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Doctor Who Flux Episode 4's Credits Scene Backs Doctor Parents Theory

Doctor Who: Flux has been teasing Vinder and Bel’s involvement with both the Flux and the Doctor herself, leaving some to believe that they could be the Doctor’s parents—a theory that episode 4 “Village of the Angels” backs up. Though we see them both briefly, Vinder and Bel’s storyline is still being touted by Flux as significant. Additionally, an after-credits scene in “Village of the Angels” (as well as some of Bel’s narration in the episode) hints that this theory about Vinder and Bel could be confirmed sooner rather than later.

In “Village of the Angels,” we follow Bel on the desolated planet of Puzano, recalling her and Vinder’s honeymoon plans to travel the planet’s canals. Once there, she’s greeted by a local named Namaca who tells her of salvation from the Flux—salvation that is revealed to be Azure and the Passenger taking in souls to Passenger’s internal prison complex. At this moment, Bel recognizes what Passenger is and runs. Later, Vinder makes it to Puzano himself, finding a message Bel left for him, in which she warns him about the Passenger.

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This pivotal scene once again highlights the possibility that Vinder and Bel could be the Doctor’s biological parents, or even Time Lords themselves. Between Bel’s narration on Puzano, where she also recalls her and Vinder’s night in a “cubicle hotel opposite the Academy,” which could be referring to the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey, and her knowledge of the Passenger, it seems likely that Vinder and Bel are both Time Lords themselves or from Gallifrey, just like the Doctor. Furthermore, Vinder and Bel’s continual chase through the Flux could once again imply that they’re both from the distant past.

On Puzano, Bel references knowing what the Passenger is from her “last deployment.” It seems as though both Bel and Vinder have had experiences with the Passenger. In Flux’s time-hopping third episode, we saw Division operatives infiltrating the Temple of Atropos in an attempt to rescue those imprisoned within the Passenger, implying that Division operatives would know what Passenger is meant for. Perhaps Vinder and Bel are both rogue Division recruits, and since the organization was based on Gallifrey, they could be from Gallifrey themselves or Time Lords like the Doctor. They could also be trying to protect their unborn child (the Doctor, perhaps unsuccessfully) from the Division.

Additionally, in the after-credits scene, Vinder encountered Namaca, the same man Bel met upon her arrival to the planet. When Vinder showed Namaca Bel’s picture, he said he recognized her, and had seen her, though he wasn’t sure how long ago since “time’s…cronky,” right now. Between this moment, and Bel’s warning about Passenger, “Village of the Angels” further supports the theory that Vinder and Bel could be the Doctor’s parents as they’re both from the distant past, and the Flux has catapulted them into different times and places.

With “Village of the Angels,” landing the Doctor in seemingly hot water with the Division, perhaps Flux will slowly begin to reveal how Bel, Vinder, and the Doctor’s similar connections to the Division intersect. For now, with emphasis being placed on Bel’s unborn child, and the reminders that the Flux has a profound effect on the flow of time, it still seems as though this season is building towards confirming the theory that Vinder and Bel are the Doctor’s parents. At the very least, Doctor Who: Flux wants viewers to invest in Vinder and Bel’s story, and the yet unknown identity of their unborn child.

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