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Dexter: Why Didn’t Harrison Find Astor & Cody In New Blood?

Warning: Spoilers for Dexter: New Blood episode 2.

It seems Dexter: New Blood has already introduced a major Harrison plot hole - why didn’t he find Astor and Cody after being sent to Miami? Harrison arrives in New Blood episode 1 after finally tracking down Dexter, who abandoned him nearly a decade before in the original series ending. When Harrison explains to Dexter how he found him in Iron Lake, he says he was living with Hannah in Argentina for approximately five years before she died, after which he was shuffled through the foster system in Miami for three years. Considering Harrison has (presumably) living family members left in Florida, it’s curious why he didn’t seek them out instead of Dexter.

Before Dexter had his son with Rita in Dexter's original series, he was a fairly attentive step-father to her children Astor and Cody. When attempting to find the perfect cover of a “normal” life, Dexter began dating Rita Bennett, a woman Deb introduced him to after having been a frequent survivor of domestic abuse. She had two children from her past marriage, who Dexter helped raise until Rita’s murder by The Trinity Killer in the season 4 finale. Feeling that he couldn’t properly raise Astor, Cody and the infant Harrison after Rita’s death (while also being suspected of killing her), Astor and Cody were sent to live with their father Paul’s parents in Orlando, Florida, with Astor only making a few brief appearances during the remainder of the series.

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Surprisingly, two episodes into New Blood there has been no mention of Astor or Cody, let alone a legitimate conservation about Rita. If Harrison understands his mother was murdered, he would know about Astor and Cody. While Harrison still would have been quite young when placed in Miami’s foster system, he clearly had a keen investigative eye to spend those three years searching for a nonexistent Jim Lindsay around the United States. Instead of going through the foster system, why wouldn’t he have tried to track down Astor and Cody? They would already be in their early 20s at this time, and likely wouldn’t be hard to track down - at least not as hard as Dexter in Iron Lake.

If Harrison was really searching for his family and answers, Astor and Cody would be the logical place to go to establish a connection. For starters, Harrison probably has plenty of questions about Rita, which Hannah wouldn’t be able to answer because they never met. It’s also possible Astor and Cody would be active on social media too, so they would be much easier to find. Additionally, while Paul’s parents aren’t Harrison’s blood grandparents, they came to his birthday parties and treated him just as kindly as they did their grandchildren. Astor and Cody may not have had any idea what happened to Harrison before New Blood, but they would probably be the most receptive to recounting with him.

Although Christina Robinson (Astor) and Preston Bailey (Cody) were present at Dexter: New Blood’s world premiere in New York, it doesn’t seem they’ll appear in the season. New Blood is centered around the torn relationship between Dexter and Harrison, so they don’t have too much time to include his half-siblings within the show's ten-episode run. If Dexter: New Blood ends with Dexter’s death - as many have theorized - it’s possible Harrison will finally seek out his long-estranged siblings afterward.

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