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Black Clover: 10 Most Powerful Characters Who Aren't Captains, Ranked

Black Clover has some of the most well-written and entertaining characters in all of anime. In terms of their magic (or anti-magic) abilities, some of the strongest and most over-powered characters happen to be Magic Knight squad captains; after all, they didn't just earn those titles for nothing.

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However, what about those other characters in lower-ranked positions, or even those who don't hold any position of rank at all? Where do they stack up against one another? There are quite a lot to choose from, but upon closer examination and by careful analysis of their magic usage, the answers may (or may not) surprise some.

10 Noelle Silva

When it comes to strong female protagonists in anime, Noelle sets an ideal example. As a descendant of a royal bloodline, Noelle was already gifted with immense power, but learning to control it was another story. While she struggled to maintain control of her water magic at the start of the series, she's shown significant improvement over its progression.

Her Valkyrie armor offers her increased speed and mobility, while her Sea Dragon's Roar spell is powerful enough to destroy any defensive spell from any opponent. Training under Lolopechka of the Heart Kingdom, and seen during their battle against Dark Triad member Vanica, her skills are greater than ever before. Despite her advancements, however, she still has quite a lot left to learn before she can even be considered to be on equal footing with her squad captain brother, Nozel.

9 Luck Voltia

This excitable and rambunctious rapscallion loves to spar and fight, and the strength of his magic clearly shows just how much he loves to exercise it. Along with his superior coordination skills and high speed resulting from his lightning magic, Luck is also extremely observant and adaptable in battle.

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The time his body was possessed by the elf Lufulu helped to immensely improve his skill, retaining some of the elf's own abilities. His recent time at the Heart Kingdom has strengthened his power even further, with his mana method powerful enough for him to even pass through an opponent's body, as seen in his fight against Dark Disciple Svenkin.

8 Yuno

An orphaned prodigy from Hage village turned Golden Dawn member and co-Vice Captain, Yuno has come quite a long way since the first episode. While his wind magic was already exceptionally strong before joining the Golden Dawn, his power increased after finding the spirit of Sylph.

With Sylph (whom he refers to as "Bell") floating by his side, they use their combined forces to conjure up some of the most impressive spells ever displayed in the series like Sylph's Breath and Spirit Dive. While it's been up for debate since season one as to who has the upper hand in the rivalry between Asta and Yuno, certain recent developments may have put Asta just one step further.

7 Asta

He may not have magic, but with the help of the devil Liebe residing in his grimoire, Asta's anti-magic abilities give him quite a unique advantage against any opponent who dares to face off against him.

When even Yami, one of the most powerful squad captains, calls upon Asta for assistance in fighting a Dark Triad member, it's clear he's a fighter to never underestimate. It's also thanks to Yami that he also has another useful skill: Ki detection. Given his recent time at the Heart Kingdom, not only has his physical strength increased significantly, but the contract formed with Liebe is sure to increase Asta's devil power, demon form, and anti-magic as well.

6 Charmy Pappitson

With her use of cotton magic, and her food magic feeding her insatiable appetite, Charmy's mana has been particularly kind to her. She may not look like it, but beneath her adorable chibi exterior lies a far more aggressive power no other magic knight could possibly match up against.

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An extremely rare hybrid being with ancient dwarf blood coursing through her veins, she's even able to consume the mana of others to further enhance her own to an unbelievable level. With her giant wolf form even managing to intimidate and defeat a Lira-possessed Rill and initially take down Dark Disciple Halbet, it's possible that she might just be the strongest non-Captain magic knight in the entire Clover kingdom. She's also won nearly every fight she's ever been in, which is not something that just any other character in the series can say.

5 The Devils (All Of Them)

Before there was the Clover Kingdom, there were devils. Residing in the underworld, they're the very essence of evil, who will stop at nothing to bring pain and misery to the world above them. These are the creatures responsible for Asta's anti-magic and the unbelievable power of the Dark Triad.

While incredibly dangerous and worthy of being considered one of the most powerful villains in anime, they're not as much of a threat on their own, with Asta's anti-magic able to destroy high-ranking devils like Zagred, and low-ranking devils being easier to kill, only requiring several large hits of mana to do so. However, by combining their power with that of an experienced mage, their possession forms an intimidating unit of deadly magical prowess that not even the most experienced of magic users can defeat on their own.

4 Lolopechka

The Queen of the Heart kingdom, Lolopechka uses her water magic to survey and protect her land and its people. Her demeanor may be clumsy, but her magic is exceptional. Her mana zone covers her entire kingdom, giving her an omniscient sense of everything occurring within it.

She also happens to have the water spirit Undine at her side to enhance and cast powerful spells like Ludic Sanctuary. While she has yet to show her true strength in battle, due to her lack of fighting experience and knowledge of attack spells, the power she does possess shows incredible untapped potential for such a situation.

3 The Witch Queen

One of the more calmly intimidating and seemingly irredeemable villains seen in Black Clover, the Witch Queen has centuries' worth of experience and knowledge of her blood magic, which she uses to manipulate her victims like puppets.

At one point, when she had taken control of Asta in an attempt to kill Vanessa's squadmates, she seemed impossible to defeat. The strength of her power even allows her to cast multiple high-level magic spells after another, using up hardly any of her mana in the process. Had it not been for the dumb luck of interference by Vanessa's thread cat Rogue, things may not have ended the same way for Asta and the gang.

2 Julius Novastromo

While his current teenage iteration presents a few problems, Julius's previous adult form was certainly a force to never be reckoned with. Having time magic, restraining magic, and even transformation magic at his disposal, there are several clear reasons as to why he became the Wizard King.

He's displayed the strength of his power before, as seen in his battle with the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Although he lost and was seemingly killed fighting a Patolli-possessed William Vangeance, fans have argued that the only reason for that was due to him not using his full power, in an attempt to avoid killing him. He's a powerful wizard and strong leader with an immense amount of power, but he's nothing compared to what came before him.

1 Lumiere Silvamillion Clover

The man, the myth, the legend: the first-ever Wizard King. A magical prodigy born into a royal family, Lemiel (or Lumiere in the English version) possessed a great deal of magical knowledge and mana strength even at a younger age.

Despite his weakened, reawakened state after being brought back by Nero, newly reverted from her bird form, he managed to play a crucial part in ending the Elf tribe's attack on the Clover Kingdom. While he was sadly not long for his world, nearly dying after saving it the first time and giving his life to save it for the second, it's important to remember that this is also the man who single-handedly defeated a giant demon with his light magic. How could any other character come close to achieving that kind of victory all on their own? Short answer: they can't.

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