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Devil May Cry Updates & News: Everything We Know | Screen Rant

For the first time since 2018, new details have emerged about Netflix's Devil May Cry adaptation. A recent interview with producer Adi Shankar reveals that season 1’s scripts have been completed and the show is being made in collaboration with the production team at Capcom, the series’ official publisher. Shankar has not announced specific details about the show’s storyline, but what is currently known suggests that it will depict the origins of its main characters.

Devil May Cry is an action-adventure video game series that follows Dante, a hot-headed mercenary whose missions involve fighting malevolent demons that possess destructive powers. Born half-human, half-demon, Dante uses his own supernatural abilities to protect humanity against the Underworld's many attempts to invade the Earth. Over the course of 20 years, Devil May Cry has garnered a massive following due to its fast-paced combat and memorable cast of characters.

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Though the show’s plot remains unknown, many fans are optimistic that it will be faithful to the hack-and-slash games. Shankar’s previous work includes Netflix's Castlevania series which has been praised by critics and audiences alike for retaining the tone of its source material and taking its story to compelling new directions. It is too early to tell how Netflix’s Devil May Cry will compare to the video games, but the information currently available speculates what the show will entail.

In addition to Dante, Devil May Cry season 1 will feature two other major characters: Lady, a powerful demon slayer who wields a formidable arsenal, and Vergil, Dante's cold and calculating brother. All three characters are fan favorites and their initial encounters epitomize the series’ engaging drama. Lady holds a deep-seated grudge against all demons while Dante and Vergil mutually resent each other over a disagreement of whether or not to embrace their inhuman ancestry. The cast is unconfirmed, but it is likely that Dante and Vergil will be voiced by Reuben Langdon and Dan Southworth, respectively. The two actors have assumed the roles of the demon-hunting brothers in each installment since 2005, with Langdon capturing Dante’s brashness and Southworth bringing Vergil’s ruthless stoicism, possibly reprising their characters in the Netflix show.

Shankar has stated that Devil May Cry will have multiple seasons, the first of which will be comprised of eight episodes, but no specific details about season 1’s plot have been announced. Based on the characters confirmed to appear, season 1 may recount the events of the game Devil May Cry 3. The game shows Dante as a young demon hunter learning to control his supernatural abilities as he fights to prevent a sinister man named Arkham from unleashing the Underworld's forces on humanity. Devil May Cry 3's plot would be a reasonable starting point for the Netflix show since it establishes Dante's origins, his fractured relationship with his brother, and his motivation to protect people who cannot defend themselves.

Currently, no release date has been set for Netflix's Devil May Cry. Production is scheduled to begin in early 2022, which suggests that it could take at least another year until season 1 is completed. Animation, voiceover recording, and other important elements require planning and execution which can become a prolonged process, meaning those excited to watch it will have to remain patient until the next update.

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