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10 Most Improved Games Since Launch | ScreenRant

Games don’t always start out as the best versions of themselves. Some titles even have disastrous launches that seem impossible to recover from, but developers can sometimes prove that given time, they can improve a game enough to make fans happy.

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From games that suffer from countless bugs to empty open worlds, there’s no shortage of disappointing titles that have slowly but surely improved over time. With enough pressure from the fanbase and a dedicated team willing to work to meet players’ standards, games can drastically change from their disastrous state at launch to a title that’s actually impressive and fun to play.

10 Warframe

Today, Warframe is considered among the best first-person shooter titles, but this wasn’t always the case for the free-to-play action RPG. Although it wasn’t considered terrible back when it launched in 2013, it also wasn’t anything special.

Thanks to a steady stream of updates and expansions, Warframe has become a great multiplayer game. Players can take their Tenno character on a variety of missions, which can now happen in well-designed open-world areas. There’s even a better combat system aptly called “Melee 2.0,” which gives players more combat moves to go with their wide array of weapons. Future plans for Warframe include the addition of cross-play for those enjoying the title on their Nintendo Switch, as well as a potential mobile game that promises to be just as good as the original.

9 Sea Of Thieves

There was a lot of hype around the massive pirate-centered game called Sea of Thieves back in 2018, but the title did not live up to players’ expectations when it was released. While it was fun to explore the open sea, search for treasure, and raid islands, those were pretty much the only things the gamers could do at that time.

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Complaints about the game being boring and repetitive were eventually cut short after constant updates and free additional content. Now, Sea of Thieves boasts various monsters, more missions, and even a compelling story for fans who want to enjoy a single-player campaign.

8 Grand Theft Auto Online

After Rockstar’s massive success with Grand Theft Auto V, fans couldn’t wait to see what the online version would be like. Players were unfortunately met with a bland open world in 2013, which isn’t to say it was terrible. There were some okay missions and cool items, but there wasn’t nearly enough to keep fans occupied for long.

It took a while for the developers at Rockstar to improve GTA Online, eventually adding Heist and refining the gaming experience by being more strict with griefers and cheaters. Today, more fans can enjoy a much more vibrant version of the game full of expensive collectible items like the Aquarius Yacht and challenging missions like Pier Pressure.

7 For Honor

While For Honor’s launch back in 2017 wasn’t a total failure, the medieval action game left much to be desired when it came to more technical aspects. The multiplayer title struggled to support the wave of new players that wanted to test their skills in combat as knights and samurais. Servers kept crashing, players couldn’t get into matches, and there were eventually not enough users to keep fans interested in joining factions.

Ubisoft managed to fix the server issues and attract more players over time, though, and today the fantasy game is much better compared to when it was first released. There’s a more detailed combat system and several new classes players can choose from, with a bigger fanbase that continues to keep the game alive and enjoyable.

6 The Elder Scrolls Online

Fans weren’t sure what to expect after the Elder Scrolls Online was announced, but they certainly didn’t want the ridiculously expensive subscription fees, countless glitches, and empty world that it was initially launched with. The game was criticized for not being even remotely comparable to the Skyrim experience and player numbers slowly dwindled.

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Bethesda thankfully fixed their mistakes and replaced the exorbitant monthly fees for a one-time subscription, even adding more content and releasing fantastic expansions to the now popular MMO. It’s worth getting into the game today thanks to these numerous improvements, at least until Bethesda releases the actual much-anticipated sequel, the Elder Scrolls VI.

5 Diablo 3

Diablo 3 has come a long way from when it was first released back in 2012. Blizzard faced a lot of criticism for their inability to keep the servers online to sustain the surge of players that were subjected to persistent online authentication. With millions of players rushing to connect, the servers just couldn’t keep up and would constantly crash or boot players randomly. There was also the disastrous Auction House, which allowed players to unfairly use actual money to pay for loot.

The game has steadily improved since then, as the developers slowly resolved several issues and listened to what the fanbase actually wanted. Most fans still consider Diablo 3 as the worst installment in the franchise, but it’s worth noting that it’s much better now compared to when it launched.

4 Hitman 2

Most fans would agree that Hitman 2 ranks high compared to other Hitman games in the franchise, even back when it was first released in 2018. It was a worthy entry for the World of Assassination trilogy, as Agent 47’s story arc is expanded in a meaningful way.

That said, some fans were disappointed by how little innovation there was in the new title. It used tried and tested formulas, which worked but weren’t impressive. Thanks to a myriad of new downloadable content, more missions, bigger maps, outfits, weapons, and more, Hitman 2 has become much more enjoyable over the years. What’s more, fans also won’t have to experience the terrible multiplayer option ever again, as they rightly were phased out in 2020.

3 Minecraft

It’s incredible to think about how much Minecraft has changed since its initial release back in 2009. The indie game was nothing more back then than an empty sandbox world where players could take blocks and stack them to build simple structures.

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Today, millions of fans regularly play Minecraft and it has become a classic building sim that offers much more than what it did back then. There are now Adventure and Survival modes, mod support, and regular updates for villagers, mobs, and animals. The free updates for the game’s versions across all platforms ensure that it will continue to be relevant for years to come.

2 Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Electronic Arts’ developers likely weren’t expecting the outrage from players after Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s frustrating launch back in 2017, but it should have been obvious. Battlefront 2 had some of the worst arcade maps and an unfair loot box system, which caused the entire game to be unbalanced.

Players who didn’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars to unlock the badass Star Wars characters and machines would have to grind for hours, even days, to attain each one. The microtransactions were quickly removed after the outcry and the title has slowly improved through additional content over time. It’s still considered a bit unbalanced by some, but no one can deny that it has improved greatly since its initial launch.

1 No Man’s Sky

Only a few games can compare to how notoriously bad No Man’s Sky was when it was first released in 2016. Developer Hello Games has ingenious marketing strategies in the months leading up to the launch, hyping up the game as a boundless adventure across galaxies teeming with life.

Players were disappointed to learn that title is actually more about resource management than anything else. There were no cool fleets, smart creatures, and fascinating worlds. Instead, they got empty and glitchy planets, repetitive locations, and a frustratingly boring gaming experience. No Man’s Sky has changed a lot since then, though. Thanks to several free updates, the game finally delivers wildly entertaining space exploration complete with an enjoyable multiplayer mode, fun base building, and a great story.

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