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Black Widow Returns to Her Very First Costume In '60s-Themed Cosplay

While Black Widow's current costume has largely stayed similar for decades, the hero initially wore a look that screamed of the late '60s and early '70s. In a great new cosplay from @whatkatydidcosplay, Black Widow's first superhero outfit gets brought to life in a costume that Marvel Comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe are unlikely to use going forward, considering how cheesy and hilarious it would look in present-day stories.

Black Widow has some of the most classic costumes in comics, but Marvel hadn't quite nailed down the character's look when she first appeared. Natasha Romanoff first appeared in Tales of Suspense #52 by Stan Lee, Don Heck, and Sam Rosen, where the Soviet agent was hired to track down and kill Tony Stark. However, in Tales of Suspense #64, Black Widow was given her first costume. The look was... unique. Natasha wore a blue fishnet leotard with a blue mask and a short cape. The look also featured a very '60s hairdo. It's a far cry from the sleek, sexy costume Black Widow would become known for sporting. Natasha's most iconic bodysuit costume would later be introduced in the late '70s.

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On her Instagram page, @whatkatydidcosplay shared her take on the original Black Widow costume from the '60s, which showcases how over-the-top and silly the character's look was. The cosplayer nails the '60s Black Widow look, from the puffy hair to the fishnet details throughout, and of course, the silly blue mask. In the caption of the photo, @whatkatydidcosplay says she was "gobsmacked" by the original design, calling it "truly wacky." However, she fell in love with the look and knew she had to recreate Black Widow's '60s costume.

@whatkatydidcosplay wore the look to a fan event from the premiere of Black Widow, where you can see just how much the hero's costume has changed from the '60s to the present. While there's undoubtedly something charming about the original costume, it's hard to deny Black Widow's modern ensembles are much more fitting for the superspy. Black Widow stands out like a sore thumb in her classic look.

It's a shame Marvel never made a sneaky reference to Black Widow's original costume in the Marvel Cinematic Universe like they did for Scarlet Witch in WandaVision and Luke Cage in his self-titled series. Still, it's a lot of fun to see Black Widow's first costume life in the pitch-perfect cosplay.

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Source: whatkatydidcosplay

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