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10 Scary Movie Franchise Jokes That Finally Make Sense As An Adult

The Scary Movie series is definitely not for kids, but that doesn't stop kids from watching them. Like all R-rated films, it's only a matter of time before a kid gets their hands on them. But unfortunately for all children watching the series, the movies are filled with mature jokes that will likely fly over their heads.

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Many kids adored the first four Scary Movie films, even if they didn't understand all the adult-themed jokes and gaffs. But with an adult's mindset, these "kids" can now return to the beloved franchise, watch it with new eyes, and appreciate the jokes that flew over their heads first go-round.

10 Breast Implants

The first Scary Movie begins with the killers stalking Drew Decker (Carmen Electra). Her death scene is a direct parody of Scream, as it sees the killer stabbing her through the chest (which is exactly how Drew Barrymore is killed in Scream).

But when the killer retrieves his knife, he has a shocked and disgusted reaction to the white blob of silicone on the tip. Of course, these are Drew's silicone breast implants. But it's likely that no one knew this as kids, and everyone was just laughing at the killer's reaction.


The "whazzup" sequence is arguably the most iconic scene from the first Scary Movie. It works well enough on its own, as the idea of a serial killer joking around with a bunch of stoners is hilarious. But the scene works even better when framed in the pop culture of the time.

This was actually a parody of a popular beer commercial of the time that typically played during football games. Not every kid watching Scary Movie would know that, although it was a major catchphrase during its best years, but they all laughed regardless.

8 Cindy's Drug Dealing Father

Scary Movie isn't a classic movie about drug use, but it still contains some more mature drug-based jokes. Children watching the movie certainly wouldn't understand that Cindy's father is actually a drug dealer.

He blames the screams he heard on the "crack he smoked earlier" and he conducts "business" with "Uncle Escobar" (an obvious reference to Pablo Escobar). He also leaves Cindy some cocaine in the coffee can and tells her to cut it with baking soda before selling it.

7 Doofy's Vacuum Cleaner

In the original Scary Movie, one scene sees Doofy emerging from his room carrying a vacuum cleaner and wearing nothing but a T-shirt and his underwear. He answers the phone and says hello before hanging up and screaming, "I said don't disturb me while I'm cleaning my room!"

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In hindsight, it's very obvious that Doofy wasn't actually cleaning his room. Nothing explicit is shown, so it's the perfect type of joke to fly over a child's head.

6 The Beauty Pageant

One of the most famous sequences from the first Scary Movie sees Buffy Gilmore competing in a beauty pageant. Most people love what happens after the pageant itself, as Buffy studiously defies the killer while getting hacked into bits.

But the beauty pageant itself is also hilarious, and it contains many jokes that are easily missed by a child. These include explicit mentions of sexual positions that would go over kids' heads.

5 The Bathroom Stall Hole

Scream 2 is one of the best horror sequels, and it has a scene in which Omar Epps is stabbed in the ear through a bathroom stall. This scene is parodied in the first Scary Movie, only with a significantly dirtier mind. Ray goes to the bathroom and sees a hole in the bathroom stall.

Something ... explicit then happens to him, and it makes for one of the movie's crudest jokes. Children didn't understand what exactly this "hole" was and they certainly don't know what actually happened to Ray. As adults, it becomes both clearer and much funnier.

4 Ray Wants To "Wrestle" Greg

Many of Ray's jokes throughout the first Scary Movie revolve around his not-so-hidden homosexuality. But one is quite hidden. During one loud confrontation between Ray and Greg, Ray asks Greg if he wants to "get butt naked and wrestle."

These lines that surround this scene may have gone over the heads of countless children, but it's now very obvious that Ray wants to do something far more sensual than wrestle.

3 The Turkey

Chris Elliott makes his Scary Movie debut in the second film, playing the mansion's creepy butler. In the movie's most famous sequence, the butler ruins an otherwise nice turkey dinner with his rude and disgusting antics.

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In one case, he gets a little too personal with the hot turkey. It's nothing too explicit, and it makes for a funny gag without knowing the extent of what's going on. That said, the true nature of the joke is certainly lost on children.

2 Ghost Sex

Many things about A Nightmare on Elm Street still hold up today, including Tina's terrifying death sequence. This scene is parodied in Scary Movie 2 when Tori Spelling's Alex is thrown against the bedroom walls by an invisible ghost.

But looking back on it now, it's very obvious what the ghost is doing. Viewers watching this scene will never see Tina's death in the same way again.

1 Pamela Anderson

Scary Movie 3 has one of the best opening scenes in a comedy, making fun of The Ring and its videotape. Becca asks Katie if she's seen "the tape," referring to the infamous and legendary tape that kills its viewers. Katie misinterprets what Becca means by "the tape" and thinks she's talking about another "tape."

Not only is this a reference to a sex tape, but it's a reference to Pamela Anderson's own real-life sex tape with Tommy Lee, adding a nice little meta-layer to the scene that children certainly wouldn't understand.

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