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Wonder Woman Has Received a Cosmic Dragon Upgrade | Screen Rant

Warning: contains major spoilers for Wonder Woman: Black & Gold #4!

Of all the upgrades Wonder Woman has received in DC Comics, her newest may be one of her strangest. Wonder Woman: Black & Gold #4 features the titular heroine facing an old enemy with a new look - Hypnota. While doing so, the Goddess of Truth also briefly gets a cosmic dragon to assist her.

Wonder Woman: Black & Gold is an anthology comic series that explores Wonder Woman's various eras in new original stories. The latest issue presents stories about Diana's Mod years, former friends, and former foes. This includes Hypnota - a villain from Wonder Woman’s past who was initially introduced in 1944 and gets a design upgrade in this issue.

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"Love Failed" is a story in which Hypnota uses her hypnotic powers and a deceptive marketing scheme involving love to steal the life force of her victims. The story has the creative team of Andrew MacLean and Diego Lopez. Diana is at Hypnota's presentation because one of her friends wanted to attend, but it takes a turn when Wonder Woman is forced to hurt her friend. When fighting her latest foe, Diana finds herself on Transformation Island - a cosmic place resulting from the hypnosis powers in effect that not only gives Wonder Woman a new look, but a cosmic dragon.

This cosmic plane doesn't seem to exist in reality, but merely as a hypnotic state. Nonetheless, Wonder Woman has quite a bit of power and control here. She has more armor than she did in her first vision of it and she didn't come alone. Wonder Woman is able to appear as a menacing threat as she stands atop a cosmic dragon, which bears a matching star and armor. She has been known to be able to speak with animals and she even had a menagerie of mythical creatures she saved back in the 1980s in her own Fortress of Solitude. However, dragons aren't usually seen as one of her symbols.

Wonder Woman's Wonder Dragon has a cosmic aura to it as its body appears to be made up of stars. It also has its own powered breath as many dragons tend to. DC's Goddess of Truth is perfectly capable of holding her own in a face-to-face fight, but sometimes doing things differently is worthwhile. Instead of dodging bullets with her bracelets or throwing punches right away, Wonder Woman directs her companion into battle, refusing to waver under Hypnota's threats. Hypnota believes that she is in control, but this heroine doesn't go down easily. Wonder Woman does succeed in defeating Hypnota and ending her scheme, but it isn't often she gets to vanquish foes with a dragon beside her. Considering her ability to speak to animals, her godly powers, and her track record with mythology, it would be interesting to see Wonder Woman partner up with more mythological beasts in the future.

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