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Age of Empires 4: Best Delhi Sultanate Landmarks to Build in Each Age

In Age of Empires 4 players can age to the next civilization stage in the Delhi Sultanate civilization by creating landmarks. Landmarks have replaced the mechanic in past Age of Empire games where players needed to build a certain number of buildings to reach a new era. Most civilizations, like the Delhi, have two landmarks to choose from in each age, and only one can be constructed per game. By gathering the needed materials, players can advance their Delhi civilization as soon as possible with the best landmark of that age.

There are three ages that every civilization needs to reach in Age of Empires 4. After gathering enough materials for the landmark of their choice, Delhi civilization players will reach the Feudal Age, then the Castle Age, and finally the Imperial Age. Each landmark displays how many resources are required to advance to the next age, as well as the benefits that come along with building it. Players who excel at real-time strategy games may be able to challenge themselves with various landmarks, but ultimately each civilization has a clear path for which landmarks are easiest to use.

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The Delhi civilization is all about reaching the Imperial Age as quickly as possible, but it can struggle against the military force of civilizations like the French in Age of Empires 4. The best landmarks won't include any military landmarks, but rather two religious, and one technology landmark. The best landmarks for Delhi are the Dome of the Faith, House of Learning, and Palace of the Sultan.

The Dome of the Faith is a religious landmark that brings the Delhi civilization into the Feudal Age. Dome of the Faith produces scholars at half the cost, and scholars can deposit relics in Mosques to generate more gold. The Dome of the Faith is the go-to play in almost all circumstances because scholars are essentially mandatory for the Delhi civilization.

The House of Learning is a technology landmark that brings the Delhi civilization into the Castle Age. While the House of Learning doesn't provide an immediate bonus, it contains unique economic and religious technologies that more than rival the Holy Roman Empire in Age of Empires 4. Some technologies include:

  • Reinforce Foundations (Population Technology): Houses and Town Centers Grant an additional +5 maximum population
  • Tranquil Venue (Mosque Technology): Mosques restore +1 health to nearby friendly units every second
  • Lookout Towers (Outpost Technology): Increases the sight range of Outposts by 50%

The Palace of the Sultan is another religious landmark for the Delhi civilization, but this one brings the civilization into the Imperial Age. This landmark automatically produces tower war elephants, which normally cost 600 gold. Players who pick up Age of Empires 4 on Game Pass should select this landmark because it synergizes with Dome of Faith, as it saves players gold while Dome of Faith increases gold accumulation. Additionally, Delhi has the strongest type of war elephant and it can be upgraded to contain crossbowmen instead of longbowmen. Four scholars can also be garrisoned in the Palace of Sultan to increase production speed.

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Age of Empires 4 is available on PC.

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