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DC Comics Brings Back Devil Ray (As Black Manta's OTHER Son?)

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Black Manta #2

In DC's Black Manta, it's just been teased that the arch-foe of Aquaman may have another son other than Jackson Hyde who's going by the classic name Devil Ray. In the new series' second issue, Black Manta is trying to come up with a means to save his own life before he dies. However, the issue's end suggests that Manta's family is bigger than previously believed as he may have a son who's as powerful as Jackson, making him the secret brother to the future Aquaman of the DC Universe.

Thus far in DC's new Black Manta series from writer Chuck Brown and artist Valentine de Landro, one of Black Manta's men recovered a mysterious glowing rock from the ocean floor. However, it began giving Manta terrible headaches along with other seemingly random people around the world. Realizing that the rock was threatening to kill him, Black Manta sought help from marine biologist and Atlantis expert Dr. Stephen Shin, who confirmed that the rock was an ancient magical ore forged by the Lost Tribe of Atlantis. Furthermore, Shin claimed that Black Manta's negative reaction to the metal was the result of dormant Atlantean DNA found in himself and in the others who've been affected, seemingly revealing that Black Manta is part-Atlantean (a fact the Aquaman naturally has a hard time accepting).

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However, the end of the issue features a young man behind bars with tattoos on his head that resemble the red eyes of Black Manta's helmet. He also turns into water, revealing an ability to be omnipresent in the ocean while sending a message to all surface dwellers, warning them to leave the ocean's waters or risk facing the wrath of Devil Ray. Interestingly enough, Devil Ray was the name the animated Justice League Unlimted series used instead of Black Manta due to copyright issues so he could be incorporated into the Legion of Doom. As such, it could be a hint that he's a secret son of Black Manta himself.

It should also be noted that Michael Beach, the actor who voiced Devil Ray in the Justice League series also played Black Manta's father in 2018's live-action Aquaman film. As a result, it certainly seems as though this new Devil Ray of the comics has a familial connection to Black Manta, and his youth does suggest that he could be Manta's son and Jackson Hyde's secret brother (perhaps a half-brother?).

Either way, it looks as though Devil Ray is going to be taking extreme measures to keep humans out of the oceans for good, causing explosions and mayhem while giving his dire warning to the surface world (using much darker methods than Aquaman ever has against human's corruption and their pollution of the seas). Combined with the fact that he specifically appeared before Black Manta's base on the ocean floor, and it seems as though the two will soon meet. Likewise, Devil Ray's true identity will probably be revealed whenever he decides to face Black Manta directly in the issues to come.

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