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Which Mean Girls Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

More than 15 years after its release, Mean Girls has grown from a hit teen comedy to an iconic film in the genre. It is the story of Cady (Lindsay Lohan), a new student at a high school who befriends the popular girls only to plan to take down their cruel leader, Regina George (Rachel McAdams). The movie defined the "mean girl" trope for countless other movies and television shows to build on.

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The film is a hilarious and clever modern look at high schools. But the real reason the film is so memorable is because of the great characters who bring so much to the story. If fans are curious about which of the characters they are most like, they can help narrow it down with the help of the Mean Girls zodiac signs.

Updated on October 9th, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: Mean Girls is one of the few teen movies that, like Clueless or 10 Things I Hate About You, became an instant classic. It had the right blend of snappy dialogue, true to life moments, outrageous drama, and compelling characters. Regina George remains the iconic mean girl, though many movies and tv shows have tried to make their mean girls just as iconic. The audience will likely be finding themselves in the characters for decades to come.

Janis is the first friend Cady makes at her new school. Janis' aggressive behavior makes her a little intimidating, but her honest way of helping Cady allows them to form an easy bond.

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Few people know the cruelty of Regina as much as Janis and that backstory has caused her to become short-tempered and impatient with the world around her. Despite being somewhat of an outcast, Janis is able to remain confident and determined in her passions like a true Aries.

Though Cady initially has a difficult time fitting into her new school, she is lucky to have such supportive and loving parents to help her through everything. Cady's mom is the sterner of her parents and doesn't like the changes her daughter is going through.

But like most Taurus, Cady's mom is always reliable when her daughter needs help. She is there as a stable and reliable parent as opposed to some of the other adults we see in the film.

Though Cady is very shy when she first comes to school, it doesn't take her long to fall for the cute, athletic, Aaron Samuels. Despite also being one of the popular students, Aaron proves himself to be a much kinder cool kid.

Though he is a little inconsistent with his feelings for Regina, Aaron is also very sweet and generous to Cady. He offers to help her with her math homework even though he is not such a great student himself. Aaron represents the charm and sociability of a Gemini well, fitting in with anyone, and well-liked by everyone.

While Regina is the leader of the "plastics", Gretchen is the number two, at least, until Cady comes along. Though she is a loyal follower of Regina and will do whatever she asks, including changing her appearance, Gretchen is also nervous about her place in the group.

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Gretchen is a very emotional person which suggests she is a Cancer amongst the Mean Girls zodiac signs. Even though she is one of the most popular girls in school, she is very insecure. Despite her own insecurities, she's also got a great read on those around her, knowing exactly when Regina is targeting her or their other friends.

Cady is the central focus of the film, and though Mean Girls might not have been Lohan's breakout role, it remains one of her best. Cady's journey is quite interesting as she begins as the shy girl before being seduced by being popular and finally realizing she is one of the "mean girls". Her transformation shows she is capable of the best and worst qualities of a Leo.

Cady begins the film as a generous and warm-hearted young woman who embraces her passions, like math. However, she also shows herself to be a self-centered and arrogant person once she gains some popularity of her own.

Another person in Cady's life that she can always count on is her dad. He is a more soft-spoken man who struggles with raising a daughter in a normal high school setting.

Despite not really knowing how to deal with all of the situations that arise, Cady's dad takes a very practical approach and expects her to have the same hardworking and grounded approach to her own life.

Perhaps the funniest character in the whole movie is Karen. She might not be the most intelligent Mean Girls character, but she's a fan favorite. Though Libra's do not share the same dimness as Karen, her attitude does seem like it fits with a typical Libra.

Karen isn't too concerned with offering her own thoughts or opinions and is just happy to follow the group. She is friendly to others simply because she doesn't put any thought into who she dislikes, though she does hold a grudge when insulted. Karen is never on anyone's side when her friends argue, able to understand both sides, even if they don't think she does.

The film's villain is Regina George, the leader of the plastics and the most feared girl in the whole school. Though she keeps her friends close, she is also very jealous of any attention they get which takes away from her.

When she finally becomes the target of the same cruel tricks she plays on others, Regina shows she is a true Scorpio. She is very resourceful and turns the tables on others with a diabolical plan.

The often ignored thirteenth zodiac sign combines traits of the Scorpio and Sagittarius. They're often as adventurous as the latter and as aggressive as the former, making for someone who certainly stands out from the crowd, like Kevin.

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Kevin encourages Cady to participate in a math competition, despite her discomfort with people knowing she's actually a math whiz. He also, however, isn't simply a math nerd. Kevin has no problem going after her wants, rapping on stage, and creating a whole persona to have a good time. There are many layers to him.

Damien is Janis' best friend who also welcomes Cady into their group. Though he is more one of the most popular people in the school, he always knows how to have fun and is a generous friend to those close to him.

While Damien can be a little impatient and dramatic, often with no filter on his comments, he is a great person to hang around with. His great sense of humor and positive outlook make him incredibly likable amongst the Mean Girls characters, and a Sagittarius.

With a school filled with such mayhem and backstabbing, it's a good thing the person in charge is a Capricorn, who are known to be born leaders. Mr. Duvall is the high school principal who does his best to control the out-of-control students.

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Duvall doesn't always have the answers, but he is a responsible leader who is not afraid to put the students in their place when they need a stern lecture. He can be a bit harsh, but he also seems like the right guy to lead in a crisis.

Regina George's self-centered behavior might be partially explained by her mother. Ms. George is a kind and friendly mother but maybe not the most responsible parent in the world.

She takes a progressive outlook on how to raise children, trying to connect with her daughter and her friends on their level. This probably means she lets them get away with too much. But she would much rather be seen as the cool mom than to set limitations. Her approach is certainly unorthodox, and the Aquarius is known as the rebel of the zodiac for a reason: they find their own paths in life, preferring to follow their own instincts instead of advice.

One of the most responsible adults in the movie is Ms. Norbury, Cady's math teacher. Though she is troubled by her own personal life as she is going through a messy divorce, Ms. Norbury doesn't let that get in the way of helping her students.

She is compassionate to their problems but also knows more about them than they are willing to say. She knows when to impart some wisdom on them and also knows when to listen to what they have to say. When it comes to the Mean Girls zodiac signs, her ability to empathize with her students and work to better them is very much in line with a Pisces, who is a dreamer, always looking for the best in life.

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