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Barry Keoghan Interview: Eternals | Screen Rant

Marvel's latest superhero origin story, Eternals premieres in theaters on November 5. The movie follows a race of immortal aliens who have watched over earth for centuries without interfering, until their enemies the Deviants arrive. The team, including super-strong Druig played by Barry Keoghan, then find themselves involved in a battle to protect humanity.

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Keoghan spoke to Screen Rant about what it means to be a part of the MCU, the period in history he'd like to visit, and which Marvel he wants Druig to meet.

Screen Rant: What does it mean to you to be a part of the Marvel Universe?

Barry Keoghan: It is a huge deal and it's exciting. It's nerve-wracking. I really am excited for November 5th to see everyone's reaction. Marvel has such a huge fan base and I'm excited to see what people think and their theories on things and their interpretations.

 I was looking at some photos from the premiere and I saw you and Will Poulter catching up. I loved that because he just joined the Marvel Universe as well.

Barry Keoghan: I was like, "Welcome, bro. You don't mind if I photo-bomb?" He said, "Oh, Barry!" I was like, "What are you doing here?"

Will's a good friend. I've spent some time with Will on holidays and he's a lovely lad and he just keeps getting taller every time. I keep getting smaller, but I don't know, that man must be seven foot now. Probably next time, he'll be eight foot. 

The story of Eternals spans 7,000 years. So there are obviously some years that are unaccounted for. I was curious if you could have a Druig spinoff in any era, what would you want it to be?

Barry Keoghan: I love the Amazon world, you know? I do. I love that. I'd love to explore that more and see where that went. But again, everything's so peaceful there, so maybe there wouldn't be a lot to do. Fight some tigers, I don't know. Are there tigers in the Amazon? There's not. Eat some wolves.

Maybe it's Adam Warlock, but if you could have Druig meet any existing Avenger who would it be?

Barry Keoghan: It would be Adam Warlock, now that you say it. I was hoping that there'd be one more interview that would ask that, and there it is. I would love to cross paths and again, being a big Will Poulter fan and my friend, it just, yeah. There's so much room there to have fun and explore as well.

The Guardians of the Galaxy as well, which I love.

I got to ask you, you posted some cryptic emojis the other day. A lot of people took it to mean that you are hinting that you are in Dune 2. Care to explain?

Barry Keoghan: Is that what people are saying? Well, take it whatever way you want.

I love Timothee [Chalamet]. I love Denis [Villeneuve]. Massive, massive fan. And yeah, that's all I'll say.

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