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Why Manifest Ending At Season 4 May Have Doomed A Ben-Saanvi Romance

Manifest having an early ending may have doomed a potential Ben-Saanvi romance. To some, the two characters getting together became a possibility when the show killed off Grace (Athena Karkanis) in the season 3 finale. The chemistry between Ben (Josh Dallas) and Saanvi (Parveen Khaur) in the first two seasons turned their relationship into a popular pairing among fans of the series.

However, there’s never been any real romance between them. Obviously, the biggest obstacle that stood in the way of that was Grace, Ben’s wife. Grace moving on after the plane’s disappearance and her initial resistance to getting back together with Ben seemingly opened the door for him to find love with Saanvi instead. But over time, Ben and Grace overcame their problems and repaired their marriage. Since then, a romance with Saanvi has been off the table for Ben.

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Grace’s season 3 death raised questions about what the show’s long-term plan was for Ben. One scenario entertained by viewers was the idea that Ben might end up with Saanvi before the show’s end. After all, there were multiple moments in seasons 1 and 2 where it felt like Ben and Saanvi shared a connection that he didn’t really have with Grace. Though they faced their share of issues, the two have been on the same page in several of the situations they’ve faced together. Plus, Manifest hinted at Saanvi having romantic feelings for Ben when she was asked about this by the Major. Due to Ben’s marriage, Saanvi refused to even think about that possibility.

Saanvi was right about that relationship not being plausible in Manifest season 2, but given enough time, it could be the series would have leaned into a Ben-Saanvi romance, especially if that’s what it’s been building towards. While this may have been the plan, it may not be now since Manifest is ending with season 4. Grace’s death is sure to have a huge impact on Ben, who loved her deeply. It makes sense he could be in a dark place for the next several episodes and will struggle with getting on with his life. It would be out-of-character for him to develop a romantic interest in someone else anytime soon, even if it's Saanvi.

Since Manifest showrunner Jeff Rake had a six-season plan, a romance blossoming between them could have worked if the series had lasted longer. An additional three seasons would have allowed Ben time to process his grief, but her death may be too fresh to work in season 4. A big Manifest time jump could help, but would still risk the relationship feeling rushed. And, there's no guarantee that will happen. Perhaps if the series had found a different, less tragic way to end things with Grace, a romance between Ben and Saanvi would come across as a much more feasible ending for the two characters.

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