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X-Men Have An Even More Humiliating Version of Loki's MCU Fall

Warning: Spoilers for X-Corp #5!

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Thor: Ragnarok, Loki is subjected to an infinite fall via one of Doctor Strange’s portals, and now in comics, Marvel’s X-Men just showed off a way more humiliating version of the same thing! The only difference is that this particular fall is all in the bad guy’s mind!

Shown off at the very end of X-Corp #5, by Tini Howard and Alberto Foche, the leaders of X-Corp, Angel, and Monet aka Penance, have their hands full with a corporate espionage problem that has suddenly turned violent. Fighting back the forces that wish to take them down, fellow X-Corp employee, Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man utilizes his unique duplication abilities to lessen an explosion that would have otherwise annihilated their corporate base.

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Wrangling up the bad guys afterward, one in particular, J.P. Kol the former head of X-Corp’s competition, is subjected to an infinite fall that harkens back to the abuse Loki sustained at the hands of Doctor Strange in Thor: Ragnarok. But instead of using a portal to transport Kol to an endless void to fall through, Mastermind — an ex-villain turned probationary member of X-Corp — has utilized his unique psionic abilities to punish a foe in a way that’s much more humiliating.

Screaming his lungs out while cursing X-Corp’s name and leaders, Kol is seen falling fast in a way that even has him asking, “Mon dieu, how long must I fall!?!” Revealed on the next panel, it’s shown that Kol isn’t falling at all, but placed firmly on the ground as he only thinks he’s falling due to Mastermind’s mutant abilities. Accompanied by fellow X-Corp member, Selene, Mastermind’s technique is so good that she can't help but comment, saying, “It’s been hours, Mastermind. We’re going to drive him mad if we’re not careful. But I like watching him squirm,” cementing this fall as a better, more humiliating and more enjoyable one compared to Loki’s.

Experiencing his own infinite fall just before Thor meets Doctor Strange in the MCU during his third solo adventure, Loki is eventually returned to the proper plane of existence after falling for about thirty minutes if his breathless rant after hitting solid ground is to be believed. Taking this idea to the next level, Mastermind utilizing his mutant abilities to humiliate Kol despite never putting him in any real danger is a chuckle-worthy use of powers that Doctor Strange should be jealous of.

So while both falls are pretty hilarious on their own, Mastermind’s is one that’s more humiliating by far. The Marvel Cinematic Universe might have started the infinite fall trend with Loki in live-action, but the X-Men finding a way to make it even better is a nerd moment worth reading about.

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