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Batman’s Lamest Villain Could Still Kill Thor | Screen Rant

Warning! Spoilers for Suicide Squad: King Shark #6 ahead!

One of Batman's lamest villains, Pigeon Person, could easily kill the God of Thunder, Thor. The once-forgettable character returns has returned with a new name and new powers as part of Amanda Waller's Limbo Legion in Suicide Squad: King Shark #6. 

Pigeon Person made her first appearance in 1967's All-Star Comics #67 in a Hostess Cupcakes ad titled "Batman & Robin Birds of a Feather." A human-bird hybrid with enormous wings allowing her to fly, she set out to steal American monuments with the help of her pigeons. Her plans were thwarted when the military used Hostess Cupcakes to lure her birds away. The villain would make her return in 2017 in Nightwing #11 as a powerless art thief named "The Pigeon," who engineers her own set of wings to help scout monuments worthy of stealing. Now, the harmless art thief is taking on a new bird form with powers that go far beyond the control of pigeons.

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Suicide Squad: King Shark #6, by the creative minds of  Tim Seeley, Scott Kolins, John Kalisz, and Wes Abbot, reintroduces Beatrice Butler, aka Pigeon Person as a member of the Limbo Legion, a subdivision of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad. The supervillain's new anthropomorphic look resembles more of a bird than a human with full-on wings, feathers, and talons for hands and feet. Although she's called both Pigeon and Pigeon Person in the issue, her newest nickname, "God Killer," connects to her newly upgraded power. In this case, Pigeon interrupts King Shark and Tiger Queen's duel by attacking the Tigress deity, siphoning her life force and killing her. However, if given a chance to fight against a mighty God like Thor, Pigeon could win under the right circumstances.

Pigeon's new "God Killer" power acts as a close-range attack that works perfectly with her new bird biology. Moving swiftly through the air like a Valkyrie and sinking her sharp talons into her prey, absorbing their powers and life force in a deadly sneak attack. So far, Pigeon has used her new powers to hold the mother of King Shark, Keika, hostage by weakening her priestess powers and killing the Tiger deity, Queen Tiger, in the Wild Games. This shows the range of her new "God Killer" powers and her ability to takedown a god twice her size.

The God of Thunder's powers resides in his half Asgardian and Elder God blood, with his mother being Gaea, the goddess of Earth. Thor's might hammer Mjolnir also acts as a harness of his powers, as both a long-range and close-range attack, but the Asgardian's brawler style could play into close-range sneak attack. Of course, Thor has taken down a few powerful foes in his lustrous career; he's also suffered many losses at the hands of heroes, like Guardian of the Galaxy member Mantis, another animal hybrid. Thor's overwhelming stamina and power could help him defeat Pigeon Person, but they could also just provide a heartier meal for her if she were to absorb them.

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