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10 Most Iconic Boba Fett Panels In Star Wars Comics | Screen Rant

Boba Fett is a fan-favorite Star Wars legacy character from the original trilogy, but he wasn't as prominent in the movies as he was popular. The Mandalorian on Disney+ brought him back in emphatic fashion with the focused writing that fans wanted and is set to have his show as the main protagonist.

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But while The Book of Boba Fett is set to bring him into the limelight, the comics have made good use of him in several places. Both Legends canon and the mainline Disney canon have made comic books with memorable panels chronicling his resurgence after Return of the Jedi and beyond.

Before Disney bought the Star Wars IP and axed swathes of lore from the new canon, Boba Fett had a variety of wild and noteworthy adventures. Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars Tales series eventually brought both the notorious Bounty Hunter with Darth Vader, the most feared figure across the galaxy.

Vader is known for being drastically overpowered in almost any situation, but Fett manages to beat him by using his arsenal of gadgets, wits, and his surroundings to get the upper hand. To escape a normally routine kill-shot from the Sith Lord, Fett forces him to drop his lightsaber, knowing that Vader would have to loosen his Force grip on him to catch it. In that brief moment, the great Dark Lord was at the mercy of a bounty hunter.

Boba Fett and Darth Vader meeting in Marvel's canon Star Wars: Darth Vader series works both as a memorable series of panels for Darth Vader and the bounty hunter. The early parts of this story arc include the Sith hiring Fett to uncover the identity of the one responsible for destroying the Death Star.

After the latter meets with him in his quarters, the two exchange a chilling and brief scene of dialogue that's both incredibly tense and in character for both. Fett merely gives Vader the last name he discovers, which is enough for the villain to relive moments of pain and rage upon discovering he has a living son.

Dark Horse also published a non-canon Boba Fett-centric one-shot titled Boba Fett: Agent of Doom. In it, Fett takes on a job of revenge and justice from a surviving member of the Gulmarid species. After the events of Return of the Jedi, a skeleton crew of surviving Imperials had been enslaving members of his species into brutal torture until extinction.

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However, one of the appeals for Fett to take the job was to prove that he's still the best. When the job is done, he tells a survivor that what they make of their lives onward is up to only them. Fett says it's not his business, but the context of the resolution is open-ended enough to suggest he may have still done this partly out of morality. Nonetheless, he ends on a perfect line that embodies the character. Fett's more than proven his worth, and they should remember the name "Boba Fett."

A canon comic book one-shot by Marvel called Age of Rebellion pits Boba Fett against another bounty hunter. Unlike the cold indifference of anti-hero qualities Fett possesses, his target is genuinely evil. Zingo is a bounty hunter who's branded as wanted by the Empire and killed fellow bounty hunters.

Before Fett takes his bounty, they had a brief skirmish upon Zingo and his companion realizing who they were about to deal with. After Fett kills the villain and saves the hostages of the local town, he turns on a man trying to contract him to hunt the other villains. The final panel epitomizes Boba Fett's core character. At the end of the day, he doesn't hunt heroes or villains. He hunts bounties.

In the same issue, the final shootout gave one of the most thrilling visuals for the character in comics. On his way to tracking down Zingo, Fett encounters his mortally wounded companion before finding him in a nearby town. Zingo opens fire in the town, killing anybody he can, and threatens to kill the surviving hostages if Fett tries to bring him in.

Of course, a bounty hunter of Fett's talents efficiently dispatches him, and that ensuing battle highlights the colorful chaos of his adventures while capturing that Clint Eastwood-like western tone. It's scenes like this that remind fans how Boba Fett's Star Wars 1313 would have made a thrilling game even in the modern canon.

In the build-up to the aforementioned Darth Vader event, the mainline Star Wars comic gave fans a fight between Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker. Luke goes to Obi-Wan's old home to get answers about his fate as a Jedi, only to discover it surrounded by Tusken Raiders. When the young Skywalker manages to get in and search for clues, Fett throws a flashbang to blind him and gain an advantage.

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He desperately calls for R2-D2's help, with the panel brilliantly framing Luke in the foreground helpless and Fett in the background, looming over him at the hut's entrance. The panel expertly emphasizes the imposing threat that Boba Fett is as a wandering predator searching for prey.

The latest War of the Bounty Hunters series stars the bounty hunter alongside other characters that could even appear in The Book of Boba Fett. Its name delivers on the promise as a crossover story arc with a wide cast of characters. The first issue in this arc sees Fett delivering Han Solo frozen in carbonite. However, he discovers that Solo will liquidate in the carbonite if he stays in there too long.

Fett then works out a deal with his associate Doc Ragon for a job so the latter can help him as payment. The problem is that his signature armor and reputation will be recognized across the galaxy, so he dons a sleek black Beskar suit and takes the alias "Jango." This scene and panel are good examples of fan service done right.

In the same issue of War of the Bounty Hunters, fans get an excellent look at what would be a tumultuous journey for Fett to complete his biggest job. Set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the issue opens with Fett receiving the delicate package that is Han Solo's frozen body.

It's a straightforward panel, but one that ultimately carries and conveys a daunting weight. The top-down perspective of Fett looking at the arduous task in front of him in such a grimy setting sells that tense atmosphere.

Before the standstill at the end of Boba and Vader's fight, that issue of Star Wars Tales gave fans a surprising look at the former's weapon of choice. The bounty hunter wields a lightsaber against Vader, though, it makes sense in context as it would be the only hope of fending off the Sith Lord for long enough.

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They fought over how to deal with Solo, with Fett wanting to cash in on the bounty while Vader wanted to handle him discreetly. Seeing Darth Vader furious at someone unaligned with the Force wielding a lightsaber against him was an exciting sight if nothing else. Though, it's understandable that something this outlandish probably wouldn't happen in canon.

In another Legends comic, Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction, the character got his most fitting story in the Extended Universe. It sees another bounty hunter -- Jodo Kast -- in similar Mandalorian armor impersonate Fett to profit off his reputation.

With the actual Boba Fett now having escaped the Sarlacc, he hunts Kast down. Once he easily defeats this imposter, he strips his armor off exclaiming that he didn't earn it or his name. The panel with Fett standing over a defeated Jodo Kast drives home the theme of earning one's reputation.

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