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10 Best Dual-Type Steel Pokémon | Screen Rant

After debuting in Pokémon's Generation II, Steel quickly became the best defensive type in the series. Resisting more than half of the Pokémon types, Steel, on its own, can be troublesome to face. The only downside is that offensively, Steel is only super-effective against a small number of types: two before Generation VI and three from Generation VI to the present. With a dual-typing, however, Steel becomes much more viable.

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These Pokémon can be devastating, giving players the strength to sweep through the main series games. However, certain Pokes are only available in the post-game, through events, or in specific titles, but if fans can access some of the best dual-type Steel Pokémon, they can gain a valuable member for a playthrough team.

Before Mega Evolving, Metagross is already a fantastic Pokémon, but after undergoing this process, the pseudo-Legendary becomes almost unstoppable. With a great Speed stat, Mega Metagross can act before most opponents and then use its exceptional Attack stat to sweep through many enemy teams.

In addition, it has a massive Defense stat, and even though its Special Defense is much lower, it is still viable. Furthermore, Mega Metagross has the Ability, Tough Claws, which buffs moves that make contact, making many of the Pokémon's attacks even stronger.

The box art Legendary for Diamond and its remake, Brilliant Diamond, Dialga is a powerhouse of a Pokémon. It sports the excellent dual-typing of Steel/Dragon, giving it only two type weaknesses. This, along with its more than capable bulk, makes it very difficult to take down.

Offensively, Dialga is also phenomenal, having a great Attack stat and a fantastic Special Attack stat. Compared to other Sinnoh Legendaries and Mythicals, Dialga is among the strongest and is as powerful as its appearance would suggest.

Though its Special Defense is not as high as it could be, Solgaleo's high HP stat helps to compensate for it. Aside from this minor vulnerability, the box art Legendary for Pokémon Sun excels in every other department. This is especially true of its Attack stat, which gives it the strength to do devastating damage.

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Upon evolving from Cosmoem, Solgaleo can learn its signature move, Sunsteel Strike, allowing it a powerful move when trainers first acquire the fully evolved Pokémon. It is also quite fast and can defeat many enemies before they have the chance to return a strike.

Despite the Mythical's gentle reputation, Magearna is actually a very capable combatant. Its Special Attack stat is high, and it has access to some incredible Special moves, though most of these do not benefit from a Same Type Attack Bonus.

It is not very fast, but with relatively high Defense and Special Defense, Magearna does not faint easily. This is helped through the fact that the Mythical only has two type weaknesses. Furthermore, Magearna's signature Ability, Soul-Heart, boosts its Special Attack whenever another Pokémon faints, giving its strongest stat an additional buff.

With the typing of Bug/Steel, one of the best dual-type combinations in Pokémon, Mega Scizor only has one weakness, though it is an extreme vulnerability. In addition to this, Mega Scizor has a fantastic Defense stat and a reasonable Special Defense stat, which, while not low, does not always make up for the Pokémon's less than stellar HP.

Mega Scizor's biggest strength is its Attack stat, which is massive and lets it use the plethora of Physical moves it can access to devastating effect. Furthermore, its Ability, Technician, boosts the strength of its less powerful moves, adding even more viable options to Mega Scizor's collection.

When Necrozma fuses with Solgaleo, the effect is the terrifying combatant, Dusk Mane Necrozma. The signature Ability of Necrozma, Prism Armor, reduces the damage the Pokémon takes from super-effective moves. Combined with its more than capable bulk, especially against Physical strikes, Necrozma cannot be easily defeated.

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When it has the chance to attack, Dusk Mane Necrozma deals decisive blows using its huge Attack stat. Its Special Attack is less impressive, but it is still viable if it must be used, making Dusk Mane Necrozma extremely dangerous to face.

Like Mega Scizor, Genesect boasts the typing of Bug/Steel, giving it only one extreme vulnerability. This is useful because its bulk, while not awful, is less stellar than many others of its classification. Instead of these stats, Genesect focuses more on striking quickly and effectively. Its Speed stat is better than that of many other Pokémon, and both its Attack and Special Attack share a high stat value.

It also has Download as its Ability, which either raises Genesect's Attack or its Special Attack based on which of the opponent's defensive stats is lower. Genesect's incredible strength makes it the best Mythical in the fifth Pokémon generation.

With a Speed stat that usually allows it to act before its opponents, as well as stellar Attack and Special Attack stats, there are many times that Mega Lucario does not have to worry about taking damage from opponents in a playthrough. This is helpful because its HP and both defensive stats leave something to be desired, especially when compared to other extremely strong Pokémon.

Along with its fantastic offensive stats, Mega Lucario also has Adaptability as its Ability, buffing the strength of moves that have a Same Type Attack Bonus and making it even more destructive.

The Sword mascot, Zacian, has two forms, Hero of Many Battles and Crowned Sword. While the former is strong, the latter is absurdly powerful. One reason for this is its monstrous Attack stat, which, paired with its fantastic Speed stat, allows Zacian to eliminate a large portion of enemies almost immediately.

Also, its signature Ability, Intrepid Sword, boosts its Attack stat when Zacian enters the battle, making it an often unstoppable force. While its defensive stats are not as great, they are still quite high, letting Zacian withstand a fair amount of damage. Crowned Sword Zacian's immense strength also makes it one of the best dual-type Fairy Pokémon.

Like Zacian, Zamazenta also has two variations, the better of which is its Crowned Shield form. Its signature Ability, Dauntless Shield, buffs Zamazenta's already massive Defense stat, putting it above its also-massive Special Defense stat. Though it certainly specializes defensively, the Shield mascot can also excel through attacking.

Its Speed stat is very high, as is its Attack stat, giving Zamazenta the ability to defeat enemies swiftly, sometimes not even needing to use its excellent defensive stats. With only three type weaknesses, Zamazenta is one of the more difficult Pokémon to take down.

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