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10 Fear The Walking Dead Characters, Ranked By Bravery

Spinoff of The Walking DeadFear the Walking Dead is still going strong, and while most of the characters have changed since the first season, the ones who were lost didn't fall to their lack of bravery — in most cases, at least. Among the ones that remain, they have all shown bravery in one way or another.

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Some of the best characters are already long gone, such as fan-favorite John Dorie, but many who are still integral to the show have done complete 180s, becoming braver as the story progresses.

9 Wes

Wes hasn't had time to shine just yet on the series — indeed, he is one of the Fear the Walking Dead characters who needs more screentime. However, his bravery in pushing on after believing his brother to be dead was admirable. When he finally reunited with the older brother he looked up to and realized he had become caught up with a vicious cult leader, Wes showed tremendous bravery in doing what needed to be done.

While Wes didn't want to see his brother dead, he also realized the man he now stood face-to-face with was no longer the brother he once knew. He stood up to him and stood behind his group, which is not something many people would have been able to do if put in that situation.

8 Victor

There are many words to describe Victor, but brave is not one of them. When given the chance, he has shown cowardice on more than one occasion, or perhaps more so an instinct for self-preservation.

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Victor had always been arrogant, self-centered, and only out for himself. But he showed glimmers of thoughtfulness and care. However, in the latest season, he has completely reverted to his old self, becoming a tyrant. While he has managed to build a seemingly solid community amidst another catastrophic event, his motivations were mainly machismo and ego; Victor anted to show Morgan, and others that he could accomplish what Morgan failed to do. With that said, in a sense, Victor has to demonstrate some level of bravery in order to do the brazen things he has done.

7 Dwight

Dwight showed bravery in The Walking Dead by finally standing up to Negan and putting his life on the line to support the people he came to realize were the good guys. He took off on his own to embark on a multi-state search for his wife Sherry, which is an admirable thing to do.

Dwight put himself in danger every step of the way, but he knew his goal was to be reunited with the love of his life and he was willing to risk it all to get there. He has a fearlessness that some of the others don't possess, even if his character doesn't get a lot of chances to show it.

6 John Dorie Sr.

It was seemingly unthinkable that June would cross paths with John Dorie's estranged father, but alas, she did. Sadly, however, it was after John had already passed in one of the most heartbreaking deaths of Fear the Walking Dead. Once he became a part of the group, however, it was clear that John Sr. encompassed the same brave mentality as his son.

While John had spent much of his life living with his decision to cut corners in order to capture a serial killer, and being consumed by the guilt of not being able to catch him earlier, he overcame his demons and made it through. Not only that, but John Sr. eventually embraced his daughter-in-law and a new hope for survival.

5 June

June has demonstrated time and time again that she can and will make tough decisions. While she was initially closed off, she began to open up to people again, which in and of itself showed tremendous bravery.

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She wasn't afraid to go against Morgan when the situation required it, such as when she shot and killed Virginia. And she never let anyone steer her in a direction she didn't want to go. June has hardened through the seasons, but when it comes to someone from the apocalypse viewers would want to have by their side, June would be high on the list.

4 Althea

Althea would put herself in direct danger if it meant she could get a story to tell the next generation and she isn't afraid to be out on her own — she knows how to take care of herself. She cares deeply about people and the future, and given the circumstances, any semblance of hope shows bravery.

She could be a great leader if she stepped up, but Althea has been content to stand back and let others take the reigns. Fans suspect, however, that in the seasons to come, Althea will demonstrate more of her bravery in different ways, including if she ever manages to make her way to the Civic Republic Military.

3 Morgan

While there are a lot of things that don't make sense about Morgan on Fear the Walking Dead, there's no denying his bravery. He has been through so much since the beginning, from losing his wife and son to dealing with his emotions while holed up alone in a booby-trapped "home," then finding Rick again, and dealing with his guilt and desire to stop harming living people.

Nonetheless, the fact that Morgan has come out the other side with hope for the future and a desire to do good in the world shows how brave he is.

2 Alicia

Alicia has been up and down but one thing she has always been is brave, ranking among the best characters on Fear the Walking Dead. Alicia was the first to offer herself up as a sacrifice, the first to step into an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, and she always knows how to get out of it.

While fans wonder if Alicia might be headed down the wrong path, she will never shy away from an obstacle or fight. Ever since the death of her mother Madison, Alicia has been on the warpath and there's no stopping her from doing what she believes needs to be done.

1 Daniel

There's something calm and unassuming about Daniel, and despite blunders whereby he might be losing his memories, he remains the bravest of all the characters. He encountered dangerous situations even before the apocalypse began, which mentally and physically prepared him for the world coming to an end.

Daniel has been caught in a burning building and even shot in the face and still managed to survive. He has shown bravery by always coming back stronger, and even restraining himself from doing extreme things he might want to do, such as kill Victor. Daniel projects a sense of fearlessness that the others do not possess. While the surrounding characters have, at one moment or another, shown fear, there has rarely ever been a time when Daniel showed even a glimmer of feeling afraid.

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