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Animal Crossing: How To Unlock Every Facility In Happy Home Paradise DLC

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC invites players to leave their own island getaway to lend their skills to the Happy Home Archipelago and its Paradise Planning team. This brand new archipelago has limitless space to build vacation homes for villagers, designing each one based on a specific theme with a catalog of furniture to choose from. However, the Happy Home Archipelago is also home to several vacant buildings that are grey and locked when the player first arrives.

Lottie will ask for the player’s assistance in transforming these vacant buildings into facilities for vacationers on the archipelago. These facilities are not only another chance for players to design around a given theme, but offer opportunities for players to get new design skills, DIY recipes, and rare items. In addition, the archipelago’s many villagers will gather and interact in the new facilities, making the Happy Home Archipelago feel like a real vacation town of the player’s own design.

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Once the player designs enough Animal Crossing vacation homes, Lottie will give them their first promotion to “Promising Designer.” At this point, the paycheck for each vacation home increases from 6,000 Poki to 9,000 Poki, and there will be a variety of new work clothes to change into in the Paradise Planning office. Promising Designers can also help the Paradise Planning team open and design the five facilities that can be found on the archipelago.

To start unlocking facilities in Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise DLC, players must first complete four vacation homes. Once they do, Lottie will inform them that it’s time to take a break from their work. She will suggest that they take a long walk around the entire archipelago and then leave the office herself. Players can find her at the building immediately to the left of the Paradise Planning office with a thought bubble over her head. Lottie will tell the player that she wants to open a number of facilities on the archipelago once they have enough clients.

Six vacation homes must be completed before Lottie will reward the player with the “Promising Designer” title in Animal Crossing. At this point, players can speak with her again, and she will let them know that she has gotten the permits to open a school on the Happy Home Archipelago. This is the first facility to be unlocked, and Lottie will take the player to the same vacant building as before in order to start designing it.

Once the school is completed, players can select one of their vacation home-owners to be this facility’s teacher, and they change the villager’s apparel accordingly. The school gives players the opportunity to learn new design skills when new lessons become available. Players can also speak with the teacher to get a shrub matching the ones growing outside the school.

The restaurant and the café are the next facilities that can be unlocked, both of which are available after the player completes 12 Animal Crossing vacation homes. Lottie won’t be able to decide which of them should be built first, leaving it up to the player to pick whichever option they’d like to design. Whichever facility the player does not build first can be built as soon as they’ve completed their chosen project.

Unlike the school, both of these facilities have multiple rooms for the player to decorate, giving them a wider variety of options for layouts, designs, and themes. In addition, players can unlock lighting effects by opening the second facility. Soundscapes can be unlocked after opening the third facility, but players must find Wardell on the beach and speak with him in order to do so.

The restaurant in Animal Crossing has both a dining hall and a kitchen, and facilities with multiple rooms have furniture requirements for each room. While the school only required one villager to be employed, the other facilities have multiple roles that villagers can take on. Players can select a chef, apprentice, cashier, and employee for their restaurant. This facility allows players to learn a new cooking DIY recipe from the facility’s appointed chef once per day.

At the café, players can spend Poki to buy various foods and drinks. The menu changes every day, so players who are looking to stock up on food that they haven’t learned the recipe for should check back often. Food and drink can, of course, be consumed for energy, but these aesthetically-pleasing dishes can also be placed as furniture like the other food items added as part of Animal Crossing’s 2.0 update.

After designing 25 vacation homes, players will unlock the hospital in Animal Crossing. Speaking with the hospital’s doctor will grant the player a hospital-themed clothing item once per day. The hospital is the only facility that players can upgrade after its completion, giving them the option to build a patient ward. Players must donate 120,000 Poki to expand the facility, which will be upgraded the next day.

The final facility in Animal Crossing Happy Home DLC is the apparel shop, which players can unlock by completing 30 vacation homes on the archipelago. This facility has a limit on furniture as players can only add up to 6 mannequins to the shop. Here, players can purchase rare clothes with their hard-earned Poki. Like the Tailor shop back home, the clothing items in this apparel shop change every day.

Players can remodel both the inside and the outside of the facilities for free by speaking with Lottie and asking about the facilities. The facilities can also be renamed, but naming them is entirely optional as well. The villagers' clothing can be changed while they’re inside, giving the player full control of the aesthetic of each facility.

Completing each facility will reward players with a hefty paycheck of 25,000 Poki, so players can earn plenty to spend on all of the new items that will become available on the Happy Home Archipelago. On top of that, Lottie will give the player a promotion in order to open each facility, increasing their paycheck per vacation home each time and giving the player new options for work clothes as well.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

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