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10 Best Video Game Couples Of All Time | Screen Rant

Sometimes all a video game needs to keep players motivated is an endearing love story between two well-written characters. There have been a lot of memorable couples in players’ favorite titles over the years, with some of them becoming iconic in their fandoms.

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From Cody and May’s realistic partnership to Link and Zelda’s powerful bond, the best video game couples keep players glued to their controllers as they watch the fascinating story arcs unfold. These video game romances often have a significant effect on the overarching narrative and can influence the protagonist’s choices.

Cody and May are the best characters in the popular co-op game released this year, It Takes Two. The entire story of the game is centered around the realistic relationship between the two, as they try to navigate their messy divorce and mitigate its effects on their daughter, Rose.

Players control two miniature versions of the characters as they’re mysteriously thrust into an unfamiliar version of their own home. Their narrative is the perfect mix of charming, hilarious, and even poignant as they relearn how to get along and repair their relationship with the player’s help.

Elena isn’t interested in becoming a damsel in distress in the Uncharted franchise, as she’s repeatedly shown that she can be just as skillful as Drake. The pair have gone through a lot over the course of the Uncharted games and their relationship has strengthened as a result.

While Nathan originally uses Elena for her connections, he realizes that he’s in love with her and enjoys going on dangerous adventures with her by his side. Elena stays with Nathan despite his immaturity and occasional lies, reminding him not to underestimate her. Players who have watched the pair grow and mature together all the way to A Thief’s End likely understand that it took a while for the couple to get to where they are today.

There’s no shortage of charming couples in the Final Fantasy games, with one of the fan-favorites appearing in Final Fantasy X. Tidus and Yuna’s tumultuous relationship has become iconic in the fandom, as the pair’s journey towards Sin and their haunting fate are things fans won’t soon forget about the game.

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The slow build-up, Yuna’s engagement with another character, and Tidus’ shocking fate all make their story arc a truly remarkable one compared to others in the franchise. While fans won’t likely see them appear in future games, players can only hope they can find their way back to each other somehow.

The Freaker-infested world of Days Gone would not be the same without Deacon and Sarah’s enduring partnership. Some of the best quotes in Days Gone revolve around their moving narrative, as they lose and find each other in the post-apocalyptic title.

There’s a stereotypical bad boy and good girl dynamic between the two, with Deacon portrayed as the tattooed biker who can’t ever live up to Sarah’s parents’ expectations. He adores Sarah, who’s a brilliant and empathetic scientist, and will kill as many Freakers and raid encampments to be with her again. The relationship is one of the few things that keep the protagonist going in the increasingly desolate world.

While Geralt has quite a few romantic relationships in The Witcher series, most fans would agree that his one true love is Yennefer. She’s a main character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and if gamers play their cards right, Geralt can have his wish of a peaceful retirement with the love of his life.

The powerful sorceress and the witcher have a chaotic relationship embroiled in the political turmoil in Aedrin and heavily influenced by Ciri’s story arc. They may not always be together and Geralt isn’t exactly the best at expressing his emotions for her, but Yennefer is the only one who could truly understand the witcher and vice versa.

The Halo franchise has been tackling the concept of AI falling in love for years, as it masterfully tells the exceptional story of Chief and Cortana. Their moving relationship is really highlighted in Halo 4, as Chief embarks on a challenging mission to repair Cortana.

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Cortana has become a fleshed-out character throughout the years, complete with human-like emotions directed mainly towards Chief. The protagonist has his own similar struggles with learning to accept that he is capable of feeling love. It’s an odd pairing that works, as players likely can’t help but be just as concerned for Cortana’s well-being as Chief fights to preserve her life.

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to live in a world ravaged by the infected, as Ellie does in The Last of Us. The expansion pack, Left Behind, delves into a tear-jerking story in the post-apocalyptic video game, revolving around Ellie and Riley’s relationship.

Unlike Ellie at that time, Riley was a headstrong and rebellious character whose ultimate dream was to join the Fireflies. She gets Ellie into dangerous situations, which often causes conflicts between the two. The happier moments outweigh the bad ones, though, as the pair get into all sorts of antics before they realize they’re in love. The way their relationship develops likely reminds players of what it’s like to be young and in love, except Ellie and Riley have to deal with the undead on top of their confusing feelings.

There are a number of different ways Cyberpunk 2077 can end, with only a handful of them being happy endings in the video game. If players make all the right choices, V can pursue what most fans consider the best relationship in the title, which is her romance with Judy.

As a talented techie and braindance technician, Judy can choose to work for whatever Corpo she wants in Night City, but her independence and rebellious nature mean she would never sell out like that. It’s touching to watch her open up to V and players can tell she’s not used to trusting people. V is enamored by the Mox member and their budding romance serves as the inspiration the protagonist needs to overcome the odds.

One of the most well-known and celebrated partnerships in gaming history is the one between Mario and Princess Peach, as the two have been overcoming challenges since the early '80s. Peach has come a long way from her initial role as Bowser’s helpless hostage in several games in the Super Mario series.

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As the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach has her own special abilities, which include being able to hover in Super Mario Bros. 2. Mario’s unwavering devotion and loyalty to her isn’t likely to end anytime soon, as the pair is an unstoppable force and they continue to be entertaining to watch in both the mainline titles and spin-offs.

If there were any doubts about Link and Zelda’s romantic relationship in The Legend of Zelda franchise, Skyward Sword put those to rest. The game highlights the perfect pair in a way no other title has before, with Link and Zelda soaring through clouds and sharing numerous magical moments.

Their relationship is expanded even more in Breath of the Wild, as fans realize that the ideal romance between them isn’t as perfect as it seems. The way they overcome their conflict and eventually reach a point where they’re willing to lay their lives on the line for each other is one of the best story arcs in the series so far. Fans can’t wait to see how their iconic love story will continue in the upcoming sequel, Breath of the Wild 2.

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