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BOTW Cheats & Exploits That Actually Make The Game More Fun

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is full of hidden exploits that enhance gameplay or make some of the monotonous activities more fun. There are ways to travel faster or more efficiently, and unconventional methods for fighting enemies, that involve using the game's mechanics in unintended ways. Each of these tricks can be performed without breaking or ruining the game.

Since the launch of BOTW, players have been trying to uncover new cheats and different ways to play. There are some tricks, like trying to cheat collecting the Stasis Rune in BOTW, that were anticipated by developers. In this instance, a message was left behind that indicates this Ancient Shrine can't be skipped and players would need to backtrack to pick it up. Although the cheat was stopped for this Shrine, there are over 100 cheats in the game that do work.

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Throughout BOTW, there are many opportunities for exploration. Players are able to exploit various mechanics or use Runes to progress in unique ways. With players constantly uncovering new ways to adventure across Hyrule, such as using a Magnesis vehicle or fighting an enemy by making a Cucco attack it, the possibilities for adventuring are nearly limitless. The cheats discovered in BOTW let players have unique, exciting experiences each time they play.

Using Magnesis, a metal object, and a mining cart, players can quickly traverse Hyrule in a makeshift vehicle. A metal chest works best for this cheat, but any metal object can be used. Simply place the object at the front of a mining cart in the cockpit, then use Magnesis to push the metal forward. The force will move the mining cart across flat and slightly raised terrains. Although it can be a bit difficult to get this BOTW cheat to work in sloped areas, it is still a fun and nontraditional way to get around. This method of travel can also be quicker across flat areas than Breath of the Wild's lower-level horses.

Magnesis can also be used to sail a raft in BOTW. Instead of using a Korok Leaf to push wind into the sail, players can use a metal object to move the raft. A large weapon, like the Cobble Crusher, will work well for this trick. To perform it, drop the metal weapon, then use Magnesis to push it up against the mast and sail. This will propel the boat forward. Alternatively, the weapon can be used on the front of the sail to change direction. This cheat may take some practice because the weapon easily slips off of the mast, but it's especially useful when players don't have a Korok Leaf in their inventory.

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The last Magnesis vehicle cheat in BOTW is a flying machine that, while fun to use, is rather slow and impractical. This trick also uses a mining cart and a metal object. Players can grab a large metal box, place it on the minecart, then climb on top of the box. Using Magnesis on the mining cart will cause the whole contraption to be lifted up because of the object in between Link and his target.

Cuccos are known by Legend of Zelda fans as dangerous birds with short tempers. When damaged enough, these creatures turn on Link and attack him relentlessly. In BOTW, players can use Cuccos to attack their enemies as well. If players grab a Cucco, they can throw it at an enemy, and if the enemy attacks it, then the bird will react the same way it does with Link. At the command of the attacked bird, Cuccos will swarm around the enemy and damage it continuously until it perishes. The ability to use Cuccos as weapons offers a unique way to defeat enemies while finding a new use for traditionally dangerous animals.

The bullet time bounce in BOTW is a move that is used a lot for speedruns, but it can also help players that want to play the game traditionally. This exploit gives them a way to have a bird's eye view in regions far away from towers. Areas with dense foliage or high mountains can be tough to navigate or explore thoroughly, and without enough stamina, players may not be able to climb high enough to get a good view of the area. The bullet time bounce can help give players a new perspective.

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In order to perform the bullet time bounce, players need to position themselves just above an enemy. Link needs to jump down toward the enemy, use the shield surf move, then enter bullet time by aiming with the bow. When players land on the enemy while aiming, they will bounce high in the air and can cover large distances, then land using the paraglider. Players attempting this move should have some stamina restoring food, like Breath of the Wild's Energizing Monster Curry, in case they're in bullet time too long and use a lot of Link's stamina. The bullet time bounce is useful for those that need to get high up to scope out their surroundings.

Similar to the bullet time bounce, the Stasis launch lets players travel across large distances in a short time. The benefit of using this instead of fast traveling is that players will be able to scope out the land around them as they're passing through. This can lead to new shrine discoveries or areas of interest without having to use glitches or cheating the game. Stasis is an ability earned during BOTW's Great Plateau tutorial, so it can be used from the opening of the game.

To perform a Stasis launch, players need to find an object that they can use the Rune on and that Link can grab. A tree or large boulder will work well for this trick. Link should freeze the object with Stasis, then hit it as many times as possible without breaking it. Just before Stasis runs out, Link needs to grab hold of the object by climbing on it. Once Stasis breaks, the object, and Link, will go flying through the air. The distance traveled will depend on how much damage was done during Stasis, but players should be careful not to break the object they intend to use. Once mastered, BOTW's Stasis launch trick can be used to travel across small or large areas with the intent of making new discoveries.

BOTW has a variety of opportunities to enhance or change gameplay in ways that don't skip over the best parts of the game. In the spirit of exploration and adventure, players can find new ways of discovering shrines, enemy fortresses, and side quests with tricks like Magnesis driving or Stasis launching. Exploits and cheats in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild let players change their adventure for new experiences each time they play.

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