quickly turned sour after a range of conflicts with Kim, who feels Olivia is a bad influence on the younger Plath children. Olivia, who often has negative thoughts, has always fought with Ethan's parents. The pair are still trying to navigate the murky waters of their marriage, but they have decided to separate for now.

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During the most recent episode of Welcome to Plathville, Olivia and Ethan met up at a park to talk about their failing relationship. After his wife told him that she wanted to be "just friends," Ethan was obviously very upset. Since Ethan and Olivia may end up divorcing, Ethan might want to rethink his decision to leave Cairo. If they do choose to end their marriage, it will be easier for Ethan to reconcile with his parents. TLC viewers feel that "manipulators" Kim and Barry would welcome him back with open arms if he divorced Olivia. See the couple in happier days below:

A lot of Welcome to Plathville fans think that Olivia is striving Ethan along. It's possible that she may be too scared to end their marriage once and for all. If she is thinking about divorce, she should share that with her husband. At times, Olivia seems to force Ethan to make all of the hard choices, such as cutting off his family or moving away. If Ethan were to stay in Cairo, he would have some of his family members as his support system. He'd also be able to keep his job and enjoy his community. However, Ethan is seriously thinking of leaving Cairo.

Since they have not had an easy road, fans feel for Ethan and Olivia. The marriage has left both of them feeling jaded and unsure about the future. Olivia has always wanted to go out and explore the world more, while Ethan is happy to stay at home. Cairo is a place where he can see some of his siblings, work on cars, and feel a sense of security. Hopefully, Ethan and Olivia can find a way to mend their relationship and start anew. If Ethan does need to go it alone, he might want to stay in his hometown.

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Welcome to Plathville airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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