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What We Do In The Shadows: 7 Supporting Characters That Deserve To Join The Gang

The hilarious vampire roommates aren’t the only characters who make FX’s What We Do In The Shadows worth watching. The mockumentary has introduced a lot of memorable supporting characters who fans have grown to love as well.

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The best supporting characters in the show should arguably be part of the gang too. Creatures like Nadja’s ghost and The Guide have either tolerated the roommates’ antics long enough or proven that they deserve to join the crew simply because they’ll fit right in. Of course, Guillermo deserves to be an official part of the gang more than anyone else, but most viewers would argue that he already is. His promotion from Familiar to bodyguard already cements his spot with the group, unlike other deserving supporting characters who continue to watch from the sidelines on the show.

7 Jim The Vampire

While Jim is more of a great side character rather than a supporting character, the fact that he has become iconic in the fandom is more than enough reason to feature him again in the series. His storied past with Laszlo involving unpaid rent, a deal with the devil, and an expensive guitar is one of the most unforgettable storylines from the series.

Jim can be just as wild and vindictive as Laszlo, which is why it would be fascinating to see how he can escalate the gang’s wacky antics. It also helps that he’s clueless about modern items like the Big Mouth Billy Bass toy, as he would fit right in with the roommates who don’t understand how mundane human things work.

6 Jenna

Fans can’t be blamed for feeling at least a little bit bad for the innocent college student, Jenna. She’s first introduced as a LARPer who’s often bullied by her friends. Nadja takes pity on the mortal and decides to turn her into a vampire, but Jenna has no idea this is happening as she assumes the blood from the vial is a drug of some sort.

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Nadja completely abandons Jenna who is terrified during her transformation. Thankfully, Nadja eventually decides to take responsibility and teaches Jenna the basics of being a creature of the night. There’s great chemistry between the two of them, as Jenna brings out Nadja’s kind and motherly side. After everything she has been through and because of her unique relationship with Nadja, Jenna deserves to join the gang, at least as a mentee who has much more to learn about vampirism.

5 Baron Afanas

Although Baron Afanas is initially a scary creature on What We Do In The Shadows, his transformation throughout the seasons has shown that he’s a lot more fun than he seems. The ancient vampire has changed from being an out-of-touch royal creature to a relaxed and fun-loving friend to the roommates. He’s willing to do wild things for the sake of enjoyment, like eat pizza (which is dangerous for vampires) and drink intoxicated humans.

Aside from his drastic transformation, another reason the Baron deserves to be part of the gang is that they’ve put him through so much pain. Most fans likely remember how Guillermo accidentally killed the Baron with sunlight. What’s worse, the group snapped his body in half, unknowingly buried him alive, and left him under the ground for months. The least they could do for him is consider him, or at least what’s left of him, an honorary member of the gang.

4 Gregor

Nadja’s on-and-off relationship with Gregor has been more beneficial for the vampire than for the poor human and his several reincarnations. In every life, Gregor’s head is somehow decapitated (usually by Laszlo) and he experiences a tragic and often painful death.

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His undying love for Nadja is amusing for audiences but unfortunate for him, as he could never replace Laszlo’s role as her main partner. His latest reincarnation, Jeff, is his most pitiful version so far, as he’s unwittingly stalked and insulted by Nadja. After hundreds of years of repeatedly dying after every relationship with Nadja, Gregor deserves to be accepted as part of the group. He could be funny to watch in his ghost form, as he can roam around the house declaring his love for Nadja, which would hilariously annoy the other vampires to no end.

3 Nadja’s Ghost

Nadja’s ghost is possibly already considered part of the gang, at least by Nadja. It makes sense that she is highlighted so prominently by the show, as some of Nadja’s funniest lines unsurprisingly come from her duplicate doll version.

It’s always entertaining to watch the two Nadjas interact with each other, as they mostly agree that they’re the best vampire in the house. Their arguments can also get really intense since the ghost is just as emotional and dramatic as Nadja. It’s hard to imagine the vampires’ home without the tiny creepy doll walking around making witty snide remarks, which is why she should be considered a member of the group.

2 Sean Rinaldi

For a supporting character, Sean’s storyline is incredibly complex. Fans likely didn’t expect to see him again after Laszlo and Nandor accidentally gave him the “brain scramblies,” but he makes another appearance in an epic way in the third season. Viewers get a clearer picture of his special friendship with Laszlo when he takes the vampires on a trip to Las Vegas. While Sean is initially portrayed as a gullible regular human, the nuances of his personality are eventually revealed.

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The way Laszlo helps him with his gambling addiction is unexpectedly moving, and the fact that Sean doesn’t hesitate to help the vampire with no questions asked is touching. It would be interesting to see how their friendship could affect the rest of the vampires who may find the pair unusual. Plus, it would be funny to keep Sean in the dark about the fact that he’s in a group with vampires and watch him try to do normal human things like serve food and watch the Super Bowl with his best friends.

1 The Guide

The Guide has taken on a bigger role in the show and rightfully so, as she is one of the funniest and smartest characters in What We Do In The Shadows. As the person in charge of helping the new rulers adjust to their roles in the Vampiric Council, she has to deal with the roommates’ silly activities and entertain their absurd ideas.

She doesn’t bother hiding her annoyance with the vampires whose reckless actions often make her roll her eyes. Her straightforwardness and harshness hilariously don’t work on the hardheaded vampires who unknowingly make her job of guiding them more difficult than necessary. She would make a great addition to the crew, as her witty comments and annoyance would further highlight the ludicrousness of the gang’s antics.

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