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Batman's New Medieval Armor is His Most Brilliant in Years

Warning! Potential spoilers for Dark Knights of Steel #1 by DC Comics

In the new Dark Knights of Steel miniseries, Batman has received an epic new armor that's one of the Caped Crusader's best looks ever. In the new comic, the Dark Knight trades his usual costume for a set of medieval armor - which immediately has become one of his most iconic superhero get-ups yet.

Dark Knights of Steel by Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri has taken the greatest heroes and villains of the DC Universe and put them in the medieval age. The story makes significant changes to both Superman and Batman's stories. Instead of being the sole survivor of Krypton, Kal-El's parents made the journey to Earth as Lara-El was pregnant with him. In the present day, Superman's family formed the House of El, where Kal-El is the kingdom's prince. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne has become the DC Universe's Witcher, as he protects the House of El from magical threats. The first issue of the series ended with Jor-El revealing Bruce was his son. Sadly, Jor-El was killed by an enchanted arrow as soon as he delivered the news.

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In Dark Knights of Steel #1 by Taylor, Yasmine Putri, and Wes Abbott, characters in the DC Universe get medieval makeovers. Superman trades in his iconic costume for a more fitting ensemble for the time period, Harley Quinn becomes a literal jester, and Black Lightning wears a crown as the leader of the Kingdom of Storms. However, the coolest medieval outfit belongs to Batman. In the series, he wears a similar cowl as he's worn before. But, he trades in his brand of armor for a more medieval suit, which looks incredibly badass. Batman also seems to be sporting a tunic with his long cape. Bruce also carries a massive sword that sits on his back to top off the look.

Putri's design for Batman does a fantastic job at retaining core elements of the Dark Knight's original costume (such as the cowl and bat symbol) while making smart changes that fit the medieval time period of the Dark Knights of Steel. The armor is glorious.

An armor-wearing, sword-wielding Batman riding a horse is one of the coolest versions of the hero ever to exist. In just one issue, Taylor and Putri manage to completely reshape the DC Universe in an exciting way that's somehow both unique, exciting, and familiar at the same time. Batman's new medieval armor is one of his best looks, and we can't wait to see more of it in action in the Dark Knights of Steel universe.

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