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Blade's Iconic Costume Actually Belonged to Wolverine First

While Blade may better be known for his iconic black trench coat, his signature look actually belonged to Wolverine first. The revelation came in Blade Vol. 4 #5, written by Marc Guggenheim and illustrated by Howard Chaykin. The one-shot is a Civil War tie-in, where S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits Blade to go after Wolverine, who is in violation of the Superhuman Registration Act.

Wolverine may be the more popularly recognizable character of the two, but he and Blade share a similar trait that has left their histories entwined. Blade’s origin began when his mother was attacked by a vampire while she was pregnant, turning Blade half-vampire/half-human with the ability to walk in sunlight. Blade went on to become a vampire hunter, aging at a much slower rate than normal humans. Wolverine, having been born in the 1800s, similarly ages at a slower rate on account of his healing factor, appearing much younger than he actually is. Needless to say, both characters have seen more than their fair share of danger over the centuries.

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During the course of Blade #5, Blade tracks Wolverine down on behalf of Maria Hill, and the two engage in a brutal fight in Wolverine’s apartment. At some point during the fight, Blade removes Wolverine’s trademark mask, exposing his face. Blade then abruptly ends the fight and returns to Hill, proclaiming that Wolverine is off-limits. When Hill asks why, Blade says that he owes Wolverine a favor. It’s then revealed that during Blade’s early vampire hunting days, Wolverine stepped in and saved Blade from a vampire attack. Having lost a lot of blood, Wolverine takes off the trench coat he’d been wearing and puts it on Blade to keep him warm.

Although Blade wasn’t wearing the trench coat during the present-day portion of the issue, the coat is an iconic part of the character’s look. Along with black sunglasses, the coat was cemented as part of Blade’s costume in large part due to Wesley Snipes’s take on the character from the 1998 film. To keep the coat in line with his own style, Wolverine wore a cowboy hat along with it. Blade mentions in the issue that he never met Wolverine before, so it’s unlikely the two engaged in much conversation following the incident. But Blade obviously had a good enough look at Wolverine’s face to recognize him as his savior decades later. The exact year of the meeting wasn’t specified, but based on fashion during the flashback, it would appear it took place during the 1920s.

When writing about immortal characters or characters that age slowly, Marvel will often have stories where they interacted in the far past. In this case, it was to reveal an interesting and unknown history that links Wolverine and Blade, even though it appeared as if neither one of them remembered much of it.

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