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Blade Trends As Security Guard Photo Gets Compared To Marvel Hero

Marvel's Blade is trending on Twitter after a new security guard photo has users pointing out the resemblance to the vampire-killing Marvel hero. The success of 1998's Blade seemingly paved the way for the current success of Marvel movies. Headlined by Wesley Snipes in the titular role, the film's success led to two sequels, Blade II in 2002 and Blade: Trinity in 2004.

The Blade franchise hasn't seen a new film release since Trinity, but Marvel is looking to reboot the franchise with a new film, which is currently expected to release in either 2022 or 2023. The new Blade will see Green Book star Mahershala Ali take on the titular role this time around, and Snipes himself has expressed confidence that Ali is the perfect man for the job. While details on the film remain nearly non-existent at this point, fans have already been given a taste of what Ali will bring to the table after his brief voice-only cameo during the post-credits scene of Eternals.

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While Eternals re-invigorated the excitement surrounding Blade, the film is trending once more on Twitter after a picture of a security guard has many users pointing out his resemblance to the famed vampire killer. With a long black leather trench coat and enough weaponry to take down an army of bloodthirsty vampires (including what appears to be an actual sheathed katana sword), this security guard has spawned dozens of funny comments on Twitter as people compare him to Snipes' character. Check out some of the Tweets below:

It's not entirely clear from the picture, but it would appear that the security guard is working in some crowd-heavy club or bar setting. In addition to the codename "Agent Wolf," the lettering stitched onto the man's jacket reveals the security agency's name to be "AGASTS," which research shows stands for Armed Guardian Angel Secure Transportation Services. AGASTS specializes in personal security, bodyguard services, and bounty hunting, according to a company business listing.

Although the image has spawned several funny comments and comparisons, the image has also demonstrated that many fans are excited about the upcoming Blade reboot. Not only that, but the immediate connection between the man's uniform and the character of Blade shows that, even though a new film hasn't been released in the franchise for over 15 years, Blade remains as significant and beloved as ever in popular culture. While information about the new Blade film may be hard to come by, it's clear that if Ali should have to drop out of the role for whatever reason, producers at Marvel should get Agent Wolf on the phone.

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