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Battlefield 2042 Vs Call Of Duty: Vanguard - Which Is For You?

Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty: Vanguard, the newest entries in the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises, have now been released, but which one should players buy? Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on November 5, and Battlefield 2042 is fully launching on November 19. The two FPS series have gone in different directions over the years, with Battlefield providing large-scale multiplayer mayhem, and Call of Duty portraying fast-paced combat with high customization.

Call of Duty has continued its massive popularity over the last few years with the introduction of Warzone, a massive free-to-play battle royale title that span off of 2019's Modern Warfare. The BR genre has some of the biggest player numbers and generates colossal amounts of money. Battlefield is yet to fully capitalize on the battle royale craze, however, with Battlefield 5's firestorm add-on not being free-to-play, which may have narrowed its appeal when compared to Call of Duty. In 2021, Battlefield 2042 has added the new Hazard Zone game mode which is similar to Escape from Tarkov, which could entice players over from Warzone. For those who do enjoy battle royale, Vanguard brings multiple changes to Warzone, so it will be worth buying to get ahead on mastering the new weapons and more.

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When deciding between the two, players should also consider how much content is in the game. Call of Duty: Vanguard has the classic CoD multiplayer, a brand-new campaign mode, and a Zombies mode that has been met with a mixed response from fans. Additionally, Warzone is free-to-play for everyone and any progress made in Vanguard can be carried over into WarzoneBattlefield 2042 does not have a campaign or story mode. At launch, it will have its usual multiplayer mode, called All-Out Warfare; Portal, which features maps from classic Battlefield games with the new guns and mechanics; and the new Hazard Zone game mode. Replayability is key when deciding which game is worth buying, so players should think about which of these game modes they will enjoy the most over the next 12 months.

Despite Battlefield 2042 and CoD: Vanguard featuring a greater overlap of game modes compared to previous entries, both games provide different FPS experiences. Vanguard's gameplay has not changed much from the Call of Duty titles from 10 years ago. It is very fast-paced, has a high time-to-kill, vast customization options and like some previous Call of Duty games features a WW2 setting. The multiplayer has small to medium-sized maps and the same classic game modes such as domination and search and destroy. Battlefield 2042's gameplay is very different, set in the near future with huge maps that can fit up to 128 players. Players can use land and air vehicles to move around and shoot enemies. The main objectives revolve around controlling large portions of the map or depleting the enemy team's reinforcements. The time-to-kill is fairly quick, but the overall pacing of the combat is slower due to the size of the maps.

Battlefield and Call of Duty will always invite comparisons, but they ultimately provide two different styles of FPS gameplay. If players enjoy arcade-style, fast-paced WW2 action and play Warzone, then Vanguard is the one to get. If a player wants to fly helicopters, battle across huge maps and try a new Escape from Tarkov-style mode then Battlefield 2042 is worth a go. Both games have a lot to offer, but it all depends on what kind of FPS a given player is after.

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