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10 Black Knight Comic Stories The MCU Could Adapt | Screen Rant

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has officially introduced audiences to the warrior known as the Black Knight in the recently released Eternals film. There have been various interpretations of the character over the years, and many of his stories are perfect for a big-screen adaptation.

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With Kit Harington potentially suiting up in the classic armor as the hero Dane Whitman, the comics could provide some answers as to what could come next for this adjacent member of the Avengers. Ultimately, Camelot, dark magic, and mythical monsters all play a part in the history of The Black Knight.

Dane Whitman might be the Black Knight whom fans are most familiar with, but plenty of people have held the title before Whitman came to wield the Ebony Blade. Indeed, the Black Knight originated with Sir Percy in the comics, a Knight of the Round Table and a vital member of King Arthur's Camelot court. Sir Percy made his debut in issue 1 of Black Knight in 1955.

The MCU has traveled to terrifying and spectacular locations, but this narrative of mythical origins would transport audiences to Camelot, a vital location in the Marvel Universe. The story doesn't stop there, though, as Whitman finds that there were at least seven other Black Knights, each of whom offers something else to the legend that could be brought to screen.

Recently in Curse of the Ebony Blade, Marvel Comics have explored the narrative of other Ebony objects, created in Camelot by Merlin, most of which were destroyed or corrupted by Mordred. The objects include a sword (which fans are familiar with), a shield, a chalice, a dagger, and a staff.

These powerful Marvel Comics weapons lead to a hunt to try to find or restore them all, a story that plays into the core mythology of Marvel and interprets British legends in a unique way. These kinds of MacGuffins and the story of adventure that spirals out from them could inspire a Black Knight spin-ff on-screen — especially if the blade has already been introduced.

During the King in Black storyline, Dane Whitman was involved in defending Earth against the attack of Knull and his symbiote forces. With Venom making his way to the MCU, it won't be long until the symbiotes will perhaps be running amok on screen, too.

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Interestingly, in this storyline Knull believed that Whitman's Ebony Blade would actually make him more powerful, with his abilities linking well with the magical object. It's an intriguing concept and one that could involve the Black Knight in the center of the action should the story ever be brought to screen.

In Avengers issue 48, the Earth's Mightiest Heroes mistakingly attack Dane Whitman, believing him to be yet another villain for them to conquer. In later years Black Knight would become a member and even leader of the team, but the most compelling story is his Avengers adjacent role.

In the modern Marvel Universe, the comics have continued the narrative that Whitman is dealing with mental health issues and therefore unable to be part of the team. Yet, they have continued to rely upon him, with Black Knight becoming one of the original official Avengers adjacent team members. It's a concept that would definitely apply to the MCU after the defeat of Thanos.

In the Defenders run of the 1970s, Whitman actually joined the team. He has always been a better fit for the Defenders than the Avengers, as the former appears to embrace outcasts more than the premium team. Whitman helps round out the Defenders magical department.

Alongside the likes of the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange and the deity Valkeryie, Whitman tried to save the Defenders from the sorceress Casiolena and the Enchantress. It's an interesting story that shows the depth of what he brings to a team, but one that ends in the kind of tragedy the MCU could play into.

The Defenders arc that saw Whitman join the team also saw the character's death. It wouldn't be the first time that the Black Knight died, though, with Whitman coming to meet his maker plenty of times over his career.

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There are multiple stories that see Whitman inhabit other bodies due to his spirit living on and the recent Black Knight comics run shows audiences why that may be. If a Black Knight dies holding the Ebony Blade then they will be reborn. It's a fascinating idea that impacts the psyche of Whitman and could provide an emotionally complex story to explore in the MCU.

A much larger story that plays into almost every Black Knight narrative in the comics, the Ebony Blade is actually cursed and can have a huge impact on the mental state of the user. The blade feeds upon violence and darkness; with each kill it becomes more ravenous.

The story sees plenty of previous Black Knights wield to the blade's desires. For Dane Whitman, it's a constant internal struggle as he attempts to utilize the gifts of the blade without giving in to its violent urges. It's a story that drives the core of the character and is vital to the portrayal of the Black Knight on screen.

Sersi is another character being introduced into the MCU alongside Black Knight in Eternals. A member of the Celestial-created team, Sersi and Dane Whitman share a history in the comics; a storyline that seems to be unfolding somewhat on screen.

Their love is incredibly complex and at the time the duo was strained because of Sersi's erratic behavior. The MCU could perhaps portray a story that flips the idea, with Whitman struggling to control the Ebony Blade. Eternals may begin a romance between the two, but will it lead to a love triangle with Ikaris?

Pendragon is a term that denotes a mystical leader; someone who is responsible for defending Britain in the name of Camelot, linking to ancient mythology. King Arthur was previously Pendragon but in Heroes for Hire in the late '90s, issues 2 and 3 saw Whitman named the new Pendragon.

This is a huge role to fill and along with it comes the armor and other gifts of Avalon, which turns Black Knight into one of the strongest heroes in Marvel. It's a title equivalent to the Sorcerer Supreme, Scientist Supreme, or Master of Martial Arts, and one that the MCU could use as a crowning moment for the character.

MI-13 is the secret agent service in Britain, which plenty of heroes from Europe have been a part of, including Union Jack, members of Excalibur, and the Black Knight himself. It's a team that's vital to protecting the region of the world.

It would be great to see MI-13 introduced in the MCU and paired with a story from throughout the Captain Britain and MI-13 run of comics. Here, Black Knight discovers the Ebony Blade he has been using is a fake created by Dracula, leading him on a search to find the real sword of heroes. It's a narrative that could open up the MCU tremendously.

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