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Like most RPGs, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous pits players against a threat they can’t possibly defeat alone, leading to the creation and recruitment of NPCs throughout the vibrant world. While many companion characters serve to keep players from getting bored on their own, they also provide vital support in gameplay. Hordes of demonic enemies are an understandably dangerous threat within Pathfinder’s world, and many strategies are needed to defeat them. Each companion has a unique class with powerful abilities that assist players in advancing the storyline. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous features fourteen special companions for non-Lich players, with various alternatives for Lich players.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous’ story occurs after a sorcerer called Areelu Vorlesh unwittingly unleashed an army of demons into Golarion. Led by Baphomet and Deskari, demonic hordes have begun to spread across the lands. Heroic warriors frantically lead Crusades against the enemy, but many believe the end is finally here. It’s up to the player character to gather a powerful party of warriors to defeat the demonic invasion and save the world. Players can choose from a vast collection of races and classes that dictate playstyle, abilities, special powers, and weapons that become usable throughout the campaign. Thankfully, Pathfinder’s companion system offers a way to experience most of its races and classes by controlling party members during combat and exploration.

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Below are the options listed for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous player companions, but those that choose a Lich experience some differences to the roster. For example, some characters may not appear, while others can be resurrected and become ghoul minions at specific points throughout the story. Choosing the Lich Mythic Path changes Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous' gaming experience and should be carefully considered before continuing. Additionally, some characters are dependent on others leaving or being forced out of the party, meaning players may not obtain every character during their playthrough.

Seelah is the first companion players meet in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, encountered shortly after the player character falls into a crevice during battle. She is a human and begins her journey as a Paladin, loyal to her friends and eager to defend the innocent. As a Lawful Good character, players can stay on her good side by choosing the noblest option in every scenario and maintaining their dignity.

Like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder features feats for characters to utilize in battle that can buff party members or extend their turns. Seelah has two feats: Shield Focus and Dodge, which makes her a formidable companion in battle. Unfortunately, choosing the Lich Mythic Path causes Seelah to leave the party. Seelah also has Skill Ranks that unlock specific dialogue options and unique methods of interacting with the world. Though players can improve these skills with gameplay and experience, Seelah begins with Mobility, Persuasion, and Knowledge: World.

Camellia is the second available companion in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous and is the first spellcaster available to recruit. If players aren’t a spellcaster themselves, this unlocks several powerful abilities to utilize in combat. She is a Half-Elf Shaman with the Spirit Hunter subclass, which gives her a multitude of helpful spells to unlock as she levels up. While Camellia can be a powerful companion, her prickly personality tends to keep her companions at arm’s length.

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Some suspect her attitude to be a byproduct of her noble birth, but only her closest friends can learn her dark secret. Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons share many similarities, including class and background perks that change how characters interact with the world around them. As a Courtier, Camellia unlocks Persuasion and Trickery as additional skills and gains the ability to use rapiers and bucklers. This makes Camellia more useful in diplomatic situations and increases her offensive capabilities at close-range combat. Camellia is an available romance for male characters and values the support of her leader above all.

Lann is one of two recruitable companions within the Mongrel Camp and is the first character to leave if players fail to follow a noble route. To earn Lann’s loyalty, players must show the Light of Heaven to the Village Chief. Lann then recognizes the player as a warrior of dignity and courage, becoming the fourth party member if recruited. The Shield Maze Dungeon also offers the choice between Wenduag and Lann, at which point players must choose Lann to keep the Mongrelman as an available party option.

This is one example of Pathfinder: WOTR (like many RPGs) avoiding railroading players. Lann is a Mongrelman Monk with the Zen Archer subclass, providing another ranged attacker in combat. As a Monk, Lann enjoys many feats useful in and out of combat, including Improved Unarmed Strike, Point Blank Shot, Combat Reflexes, Brew Potions, and Perfect Strike. His background in navigating the caves with his people also grants him Athletics, Mobility, and Perception Skills. Like Camellia, Lann is another Pathfinder romance option but is limited to female Commanders who avoid overtly cruel decisions throughout the world.

Wenduag is the other recruitable companion in the Mongrel Camp but is more suitable for more Chaotic and Evil-aligned playthroughs, as she supports shows of brutal strength. To earn Wenduag’s loyalty and support, players must lie about finding the Light of Heaven and refrain from showing it to the Village Chief. After the Shield Maze Dungeon’s conclusion, players must also choose Wenduag over Lann to secure her place in the party.

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Like Lann, Wenduag is also a Mongrelman but has the Fighter class and shares only a fraction of his feats. She can use Point Blank Short, Precise Shot, and Brew Potion. Wenduag has fewer skills than Lann, possessing only Lore: Nature and Perception at the first rank. Romances options with NPCs in Pathfinder often suit different characters and playstyles, with Wenduag available as an evil romance option. This means players who want to watch Golarion burn can still enjoy the romantic nuances Pathfinder has to offer.

Woljif Jefto is the first temporary companion recruitable during Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous’ story and the first companion available outside the Prologue. Woljif can be found in the basement of Defender’s Rest within a cell. While he isn’t very honest about the reasons for his imprisonment, players can speak with Irabeth to secure his freedom. Once recruited, Woljif Jefto offers many impressive feats and skills, as well as the perks of having a rogue in the party.

The Tiefling has the Eldritch Scoundrel subclass, unlocking the spellcasting ability that makes him deadly up close and at range. His feats include Weapon Finesse, Scribe Scrolls, Two-Weapon Fighting, and Double Slice, while his Skills feature more subtle powers like Stealth, Trickery, Perception, Mobility, and Use Magic Device. His background as a Pickpocket gives Woljif an excellent array of naughty powers to wreak playful chaos around Golarion. Woljif fulfills a vital stealth class as a Rogue, providing Pathfinder parties with the ability to enjoy hidden solutions to otherwise deadly confrontations.

Finnean is Pathfinder’s strangest companion but is a refreshing take on the magical hijinks that can take place in adapted tabletop RPGs. Instead of being a traditional companion that walks and fights alongside players, Finnean is a talking weapon that resides in players’ inventories without taking up a slot. A button in the bottom right corner of the inventory menu allows players to talk with Finnean and learn more about him. As friendship with the weapon increases, players unlock his special powers, granting Finnean the ability to turn into any weapon the player chooses.

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Finnean acts like a standard Pathfinder party member despite his lack of a body, participating in conversations and offering feedback on the player’s actions. To recruit Finnean in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, players must travel to the Ancientries and Wonders Shop and examine the desk near the center of the room. Finnean is also a companion that increases the chance for a random encounter with a cultist, who initiates the possibility to learn more about Finnean’s past.

Ember fits the perfect stigma of a tragic tabletop RPG character and represents the tragedies that plagued Golarion long before the demonic invasions. Burned alive for witchcraft, Ember miraculously survived and continued preaching love and acceptance to people and demons alike. Like many other Pathfinder companions, Ember is a spellcaster and more suited to ranged combat. As a Stigmatized Elven Witch, Ember has access to very helpful Hexes and Buffs that lessens the dangers in many combat situations.

Her feats include Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot, making her a suitable replacement for Lann or Wenduag. Unfortunately, Ember also suffers from the Blackened Curse, which gives a -4 penalty to weapon attack rolls and makes her less reliable at close-range combat. Curses appear in Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder alike, often incorporating debuffs with new roleplaying opportunities with player character backstories. Ember first appears in the Market Square being harassed by locals, but players should let the encounter play out to recruit Ember to their party.

Daeran is the second noble to join the Pathfinder party, and the next romance option aside from the Mongrels and Camellia. Like Camellia, Daeran is an arrogant, flippant character with few concerns about the ongoing demonic war. Unfortunately, his careless actions cause demons to attack his house party and lead the player character to save his life.

After defeating the monsters and speaking to Daeran, he joins the player’s party as another spellcaster. Daeran is an Aasimar Oracle, perhaps not the best magic class in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, but still learns devastating AOE spells and helpful Buffs. In addition, Daeran enjoys the Selective Channel and Extra Channel feats, which eliminate the possibility of inflicting friendly fire with his AOE spells and granting him extra Channeling energy each day. While it may take some players a bit more time to adjust to his attitude, Daeran is a valuable companion to have on board.

Nenio is a fascinating example of a companion in Pathfinder with a looming secret. Unlike the other adventuring archetypes, Nenio is a scholar whose thirst for knowledge deemed her an outcast in academic circles. While many other characters reside in set locations waiting for the protagonist to arrive, Nenio appears through chance encounters. In the Market Square where Daeran’s Servant appears, players can encounter a Mysterious Man. After attempting to interact with him, he’ll walk away and vanish without a word, at which point players can meet Nenio randomly in the world.

Nenio is a Scroll Savant Wizard with the Arcane Scholar Background, setting her up with powerful magical abilities. Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons share similar Skills and Proficiencies for player characters. Nenio enjoys one of the most elaborate starting Skills, featuring Knowledge Arcana, Knowledge World, Lore Nature, and Use Magic Device at the third rank, with Lore Religion at second rank. Nenio isn’t a romance option but has a Neutral alignment and gets along with party leaders.

In a world with demons, monsters, and many afterlives, Sosiel stands as a pinnacle of love and acceptance. His caring nature shines through the crass sarcasm of Pathfinder’s assortment of companions. Sosiel is a Cleric of Shelyn, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Art, who strives to spread those virtues throughout the world. As a Cleric, Sosiel’s primary role in the party is a healer. Without healers in Pathfinder: WOTR, parties would quickly fall beneath the blades of their enemies. Sosiel’s cheery attitude and effective healing powers make him an essential companion to bring along.

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Sosiel is another romance option, allowing players to defend his heart as vehemently as he defends his companions in battle. Sosiel joins the player character within the Crusader Camp shortly after they’ve claimed their position as the Fifth Crusade’s Commander. He has access to the Extra Channel, Selective Channel, Toughness, Armor Focus (Medium) Feats for increased durability, and the Perception, Persuasion, and Lore Religion Skills at the sixth rank to further his uses outside battle.

Regill is one of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous’ most valuable companions, as he begins with a Prestige Class already unlocked. He is the first Gnome companion available in Pathfinder and an extremely powerful Hell Knight Fighter capable of dealing tremendous close-range damage. His Gnome Hooked Hammer corresponds directly with his Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization Feats, and his Persuasion, Knowledge Arcana, and Lore Religion Skills are equal to Sosiel’s. While Regill’s personality isn’t as welcoming as Sosiel’s, Regill makes a dangerous addition to any party. Players can recruit Regill during the "Walking By Hell" quest in Act 2.

Arueshalae is a unique companion available for recruitment during Act 2, as she is a demonic succubus desperate to change her ways. While her demonic nature may lead some players to question Arueshalae’s motives, her words and intentions are genuine. Gaining the succubus’ trust and learning about her past turns Arueshalae into one of WOTR’s most intriguing companions. Before starting Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, players should understand the sheer amount of immunities demons have to basic weaponry.

Thankfully, Arueshalae brings these resistances to the team, making her a valuable addition. As an Espionage Expert Ranger, Arueshalae has many Feats and Skills, including Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Deadly Aim, Manyshot, Clustered Shots, Persuasion, Trickery, Stealth, Perception, Mobility, and more. Arueshalae is also available as one of Pathfinder’s romances. Players can recruit her in the Drezen prison but lose her allegiance if they commit to a Demonic Mythic Path.

Greybor and Regill fulfill similar roles in combat, with Greybor fulfilling the Slayer role in battle. As a later recruit into Pathfinder’s party, Greyboar comes with Feats up to Level 9, including but not limited to Double Slice, Accomplished Sneak Attacker, Hammer the Gap, and Power Attack. His Skills also reach the ninth rank, including Athletics, Mobility, Perception, and Stealth. While Greybor isn’t a romance option, his blunt attitude and eagerness in battle provide a refreshing change from Pathfinder’s usual doom-and-gloom Crusades. Greybor is a mercenary that players can hire in Act 3 at The Half Measure Tavern. In a way, Greybor’s tavern location mirrors Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder’s tropes of starting new adventures.

[Warning: Spoilers below for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Secret Companions.]

Trever’s presence in the party directly connects to the completion of Sosiel’s quest. Most companions in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous appear statically throughout the world, but Trever is a special case. As Sosiel’s brother, Trever is the only companion who requires the recruitment of another to appear in the game.

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Trever appears during Sosiel’s personal quest, where the Cleric is desperate to redeem his brother. Unfortunately, after Trever’s horrendous experiences in the Crusades, the Fallen Paladin resorted to wasting his life in the Battlebliss Arena. Players must return in Act 4 to retrieve Trever from his solitude and reunite him with his brother. The dynamic of siblings in the party is an exciting relationship to explore and provides entertaining interactions. Most Paladin characters tend to be overly self-righteous, but Trever provides a refreshing change of pace to the class’ archetype.

Queen Galfrey is a unique character that players can only recruit under particular circumstances in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. As the Monarch of Mendev, Galfrey leads the Crusades against the demonic hordes and has become a symbol of hope to the attacked populace. There are two ways for players to recruit Queen Galfrey: either by becoming a Lich or romancing her.

The Lich Mythic Path allows players to kill Galfrey in Iz and resurrect her as an undead slave shortly after. However, romancing Queen Galfrey and earning her support is a far more respectable method. If players have maintained a Good or Non-Chaotic Alignment, they can earn her loyalty and attraction, turning the Queen into a romance option in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. She then offers to join the party and offers unique powers and solutions with her status as Monarch.

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