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90 Day Fiancé: Nicole Nafziger Slammed For Faking Her Death On Instagram

Controversial 90 Day Fiancé star Nicole Nafziger carelessly posted that she died on Instagram and irked fans all over again. Florida resident Nicole last appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 4 with her Moroccan partner Azan Tefou, aka Hassan M’Raouni. The couple called off their wedding twice due to cheating allegations until Nicole finally admitted they split in July. But those following Nicole for updates on her life started getting fooled into clicking links of fake online articles about her being pregnant or Azan being dead. When Nicole announced that she would be joining college, many thought her clickbait habit would end, but the 90 Day Fiancé star has now posted about her own death.

When Nicole first flew to Morocco to be with Azan, whom she met online, she earned a lot of criticism for leaving her toddler behind. The 90 Day Fiancé relationship came across as one-sided, and Azan often ridiculed Nicole about her weight while refusing to show an inkling of romance. When “engaged to H” was removed from Nicole’s bio, the fact that she called it quits after her August 2020 Morocco trip became clear. However, Nicole continues to milk the relationship by sharing updates relating to her or Azan, which are linked to some suspicious articles. While Nicole has admitted that she does work with a company that posts clickbait to her page, fans want her to find a less panic-inducing source of income instead.

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Since Nicole has earned over 670,000 Instagram followers from being a 90 Day Fiancé star, many fans often fall into the trap of believing what she’s posting is true. This time around, Nicole’s feed carried a photo of her own face and the text, “#RIP Heartbroken to confirm SHE IS DEAD 💔 #LinkInBio” The same was shared as an update on Nicole Instagram Stories, and a clickable link sticker redirected fans to an article about celebrity deaths from 2021, thus confirming that she was not accessing social media from beyond the grave. Several 90 Day Fiancé viewers such as binzyz on Reddit slammed her by writing, “Nicole out here faking her own death for 2 cents.”

Because Nicole shared the news of her own demise, fans who are usually offended by her tricks are more amused than ever. “Doesn’t she know that if she was dead she couldn’t post this,” wrote ParisAppleton, but some others deduced that Nicole must be making good money from the clickbait as almost every other post on her Instagram page happens to be fake. A few fans are accusing Nicole of being an attention seeker and a pathological liar for promoting scams. Others are hoping people learn that Nicole posts false information and stop clicking on the articles so that she'll have to quit doing it once and for all.

The best way to find out if what Nicole has posted is clickbait is to look at her Instagram comments section. Whenever it is a sketchy post, Nicole or whoever manages her account will have the comments turned off. But over time, it appears that more and more 90 Day Fiancé viewers have learned not to click on Nicole’s “bait.” Fans want to know that if Nicole keeps crying wolf all the time, who will even believe her when she really makes a genuinely serious post on her page?

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