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10 Best Dual-Type Ice Pokémon | Screen Rant

The Ice-type, on its own, has some great strengths and terrible weaknesses. It is super-effective against four types in the Pokémon franchise, including the dreaded Dragon. The trouble is that it does not resist any of these types but instead takes neutral damage from them.

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The only type that Ice resists is itself, putting it at a significant disadvantage. However, with a dual typing, Ice Pokémon become much more viable, often making them valuable assets for a playthrough team. If trainers can find some of the best dual-type Ice Pokémon, they can gain a teammate to help in the more challenging battles of the main series games.

In its Standard Mode, Galarian Darmanitan is a pure Ice-type, but with the Hidden Ability Zen Mode, it changes forms when it is below half health. In its Zen Mode, Galarian Darmanitan gains a significant boost to its Attack and Speed, giving it the ability to move faster than a majority of opponents it faces and the strength to finish them before they can retaliate.

This is helpful because while its HP is more than capable, both of its defensive stats are underwhelming. It is not always guaranteed to survive a hit, so its exceptional offensive power is greatly appreciated.

Though it is not the best compared to the strongest Kanto Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, Articuno can certainly hold its own. The Legendary bird has a fantastic Special Defense stat, and its Defense stat is capable as well. Paired with its higher than average HP stat, these provide Articuno with the bulk to withstand a reasonable chunk of damage.

In addition, although its Speed is not exceptional by Legendary standards, it is enough to let Articuno act before a good portion of its opponents. Using its more than decent Special Attack, Articuno can chip away at health as the battle progresses.

One of the Fossil Pokémon from the Galar region, Arctozolt, has a fairly well-rounded stat spread, but it has more of an emphasis placed on its Attack stat. As such, the Electric/Ice-type can use moves like Avalanche, Bolt Beak, and Icicle Crash with some decent strength behind them.

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Bolt Beak is best utilized on fast Pokémon because its power doubles when the user strikes before its opponent. While Arctozolt does not consistently out-speed enemies, it can have a better chance if it has the Hidden Ability Slush Rush, which doubles its Speed in hail, or if it holds a Quick Claw. Even if it cannot act before its opponents, Arctozolt is still a capable combatant.

As one of Elite Four Member Glacia's strongest Pokémon, Walrein has a reputation for being tough to defeat. This is partly because of its bulk, which comes as a result of its high HP paired with its reasonable defensive stats.

It cannot always act first, but when it has its time to attack, it can do more than decent damage with its above-average Special Attack stat. Its Attack stat, while lower than its Special Attack, is not useless either, giving the Ice/Water-type more variety in its moves if need be.

By itself, Kyurem is already one of the strongest among the Unova Legendary and Mythical Pokémon and is one of the best dual-type Ice Pocket Monsters. When it combines with either Zekrom or Reshiram, it becomes an even more terrifying force. Both Black Kyurem and White Kyurem share the same stats, though their Physical and Special stat values are switched.

Black Kyurem has a massive Attack stat, and though its Special Attack stat is much lower, it is still high enough to do a great deal of damage. White Kyurem's strengths are the inverse. Both have more than reasonable bulk that largely stems from their high HP stat, giving the Dragon/Ice-types the power to stay in the battle for a significant amount of time.

Abomasnow, in its base form, looks incredibly intimidating, and while it can be viable in battle, it tends to be less scary than it looks. Its Mega Evolution, on the other hand, has the stats to back up its appearance. It rarely out-speeds an opponent, but with fantastic bulk on its side, it seldom has to, as long as it is not hit with a Fire-type attack, to which it has an extreme vulnerability.

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Offensively, Mega Abomasnow can deal Physical and Special damage equally well using the high stat value in each of these categories. Additionally, its Ability, Snow Warning, activates hail, which allows Blizzard to bypass the accuracy check, giving Mega Abomasnow another excellent tool.

Defensively speaking, the Dark/Ice-type Weavile leaves much to be desired. This is especially true of its Physical side. Weavile's strengths do not lie in its defensive capabilities, though. With a fantastic Speed stat and an excellent Attack stat, Weavile can strike quickly and with great force.

Because of its stats and typing, Weavile is a popular option to deal with Cynthia's Garchomp in the Sinnoh games. Its power but only mediocre defensive potential make Weavile one of the top glass cannons in Pokémon.

When Calyrex and Glastrier join forces, they become the powerful Ice Rider Calyrex. Now a Psychic/Ice-type, this Legendary has stats that far exceed those of the individual Pokémon that make it up. Though not very fast, Ice Rider Calyrex has the defensive stats and HP to withstand a massive amount of damage.

When it has the opportunity to strike, it does so in a decisive blow using its tremendous Attack stat. Furthermore, when Ice Rider Calyrex knocks out a Pokémon, Chilling Neigh, the Ability that comes from Glastrier, activates, raising its Attack even further.

As one of the best evolutions added in a later Pokémon generation, Mamoswine does not disappoint in its battling potential. It is decently fast, giving it some opportunities to strike first and use its fantastic Attack stat to demolish opponents. Mamoswine's defensive stats are nothing special, but its HP helps to compensate for them a bit.

Mamoswine gains another benefit from the Hidden Ability Thick Fat, which reduces damage taken from Ice and Fire attacks by half, which is helpful because the latter is one of the Pokémon's five weaknesses. Mamoswine has its problems, but its incredible attacking capabilities help to make it a worthy pick.

With an excellent HP stat and more than decent defensive stats to pair it with, Lapras is a fantastic tank. Lapras cannot consistently out-speed opponents, so this bulk is appreciated. Lapras's Attack and Special Attack are capable but not incredible, but because it is usually in battles for a long period, it can chip away at enemies' health as time goes on.

While it is not the most important feature for Lapras's success, if it has Shell Armor as its Ability, it cannot receive a critical hit, eliminating this unpredictable aspect from Lapras's defending.

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