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10 Fear The Walking Dead Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

Every character who remains alive in Fear The Walking Dead is highly intelligent. After all, they would have to be smart enough to have survived the apocalypse and all the challenges that come with it.

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With that said, each person on the show is smart in their own way. When it comes to overall intelligence, a few of them stand out due not only to their past education and work experience but also their abilities to think quickly, analyze situations, and make decisions that work both in the favor of their groups and for their own personal survival.

10 Dwight

Dwight led a simple life prior to the apocalypse, learning skills like woodcarving from his grandfather. However, he had issues with his memory, which led to him using Post-it notes to help him remember things he needed to do.

The fact that Dwight joined forces with the Saviors and didn't make any attempts to leave, even after realizing the horrifying things that Negan was doing to others, meant he wasn't as smart as those who did plan to defect. Had it been Alicia or even Victor in that situation, they would have found a way out.

9 Morgan

Morgan is skilled and capable, and he appears to know what he is doing much of the time. There wasn't a lot known about what Morgan did prior to the events of the series, but he acquired useful skills such as construction, crafting and welding. He was also a quick learner, which he demonstrated when he picked up aikido from Eastman and became skilled in the technique very quickly.

Yet as much as the group relies on Morgan, he often leads with his heart and not his brain. It's a wonder that he isn't one of the major Fear The Walking Dead characters who have died. Morgan has shown time and time again that while his heart is in the right place, his personal demons and emotions sometimes hold him back from making intelligent decisions.

8 Sarah

When it comes to book smarts, Sarah might not have been top of her class. In terms of street smarts, though, she has it in spades. As a former Marine, she is trained in survival, knows how to defend herself and has picked up plenty of skills that have proved useful in the post-apocalypse, such as being able to fix motor vehicles.

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With a strong sense of ethics as well, including making the tough decision to quit the Marines when they did not accept her brother because he was in a wheelchair, she cultivated a successful new career as a trucker. Sarah is smart enough to survive, reinvent herself, and stick to her morals and beliefs no matter what.

7 Alicia

Alicia is the type of person who never realized her full potential until the world had come to an end. At that point, she was forced by circumstance to step into a leadership role and make decisions she never had to make before. Having always lived in her brother's shadow, she kept her intelligence hidden.

It's clear from Alicia's actions, motivations, and the way she craftily gets out of difficult situations that she had been underestimated all her life. It took the apocalypse to bring her intelligence to bear.

6 John Dorie Sr.

John Dorie Sr. saw his life turned upside down due to his obsession with a serial killer and bringing justice to the killer's victims and their families. Even if his inability to capture Teddy (one of many fictional cult leaders on TV shows) made John question his smarts, there's no denying that he's a skilled detective. In fact, it's for this reason that Victor seemingly welcomed him into his flourishing new community.

John made many bad decisions in his life, and he wasn't the best father or husband. But sometimes the most intelligent people are also the most passionate, even and especially to a fault, and John has both attributes in spades.

5 Daniel

Daniel lived a hard life and had to hide what he truly did from his daughter, and it required a good deal of intelligence to maintain the facade for most of her life. With a knowledge of combat as well as murder and torture, skills he likely never thought he would have to use outside of the death squad he was forced to work with in El Salvador, Daniel was smart enough to get out when he could.

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Daniel got married, raised a family, and left his old life behind, which shows that he knew the right decisions it took to move forward. Meanwhile, post-apocalypse, he knows how to read people and situations like no one else. Daniel might not be the most educated of the bunch, but in terms of street smarts and common sense, he outpaces most of the others.

4 Grace

While Grace might not be a fan-favorite character, there's no denying she is fiercely smart. Working in management at a power plant before the apocalypse, she studied the intricacies of power sources, reactors and radioactive material. Given the meltdown at the power plant, this knowledge and resources proved useful to the others.

When it comes to book smarts, Grace was likely at the top of her class. Grace sometimes lets her emotions get the best of her, though, particularly after dealing with the death of her baby, Athena, one of the most heartbreaking deaths in season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead. Grace may not earn high marks in terms of emotional intelligence, but when it comes to book smarts, she's not to be underestimated.

3 Althea

A journalist prior to the apocalypse, Althea acquired a lot of knowledge throughout her career. She interviewed many people and documented their stories, giving her a broader world view than anyone else in Fear The Walking Dead.

Having traveled the world, Althea not only documented injustices and poor living situations, but she also helped others. She faced everything from the bubonic plague in an Algerian village to a warlord who turned out to be not a threat, and whom she encouraged a village to rebel against, successfully.

2 June

As a trained nurse, June has a higher level of education than many other characters. Continuing to study both from books and hands-on experience after the world ended, she learned more in the medical field and beyond, from reading psychology textbooks when she was treating Daniel to pamphlets about surviving a nuclear blast in the underground bunker. June demonstrated a thirst and aptitude for acquiring and retaining lots of information.

In addition to the depth of her education, June has also trained in the use of guns, knives, and other fighting skills, making her both a mental and physical threat. When the group is in a tough spot, June is one of the first to figure out how to get out of it, having already had experience working under tremendous pressure in life-or-death situations.

1 Victor

One of the biggest questions fans had after the season 6 finale of Fear The Walking Dead was whether Victor could redeem himself or not. One thing that's for sure is that he will survive because of his quick thinking and resourcefulness. He might be a con man, but it requires a lot of intelligence to pull off everything Victor did in his life. He lived lavishly while manipulating and conning people, and he continued finding ways to survive the apocalypse by aligning himself with the right groups. Victor also always had a back-up plan, such as when he kept a car packed with supplies in case he ever decided to leave his community.

Despite being caught in precarious positions more than once, Victor always gets himself out of them, largely because he makes decisions based on practicality versus emotion. Victor thinks several steps ahead and consistently outsmarts everyone around him.

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