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Bachelorette: Becca & Tayshia Explain How S18 Men Differ From Past Seasons

Becca Kufrin and Tayshia Adams are impressed with the behavior of the men on The Bachelorette season 18 and explained how they are different from those in past seasons because when some of them start rumors or arguments, the others either do not engage or they quickly try to confront the problem. These men make it clear that they are there for Michelle, and they do not want to take away from their time with her to get involved with unnecessary, petty arguments. This is a contrast from seasons past when the majority of the men would insert themselves into situations, thereby shifting their focus from finding love to dealing with drama. Most of these men are clearly there for Michelle, and the ones who aren't are sent home almost immediately.

Two of Michelle's suitors, Peter Izzo and Will Urena, disliked each other and had loud, public arguments in front of the other men multiple times. When they started fighting with each other on the couch on one of the group dates, a few of the guys got up and left. Although Nayte Olukoya stayed, he did not bother to get involved with the argument. He simply sat silently, and let Peter and Will show their true colors. Similarly, when Michelle told Rick Leach that it was Jamie Skaar who lied to her about the men questioning her character, Nayte decided that they should confront Jamie right away, rather than let the situation fester and ruin the mood of the cocktail party.

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On the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Becca and Tayshia discussed how these reactions are so different from years past. Becca acknowledged that there was "a little bit of drama sprinkled in each night," but it wasn't "overly heightened," which made it more tolerable for viewers. Tayshia agreed, saying that the drama fell flat because the guys are not engaging with it. She said that everyone else just stares at the men who argue in disbelief, which keeps it between the two people who have the disagreement. She then explained that this is the difference between this group and those from previous seasons, saying, "With Katie's season, a lot of the guys got really hyped and upset about it and had a lot of things to say." She pointed out how Nayte kept his cool and didn't flinch.

Becca attributed this to the maturity of most of the men this season. She explained that she likes watching because when there is drama going on, "they kind of just shut it down and no one else really feeds into it and engages." She appreciated that they are very aware of Michelle, and they don't want to ruin her night or week. Becca again contrasted these men with those from previous seasons, saying that she wishes past contestants had behaved the same way "because there's a lot of pressure just going into this in general, and there's a lack of sleep, your schedules are off. But when the men kind of nip everything in the bud right away, and they're like, 'Don't bring this to Michelle. She doesn't need to be part of this drama. Her week last week was already ruined,' I like that about these men." Tayshia agreed, saying that in the situation with Jamie, the men went straight to him instead of trying to get the attention or the spotlight by going to Michelle. She admitted that although the drama falls flat for a television show, it is "kind of nice" to see this change.

Becca and Tayshia have acknowledged what viewers have noticed about the men this season. Michelle is lucky to have mature men who truly want the best for her for the most part. When red flags emerge, the guys help her to navigate the process and find out the truth, rather than engage in the drama and make things worse. It is refreshing to see men who are heroes rather than villains getting airtime. Michelle will have some difficult decisions moving forward because she has a group of truly great guys who are there for her. These men have broken the mold for the show and set a new standard of behavior for future seasons.

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The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

Source: Bachelor Happy Hour/Apple Podcasts

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